Product Empties


I haven’t done a product empties post in forever!! The reason being is that I normally use all of the product up before I consider it empty. I also use many other products so it takes a while to finish one. Meaning I have many mascaras I use, so I alternate between all of them. Below is my most recent product empties, my opinion on the products, and would I repurchase them.


Benefit POREfessional Primer-Love this face primer so much. Although its main usage is to help with pores, I use it because it is an oil free primer that keeps my makeup on all day. A lot goes a long way with this primer. Repurchase:  Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- This use to be my 2nd to best favorite mascara. I always preferred the Benefit They’re Real Mascara over this one. Now I love this mascara even more. I finally brought the full sized version of this and I absolutely love it. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Sexy Hair Body Wash-I really have no idea where I got this body wash from. I love body washes and use them all the time. This body wash worked well, however, the smell was terrible. Body wash typically is known to always smell good. I have never came across one that didn’t, expect this one. Repurchase: NO WAY

Avon Body Wash-Now this body wash I love. I have been through 3 of the Avon Body Wash products so far this year. I absoutlely love the way these smell and they work amazingly. The body wash leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion-My favorite all time lotion from Bath & Body Works! I have bought this lotion so many times and every time I run out I get very sad. The perfume with this scent is just as good! I go thru lotion so fast but this bottle can last me a while. Repurchase: YES!

Vaseline Lotion-I love using unscented lotion or lotion with a mild scent for my entire body. Vaseline is already a great brand, but out of all their products this lotion is the best. Whenever I go and buy any of their products I immediately go to the yellow bottles! Repurchase: Yes

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Dare Lotion-Another lotion, I know. I really do go through lotion very fast. I’ve noticed Victoria’s Secret lotion last me for a while. One thing I love about their lotions, is that their not always adding new scents. The keep the scents and update them. This scent has been out for a while now and I love that I can always find it. Repurchase: Yes



Claire’a Ear Care Solution-Not much to say about this product. I recently got my ears pierced from Claire’s. Whenever you get a piercing, they give you ear care solution to use for your ears. They have recently changed the formula & the bottle from the picture above. I like this one more. Repurchase: If it was still available, then yes



Product Empties




NYX Concealer(3)- My all time favorite concealer!! I absolutely love this concealer so much. I use the concealer to cover up any acne scaring. This does the job for me. The coverage is really great. I have high end concealers and nothing provides more coverage than the NYX Concealer Sticker. A con I have about this concealer is that it breaks really easily. Also I think the product is getting discontinued because I rarely can find it. Repurchase: I have already repurchased this concealer and I will continue to! 


Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara(2)- I really enjoyed this mascara. Volume is a must have when I pick a mascara. This mascara provided excellent volume. Only con I have about the mascara is that it can be super messy and thick. The formula of the mascara is super thick and sometimes hard to use. It can get messy at times, but overall works good.      Repurchase: I have repurchase this mascara and would only repurchase again if I don’t find another great volumed mascara. 


Wet N Wild MegaPlump Mascara-I’ll admit, when I first saw the brush of the mascara, I was a little hesitant. The brush has very tiny bristles and I’m use to very large bristles. However, the more and more that I used the mascara, I realized that I love it!! This is my all time favorite drugstore mascara. Wet N Wild MegaPlump Mascara has so many uses to it: using as a mascara, getting into the inner lash, a clumping fixer, and for volume. I highly recommend!                                                                                                                          Repurchase: I have not yet repurchased but I 100% will. 


EQUATE(Walmart) Makeup Wipes(2)-I am not a big makeup wipe user. I normally wash my face and do my skincare routine when I take off my makeup. At time I do use makeup wipes. Since I am not a big user, I grabbed store brand make wipes. Overall these makeup wipes were pretty great and super affordable. All of my makeup came right off.   Repurchase: Honestly these wipes lasted me forever! I would repurchase


ULTA Eyebrow Gel-Overall this product served its purpose. The purpose of keeping my eyebrows in place all day basically. I started out with a sample sized bottle of the product and loved it so much that I bought the full sized. I used the eyebrow gel when I wasn’t filling in my eyebrows. Since I have started filling my brows in I do not use the gel often. However, I love this product and definitely recommend.                                                   Repurchase: I have rephrased this product and would repurchase again. 



Neutrogena Rapid Clear Gel-I love this gel so much. I use it in my skincare routine daily. The formula is gentle on the skin and not too harsh. I like how the texture is very thin and lightweight making it easy when applying.                                                                             Repurchase: I have yet to repurchase this product, only because I have another acne gel that I want to use up. When that gel is gone, then I may repurchase this gel. 


Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Gel-This is another gel from the Neutrogena brand that I use. I use this particular acne gel for my night skincare routine. The formula is similar to that of a lotion. Whenever you apply it onto the skin and rub it in, there is no product left behind.                                                                                                                                                                  Repurchase: I repurchased this gel and learned that Neutrogena changed the entire formula of it. I definitely prefer the new formula!! Its so much better.


Lucky SuperSoft Body Wash-Body wash takes me forever to use up. I try using it everyday, but somehow I still get stuck with the same bottle for months. This bottle has lasted me for forever. My favorite thing about this body wash, was the smell. The smell was amazing and honestly one of my favorite body washes.                                                                       Repurchase: I will not be repurchasing any time soon, due to the tons of other body washes I have and I need to get rid of them.


Spa Sydell Revitalizing BHA Toner-This toner is from the same brand of the spa I go to. I was a little pressured into buying. It was my first toner ever and I really loved it. The bottle lasted around 5 months! When I ran out, I decided to go to the drugstore and pick up a drugstore toner. I honestly prefer my drugstore toner over this high end toner any day! Repurchase: I have not or will not repurchase 


Dove Deodorant-I love dove deodorant. I have been using for years. Some time last year I decided to venture out and try a different brand of deodorant. Big mistake. I quickly went back to Dove. Something I look for in my deodorant is for it to not have a smell. I love how Dove has so many options to choose from.                                                                               Repurchase: I will continue to repurchase for the rest of my life. 

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