The TMI Tag


I love doing these tags!! I love reading others answer questions about themselves and learning more about them. Most of the tags I’ve done previously are all related to my blog (makeup and beauty). Today I wanted to answer some personal questions that you may not know about me. Please feel free to do this tag yourself! Tag me in it so I can read more about you!

How old are you?


How tall are you?


What are you currently wearing?

Pajamas! Siting at my desk drinking coffee!!

Do you have any piercings?

Yes, 5 piercings in each ear, so 10 all together (I promise its not as bad as what you think, its a simple look)

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes three. Two on my wrist and one on my ankle.

What’s your favorite drink?


What’s your zodiac sign?


How long does it take you to shower?

Probably 10 minutes


What’s your favorite show?

Omg this is very hard to decide which show is my absolute favorite. I cannot choose my all time favorite, however, some shows I’m obsessed with are The office, Shameless, or Grey’s Anatomy.

Where do you go when you are sad?

My bed for sure! I will get under the blanket and just lay there and maybe watch Netflix or scroll through social media.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

If I’m just getting dress and putting on a regular outfit, then maybe 20-25 minutes. If I’m wearing makeup and wearing something cute the 45-60 minutes. Never really over an hour.

What’s your favorite color?

Black, I mean you can literally pair black with any other color

Loud music or soft?

I tend to listen to more “loud” music on an average day. However, if I’m doing homework or just relaxing then I will listen to soft music.

Favorite quote?

Get it girl   &   She believed she could so she did

Favorite Bible Verse?

Be still & know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Do you have any fears? What they are?

I honestly try and live my life with no fears. We only live once so if you are constantly fearing things then you are not living your life to the fullest! However, there is plenty of time to overcome your fears!

Meaning behind your blog name?

I wanted a name that could represent all of the things that I love talking about & enjoy. Girlytreasures, is a combination of all things girly that I treasure. This includes: makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Last show you watched?

The Office

Last place you were?

Went out to eat last night at a hibachi restaurant with my family.

What’s the last person you talked to?

My mom or my boyfriend

Favorite type of food?

Mexican for sure!


Starbucks / Dunkin Donuts Order?

Starbucks: white chocolate mocha & iced lemon loaf

Dunkin: iced caramel coffee with extra caramel & a strawberry frosted donut

Places outside of the country you live in that you’ve traveled to?

Spain, France, Puerto Rico


Place you want to visit?


Favorite flavor of sweet?

Definitely caramel

Favorite piece of jewelry?

I wear two rings and a watch everyday


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Fenty Beauty

I know by this title you are probably thinking, “she is so late on this review.” Trust me I’m not a latecomer on this brand, I just wanted to use the products for a couple of months so I could give a detailed and full review on the products. Most of the time when I get a new product, I am like most people, I post about it right away. I have found that first impressions may not last long in the beauty world. Makeup products can be deceiving at the beginning. Fenty Beauty has been out since September 2017. I have had these products for a couple of months and wanted to share my thoughts on them. Keep reading to find out!


Fenty Beauty Primer– I did not originally intend to get this product. I mainly wanted to try the foundation & the lip gloss. When I first tried the Fenty Beauty Foundation, I used my Benefit POREfessional primer. That primer is my everyday primer and I have found it works well with my other foundations. After trying the Benefit POREfessional primer with the Fenty Beauty Foundation, I realized that these two did not pair well with one another. My face was very oily throughout and my pores were very noticeable. Now you would not think that my biggest issue would be about my pores, especially since the primer is dedicated to hide and diminish your pores. I decided that instead of looking at other brands of primers, I would just buy the Fenty Beauty Primer. I can honestly say I am in love with this product. The whole concept of this primer is to be moisturizing while also applying the benefits that a primer should. Although the primer resembles a lotion, it is very smooth on the skin and not too thick. Plus the smell in this product is amazing. It is very simple but noticeable in a good way. Only con I have is that you have to hurry and blend it in. If you are one to put little dots of the product onto your face then blend it in, I would say try to do it fast.

Fenty Beauty Foundation– I am so excited about this product. I normally do not buy into the whole celeibitries in the beauty world. However, it is Rihanna so how I could say no! Plus I truly believe she has good intentions for her brand and is really making a differences among women! Of course I did not buy this product right away, I like to wait and see reviews on the product before I buy. Every review I read or youtube video I saw, loved and raved about the foundation. Only bad thing I heard, was that it may not be for people with oily skin. Now I have really really oily skin so I automatically was skeptical. However, I know this was a product I really wanted to try and that I should see for myself. I decided to go ahead and buy from Sephora.

I originally bought two shades: 360 & 370. These shades are really similar however, 360 has an olive undertone and 370 has more of an orange undertone. Naturally I would go with 370, but after wearing each color for a couple of days, I decided to go with 360. This color matches me perfectly! I have never had a foundation  that matches my exact skin color. Although it is currently winter, I know that when summer comes I’m going to get tan and a bit darker. I may have to change my shade once this happens.

Applying this foundation is easy and lightweight. I use both a brush (Sigma F80) and a beauty blender to apply the foundation. When using the beauty blender wet, I find I have to use more product than if I use it dry. I have no preference between using it dry or wet. However, I like the coverage more with the beauty blender than the brush, although the brush is faster to apply with. I love the finish of this foundation. NATURAL NATURAL NATURAL!! The finish is very nice and has a mixture between a satin & matte finish. The coverage is medium but can be built up to be full coverage. Normally I like my foundations to be very full coverage, however, when I wear this foundation I am satisfied by how I look. A natural looking finish is sometimes more appealing than a cakey face!

Overall I give this foundation a 9/10

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow– I was really hesitant at first to try this lip product. I normally only wear lipsticks and hardly wear lip gloss. I am not a fan of the stickiness that a lip gloss has. However, this lip product is a universal product. Meaning it is for everyone: any skin type or any skin tone. Since this is for everyone, I knew it had to be an overall good product. I decided to try and I love this lip gloss. The lip product is perfect for any occasion and any outfit. I can wear it just to the gym and even wear it to a nice dinner. I would definitely agree that it is very versatile and would look great on anyone!

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4 Tips for Eating Healthier

Inform yourself with knowledge: 

This is very important. Ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This is really a true saying. All of the ingredients you put into your body, are what your body is made up of. Do research of the food you intake. An item that you thought was only a few calories could in-fact be equal to your daily intake. It’s great to stay a step ahead of your cravings by researching what you really are intaking. There are many websites & apps that will tell you the calorie intake of an item. I have used the app MyFitnessPal before and I loved  the experience. It was an eye opening experience being able to see what I actually intake and how to track my progress.

Load your pantry with the right stuff:

Buy the right items to stock your pantry. If you want a late night snack, instead of your pantry being filled with junk food, it will contain food items that are filling & healthy at the same time. Make a list before you go to the grocery store instead of just picking up random items while you’re there. Another tip is looking on Pinterest of healthy alternatives to your favorite unhealthy snacks. This also goes with informing yourself and doing research. Load your fridge with 100% fruit popsicles or vegetarian meat. Instead of buying the popsicles, you can make them yourself. Plus they come in handy when you’re craving something sweet. Use alternatives to meat for your meals. Vegan meat, tofu, and fish are great replacements.


Try a food challenge:

Pintrest is definitely my go to for food ideas. Type in “Food Challenge” in the search bar and pick a challenge that you know you can stick to. Start off by doing the challenge for 2 weeks then 1 month and increase it over time. Starting off in small intakes such a 2 weeks or a month helps to progress you and ease your way into an overall healthier lifestyle. I love doing water challenges. My favorite food challenge is the “No Junk Food Challenge” or the “No Diary Challenge.” If doing a food challenge is something you are not interest in, trying eliminating unhealthy food choices. Easy items to eliminate can include: chocolate or candy, soda, fast food, chips, diary, fried food, and alcohol.

Water. Water. Water

Yes, I know. Everyone alway says this. I mean everyone. Guess what? They’re always saying if for a reason. Water is highly important for any reason. Concerning the aspect of eating healthy, water has many benefits. I noticed when I drink a lot of water, I can skip meals. Water itself is very fulfilling. Now I do not recommend doing this for every meal, every day. However, it can be a good alternative. Going alone with trying a challenge, there are water challenges as well. I’ve seen some post & youtube videos where people will drink only water for 2 days straight. I am not at that level yet, however, it could be a goal to accomplish. Here’s a tip: if you have a hard time drinking water, try adding fruits or vegetables to the water. I love adding cucumbers, lemons, and strawberries to my water. Plus each has added benefits.

Sephora Haul

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.28.55 PM.png

Starting off the New Year, I wanted to get some makeup products that I’ve been wanting to try and to repurchase some of my favorites. This haul includes a lot of goodies that I am so excited to try out. I normally wait to splurge on makeup until the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you want to try them out!!

Fenty Beauty Primer– I original bought the Fenty Beauty Foundation alone. I used my Benefit POREfessional primer (my everyday primer) with the foundation. Instantly I could tell that this combination was not going to work. I really love the foundation and I loved the Benefit POREfessional primer, just not together. Although the Benefit POREfessional primer works well with my other foundations, I decided that I would have to find another primer for the FB foundation. I went to my local Sephora the next day and picked up the FB Primer. I was skeptical of the primer because of the formula. It has a thick consistency and remains me of lotion. However, this primer is a moisturizing primer. My skin has been in need of moisture, especially when I wear makeup. It is a matte primer so hopefully the primer controls my oil & shine while also moisturizing.

Fenty Beauty Foundation– I’m going to do an entire detailed post dedicated to this foundation soon! Be on the look out! I will say that I was surprised by the foundation. The shade I am in is 360. I bought 360 & 370. Both colors were very similar, however, 370 had orange undertones to it. Naturally I love the undertones and would automatically choose 370. I tried both shades and to my surprise, 360 was a better option.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow– I was really hesitant at first to try this lip product. I normally only wear lipsticks and hardly wear lip gloss. I am not a fan of the stickiness that a lip gloss has. However, this lip product is a universal product. Meaning it is for everyone: any skin type or any skin tone. Since this is for everyone, I knew it had to be a good product. I decided to try and I love this lip gloss. The lip product is perfect for any occasion and any outfit. I can wear it just to the gym and even wear it to a nice dinner. I would definitely agree that it is very versatile and would look great on anyone!

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella– This is my second time repurchasing this lip pencil. I prefer lipsticks as my favorite lip product, however, I am in love with the Nars Lip Pencils. I normally can skip wearing a lip liner with my lip products. This is a product where I am able to do that. The color is a bit more bolder in person, it is the perfect red. The lip pencil glides onto the lips very smoothly & easily. The tip is easy to use to outline the shape of your lip. I can wear this shade for dressing up a simple look or if I am going out.

The Original Beauty Blender-For the longest I could not bring myself to buy this product. The price really got me. I can spend $50+ on an eyeshadow palette, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the Original Beauty Blender. I have two beauty blenders, the real techniques one and another drugstore one. I use both of these occasionally and they work fine. However, I actually do not use either one for applying my foundation. I decided that I wanted to try a beauty blender to apply my foundation so I decided to get the OG Beauty Blender!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette– Also be on the look out for a separate post on this palette! I will say this is my first Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and I am super excited to try. From a glance, the colors are beautiful and I can create so many looks!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.43.26 PM.png

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray– I have purchased this setting spray 3 times! Wow that is crazy! The last time I bought this product, I bought the full size. This spray can last me a while so I decide to get the travel size.  Overall I love this product a lot! It is not sticky like other setting sprays and it sets onto my face fast. I find that I do 3 squirts onto my face and sometimes an additional one. My makeup seems to last for the 8 hour period that I wear makeup and it could possibly last longer. If oil control is not what you are looking for, Urban Decay has a large variety of other setting sprays.

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! I do not wear highlight on a everyday occasion, however, this will become my everyday highlight. It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.45.30 PM.png



Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara-I have repurchased this mascara 3 times!! Woah! I absolutely love this mascara! Honestly, I can not use any other mascara besides this one. The mascara gives me the volume & length I am looking for. Other mascaras do not compare for me.



Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick– One day I was thinking that I do not have a color like this, and that I wanted to get soon. I really wasn’t expecting to get it right away. However, as you can see, I got it!! My lip collection includes a bunch of reds & pinks. I do not have a lip color that is a mixture of a red & pink. I have not previously tried any makeup products from Clinique, I have only tried their skincare products. The color is very nice on, however, I did eat with the product on and after I was done you could definitely tell I was eating & drinking. Most of my lip products last while I eat. I would have to reapply the lipstick. Overall, a great color! It looks very red in the picture, however, in person it is more of a red with pink undertones.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.48.38 PM.png

Sephora Foot Mask-I have only ever tried a Sephora face mask before. I have never thought of trying a foot, hand, or eye mask before. My feet could use a mask with some benefits. Taking care of the entire body is essential. Since it is the winter months this foot mask will come in handy, especially since I’ve been really dry lately. I like the Sephora face mask so I am excited to try the foot mask!

Sephora 2017 Birthday Gift-I love Sephora’s Birthday Gifts! Since my birthday is in December, I already know what the gift is and how people feel about it. Overall I love Tarte as a brand and have never tried their lipgloss or blush before. I am super excited because I have heard good things about the blush. Although I rarely wear blush, I hope to get some good use from it. I can see myself wearing the lipgloss on an everyday occasion.

MAC Lipstick in Whirl– Although this product is not from Sephora, I wanted to include because I recently got this lip product when I purchased the other products. Another product I have repurchased twice. This is my everyday lip product. It goes great with every outfit and matches well with any skin tone. The formula is very creamy and slides right on. This lipstick is very  buildable and can be formulated to how you like.I have never gotten so many compliments from one product before. Definitely recommend!

Here are pictures of swatches with the products. The first picture is taken with flash and the second is not. The Fenty Beauty Primer & Foundation are a little bit runny, however, they blend nicely. I didn’t realize I have a lot of lip products in this haul. Let me know if you have tried any of these products before, or if you want to try them!!

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Have the Best Day Ever

best-day-ever-1.pngHello Everyone!! I hope you’re having a great start to the new year. During the first quarter of the year, it is important to establish routines for yourself to follow and help guide you throughout the year. One thing we all go through sometimes, is finding ways to make a day great. Here are 8 tips to help you achieve and fulfill your journey on having a great day. Let me know some of your tips for having a great day !


Set out clothes the night before: Doing this will save you some time in the morning. You can sleep in a little later or spend some extra minutes doing something else. I like to get out all of my clothes for the week on Sunday so I don’t even have to worry about it during the week. However, taking baby steps will help you achieve that therefore starting the night before is will still save you time.

Preset your coffeemaker: I have found this to be very useful. The night before add water and get out your coffee & coffee cup. In the morning all you have to do is press start. Also you can make your lunch the night before as well to save more time.


Drink water: Before you touch that coffee or orange juice, drink a glass of water to help jump start your energy. Throughout the day keep a water bottle with you to drink from. I find this easier then just drinking from a glass. With the water bottle you don’t have to keep refilling as you would a cup.

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day for a reason. You can cook a full meal or just grab something on the go. A slice of bread or even a piece of fruit, just make sure you grab something.

Do a quick workout: Even if it is only 10 mins, a quick session can help start your metabolism and give you that extra energy you need.

Listen to an inspire song, read a quote, or watch a quick show: Help start the mood of the day off right. I like to read a bible verse and listen to a pop song to help start off my day. Find something that you enjoy and easily get into the habit of doing everyday.

Set one goal: Normally my days consist of me doing this same thing every day and following the same routine. Sometimes this makes it hard for me to accomplish anything else. Setting a goal for the day can help motivate me to get at least one thing new done.

Leave on time: This can really be the deal breaker for you. If you leave on time, then great you have nothing to worry or stress about. However, leaving late can put you in a bad mood and you start overthinking & stressing to make sure you arrive. Do not give yourself this negative energy, so try and leave 5 minutes before.

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Makeup & Beauty Products I Don’t Use

Makeup Wipes-The thought of using a makeup wipe is a no for me! At one point I used makeup wipes just like everyone else. While I was using them, I noticed my skin would hurt and burn afterwards. For the longest, I overlooked this problem and ignored it. I never thought a wipe could burn my skin.  I continued to use them because naturally makeup wipes are a fast makeup remover. This past year I discovered micellar water. Micellar water acts as a makeup remover, eliminating excess oil, and also as a toner. Essentially think of a makeup wipe just in liquid form. I am obsessed with micellar water. Since using I have not touched a makeup wipe once. While using micellar water I haven’t felt my skin hurting or burning.



Contour Products-I have no use for contouring my face. I have nice, defined features; high check bones, a thin nose, and a strong jawline. Contouring would be absolutely purposeless for me. I do use a bronzer to outline these features. I love using this an alternative, because it outlines my features while giving me a bronzed look at the same time.



Eye Creams-There are so many skincare products to use that I just can not fit all of them in my routine. I already have a full skincare routine that sometimes I already forget to use all of the products. Although eye creams can be a hit or miss product, I do not see myself using on a regular basis. I only have one eye cream and it is the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. I have had this product for a couple of months now and I have only used once. For one, I have no idea how to use it or even when to. If I do some research on the product maybe I will be able to eventually find a use for the eye cream.

BB & CC Creams- Before I started using foundations heavily, I used Maybelline’s BB Cream. I used it so much I repurchased it twice. The reason I stopped using the product was because I want coverage. For me, BB Cream did not provide coverage at all and that ultimately was the reason I stopped using. I have never used a CC Cream before. However, I have had my eye on the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, and would one day like to try.


Face Oils- Having a sensitive face has kept me away from just trying anything on my skin. I have never done research or looked into face oils. Hearing others talk about it, especially youtubers, sparked an interest at one point for me to try. I never followed through and still have not tried a face oil. Aragon oil, coconut oil, and maracuja oil are the top three I would try. I am hesitant because I do not know how to use face oils and I am not sure how they would react to my skin.


Anti-aging products-I am younger than 20 and currently do not have any aging spots. I do not want to jinx myself, but I don’t think I will be getting any aging spots any time soon. At the moment I do not have a use for anti-aging products. I am not saying that I will never use them, however, I will not be using anytime soon. I have heard some people say that if you start using them before you get the spots or wrinkles, then you can prevent. However, I do not want to add a product to my skincare routine that I do not need.

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Things in Your Closet You Should Get Rid of Right Now


Don’t use it? Never used it? Can’t use it? So sell it! In the year of 2018 we’re out with the old! Start the year off with going through your closet and giving it a deep clean. Overall, we are what we wear right!?I do this at the start of each year and I have found it to be very suceescul. By doing this, I gain new room in my closet & I can focus in on my favorite pieces. Instead of throwing away my clothes, I will donate them or sell them for extra cash! Why not start off the new year with some extra money!

My favorite apps to use to sell are  Poshmark & Merci. These 2 apps I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like being able to control & interact with people with my own personal items. Check out my detailed review here of these money making apps.

Sign up w/my referral code to get $$ off your first purchase:
Posmark & get $5: BYHER      &       Mercari & get $2:Kev986


Anything that doesn’t fit

This list has no order, however, this is #1 for a reason. Go through your closet and the first thing you should ask yourself about the clothing item is, “Does it fit?” If not immediately get rid of it. DO NOT start asking more questions, because it’s likely that you’ll convince yourself to keep it. Plus clothes that don’t fit often do not look good on because on the outside someone can tell if something is too small or too big for you.

Pieces that are no longer your style 

I can admit that my style changes like crazy. I keep many pieces in my closet because I tell myself that when I change my style, I’ll wear it again. I never wear it again! Why not make money from the item instead of just keeping it to sit there and collect dust.

Items that were gifts

Remember when your aunt gave you a long baggy sweater two years ago that you have yet to wear!? Of course you couldn’t be rude and say you didn’t like it, so you kept it in your closet and it still remains there. Yeah now is the time to get rid of it, especially if you have yet to wear. Now chances are you’ll probably still not wear it, but maybe you will.

Things that you’re only  holding onto because they cost you

I remember I spent $50 on a shirt and at the time I really wanted this shirt. My mom told me not to buy but I insisted that I would wear it. I have yet to wear this shirt but I can’t get rid of it because it still has the tag on and I spent so much money on it. If this is the case for you, you can sell your clothes. TIP: things sell faster when the tag is still attached. Use words such as : “New With Tags,” “Brand New,” or “NWT,” in the description so buyers know!


The items you held onto the last time you cleaned your closet

Overtime I clean my closet there are some items where I look & say to myself, “I’ll wear them soon.” It never happens and I keep saying it to myself every time I clean that, “I’ll wear it.” If you have cleaned your closet at least 2 times and you find yourself saying that phrase to the item, then it is time to get rid of it.

Pieces you wore 5-10 years ago.

I have so many items from middle-high school that just sit there. Now some of the pieces are memorable so I want to keep. However, there are a couple of pieces that I say, “Oh I’ll wear this again,” but I never do. They’re only in my closet because I know I can still fit them. If you truly believe you’ll wear the items from 5-10 years again, then keep them. If not get rid of them and replace them.



I can honestly this is a serious problem for me. I have so many basic black and white shirts that they all look alike. There is about 7 black and white stripped shirts as well in my closet. Having duplicates can be a good thing, especially when you want to wear the item but it is dirty. However, having multiple duplicates can take up space and will you really wear all 7 of the shirts.?

Too Tight

If you have shoes that are too tight and hurt when you walk, GET RID OF THEM! If you have a shirt, jeans, shorts, pants, or dress that is tight when you wear it, GET RID OF THEM. Wear clothes that fit you and are for your size!

I hope these were helpful tips to motivate you to clean out your closet or even while cleaning out your closet! If you have any tips, please leave them below!

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Makeup Questions!

Good Evening Loves! One of my favorite things to do is to reflect on my makeup experiences. Girlytreasures allows me the opportunity to share what I love, which mainly is makeup! I gathered some questions below that I have either been asked or just simply wanted to share. Let me know some of your answers in the comments!

What skin type do you have? (Oily, dry, combo etc)

Definitely oily skin for sure! However, in the winter my skin becomes super dry and my entire body can become very dry as well. During the summer months I could definitely do without the oily skin. Other months of the year, its fine and I can control it. The past couple of months I have found all oil free makeup and skincare products to use on my skin.

How many times do you wash your face daily?

On a typical day I wash my face twice, morning and night. In the monrings I normally use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. During the night if I don’t use my cleanser and moisturizer then I will do a face mask or use a cleansing soap.

Where do you buy your makeup usually?

Most of my makeup I buy from Sephora. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think all of my makeup has been bought from Sephora. I love buying from Sephora because they have a lot of brands to choose from, I get free samples, and I love their rewards system. I get my skincare products from Target.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

Yes of course! I am so glad that I am comfortable with my skin that I do not have to wear makeup 24/7. Also being in college, I do not always have time before class to do a full face. With my 8 am classes, I rarely will wear makeup.


What is your favorite eyeshadow palette? 

The Too Faced Peach Palette without a doubt! This is my all time favorite palette. There are so many looks you can do with the palette: a simple look, a smokey eye, and even a cut crease! Only con I have about the palette is that there is no black inside. There is a dark green and a dark purple that I use instead, however, I would love a black for my smokey eyes!

What brand of mascara do you use?

I once used the Benefit They’re Real Mascara until I discovered the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This is my everyday mascara and I absolutely love it. Honestly this mascara could be my favorite makeup product that I own! I cannot use any other mascara besides this one. I have to have volume & length with my mascara. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara provides me with both!

Matte, liquid, gloss – which do you prefer?

My favorite matte lipstick is MAC’s Whirl lipstick and my favorite lip gloss is the Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb. I prefer lipsticks to any other lip product, however, I will use the Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb on an everyday occasion.

Who are your favorite Youtubers?

Aunty Jackie (Aina), thataylaa, Kyrah Stewart, Brooke Miccio, Danielle Carolan,

img_9587Do you use mineral makeup?

I do not use mineral makeup expect for my translucent setting powder.

What do you think of celebrity branded makeup? 

I have only bought from Rihanna and so far I love her products! I truly feel that she works hard to find products for ever skin type and every skin tone. Although, I have not tried any Kylie Jenner products, I really want to try them. Although I want to try Kylie’s products, I do not want to try Kim’s.

What do you think about the pressure or hype around having the perfect eyebrow?

I honestly hate the whole eyebrow trend.

What do you think of fake eyelashes?

I hope to wear them more in 2018! I have some high end lashes and some from the drugstore. The one I bought from the drugstore I would wear on an everyday basis and some to classes. My higher end lashes from Sephora & MAC, I would wear when I am going out with friends or to a party.

In your opinion what is the best make up brand?

There is no one brand that I just love and that I go crazy whenever they release a new product. I will say that I recently I have been loving Too Faced! The quality of the products are worth the price and every product I have tired from the brand, I absolutely love and they become my favorites. In the future I hope to try products from their ‘Sweet Peach’ line.

Do you like colorful shades of makeup?

I am a more neutrals type of girl. If I use a colorful shade then I will use it on my lid while my crease color is more of a neutral.



What makeup tools do to use in your application?

  • Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki
  • Morphe m439
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush



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10 Things That Destroy Your Skin

I am no expert, but these 10 things have at one point broke out my skin or worsen it. It’s always good to get someone else’s tips so you can learn from them and hopefully avoid doing the same thing. I love hearing what others have to say, so please leave some things that destroyed your skin at one point and hopefully you can learn from me!!
1. Not washing your face 
DIRT! BACTERIA! Just think about dirt and bacteria on your face right now because you didn’t wash your face. And if you go days without washing your face then more dirt and bacteria pile up. Not washing your face can lead to serious breakouts. So avoid them by washing your face. I feel like this is #1 for a reason. I know many friends who don’t use any skincare products, however, I am not saying you have to use those products to avoid dirt and bacteria. Simply just washing your face with water can help. Or if you are not one to use a lot of products on the skin, then using a micellar water, pixi glow tonic, or a facial spray will help.
2. Sleeping in makeup 
This is so easy to do and so hard not to do. We all have those days where we are exhausted and taking off our makeup is the last thing on our mind. They say sleeping in makeup can age you 7 years. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s enough to make me take it off. I remind myself of that saying and I overcome the exhaustion I’m feeling and wash off my makeup. Find a saying that will encourage you after a long day to wipe your makeup off. Or keep makeup wipes by your bed so just in case you’re really tired, you don’t even have to move from your bed to wipe off your makeup!
3. Unhealthy eating habits
Sugar and Caffeine can lead to breakouts. This is a fact! I have witness it for myself. Once I eliminated it from my diet I saw a huge difference. Now once in a while a few drinks will not kill you but constantly having these in your diets may hurt your skin. I have also found that diary breaks me out just as bad. Once again this may not have an impact on everyone.
q84. Not enough water 
Most Important!!!!!!
5. Talking on your phone
Statics say your phone is just as dirty as a hospital. I honestly believe this. You never realize how much you touch your phone or lie it some place then you get on the phone and it touches your face. Cleaning clothes are good tools to use to clean or get rid of germs on your phone.
6. Not enough sleep
Sleep is really an essential to life in general. Yes we do thrive on coffee but sleep is what we need!! 8 hours is what the average person needs everyday to maintain a healthy balance. A lack of sleep can also cost wrinkles and baggy eyes.
7. Laying on one side of the pillow 
This is probably something that has not ever crossed your mind. I have experienced it first hand so I know it to be true. Wash your sheets and flip your pillow!!! This might be the solution you never thought of. Bacteria piles up everywhere, even on our sheets and pillows. Nothing is off limits.
8. Always wearing makeup 
If the makeup you are using is not also designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin then go some days without wearing it. Some makeup clogs the pores where they are not able to breathe freely. Your pores need to breathe. If you are just going to the grocery store or out for a run, then take a break from your makeup and do not wear it. Now if you can’t go a day without wearing makeup, then try to find makeup that is designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin. Also switch from a foundation to a BB or CC cream is a good alternative.
9. Touching your face 

A lot of people do not realize our hands are truly filled of bacteria. Research claims that although the soap or hand sanitizer you are using claims to rid 99.9% of bacteria, it does not. It is extremely hard to go without touching your face. I just did it now. If it is hard for you then try to always have clean hands.

 10. Not washing makeup tools
Many people don’t realize that bacteria piles up on your makeup tools. If you constantly use the tool without washing it then you are allowing bacteria to pile up on your face. There are so many methods for washing your tools. Take the time to look up solutions on how to clean your brushes. It is so worth it!

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How I’m Making Money in 2018

Legit ways that I make money. Below are reviews from websites or apps that I am currently enrolled in.  I am not sponsored by any and this is just my opinion on my favorite ways to making money! 

I am a college student who currently does not have a job but currently loves to shop. Over 2 years I have done countless things online to try and earn money. I am probably signed up for every site. This is my personal list of sites and apps that work for me and I have actually received things from. No particular order.
 1. Ebates– This site is the real deal. This site has been featured on news shows, online, and even commercials. I love love love this site. Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.38.27 PMBasically you get paid whenever you shop online. The sites has thousands of brands to choose from: Macys, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Gap, and much more. All you have to do is search on the website for the store you are shopping at and click the link (which takes you straight to the website) and shop! Literally the easiest way to make money! You can either be paid through a check or gift cards. I have been paid five times (via check) and am currently about to get another (check).
  • The site chose when I got the check
  • Rate 10
2. Swag bucks– I think this is #1 on everyone’s list. This site is literally amazing. You can do so many things to earn points which later can be redeemed for sweepstakes or gift cards. You however do not receive actual dollar bills or checks. Swagbucks runs off a point system.  I have received around 14 gift cards from Swagbucks. When I got my first gift card I thought it would come in the mail and take forever. However, within a day I received an egift card for the store I seleswagcted. This has been done with all my gift cards. The way I get my points is by doing the daily poll and completing the noso. You can earn up to 3 Swagbucks per day by doing these two. I also search and watch videos for easy Swagbucks. Rarely I will buy or sign up for something where I can earn more Swagbucks for those offers. One thing that I do not do on Swagbucks is the surveys. There is no reason that I do not complete the surveys only that I do so many surveys that I need a break and this site allows me the opportunity to earn rewards without always having to complete a survey.
  • It takes me around 1 month to earn a giftcard.
  • Rate: 10
3. Inboxdollars– I love this site because it gives me the opportunity to make real money and not receive sweepstakes or gift cards. The payment is either a check or a card similar to a visa. This site gives countless opportunities to make money without having to do surveys like most sites, and they also give you a $5 bonus just for signing up!. My personal favorite thing to do on this site is to click  on emails and get paid $.02 for each email I click. Although iboxt may take a couple of days to earn a dollar it is so worth it because it is easy money. I also watch videos and earn $.01. Unlike Swagbucks I do the surveys offered on inboxdollars. I don’t qualify for a lot of the surveys but the ones I do I can make $.25-$5 per survey and the surveys are always available. The only bad thing is you have to cash out at $30 which depending on how much you do it can take a while. But after you cash out your first time($30) you can cash out on any amount.
  • Honestly it took me forever to cash out Rate:10


4. Poshmark & Merci– Are apps that I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like beingFullSizeRender (6) able to control and interact with people with my personal items. I can better explain to them or ask them questions personally. Thevibe on these apps are amazing and everyoIMG_7519ne is so friendly. Each app has an advantage over the other. The only bad thing is that poshmarktakes 20% of what you make which can be lot for listing priced low. However Mercari does not take any percentage from your earnings. But when it comes to shipping, Poshmark has a flat rate of $4.99 on every order where as Mercari has different prices for different sized items. But both sites are amazing and I have earned money from both.
 Sign up w/my referral code:
Posmark & get $5: BYHER 
                                               Mercari & get $2:Kev986 

Money from the grocery store/Walking into a store/Scanning your receipt:


Ibotta-This app is the rebate queen without having to mail in the rebate. The app is super easy to use and is worth it! All you do is find products that you purchased in store, snap a picture of your receipt, and earn. You can find rebates from stores like: Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, and even Sephora (for my makeup lovers). YOU EVEN EARN $5 FOR JUST SIGNING UP!!!! Use my code UMHXBHV 


Checkout51-Another rebate app! Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to choose a store. Just find the products and take a picture of your receipt. I love this app, because you get a check instead of a gift card. Real Money!!


Shopkick– If scanning grocery’s and taking pictures of receipts isn’t for you, then just walking into a store and clicking this app is for you! Super Easy! You earn points called “kicks” for walking through the door of select stores. Once you earn enough kicks you cash your credits out for gift cards to places like: Target, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Nike. This one can earn you gift cards pretty fast. Click here to sign up


Receipt Hog- This app is by far my favorite app to make quick easy money. All you have to do is take a picture of any receipt. ANY RECEIPT!!! I can’t say enough good things about this app. You can only earn Amazon or Paypal gift cards. I have cashed out many times on this app.