Sephora Illuminate Highlight Palette


Good Morning makeup loves!! I am super excited about today’s post. I have been trying to get my hands on this since forever and I finally got it! The whole highlight trend has definitely taken over. I normally use a sparkly, glittery eyeshadow as my highlight. This has been working perfectly, however, its only one color and I want an array of colors to choose from. Since summer is around the corner I am excited to have 6 different highlights to use.


The palette includes 6 different shades. Looking for a highlight palette, I knew I wanted pink colors and also brownish bronze colors. 5 of the colors in this set include exactly what I wanted. I knew I wouldn’t use the white shade often, but I would use it at times. The first thing I noticed about the colors are that they are all shimmery. I wanted to avoid this at all possible. I knew I wanted shimmery but mostly matte highlights. Surprisingly these are not too shimmery. They are very wearable shimmery shades that I can wear everyday. My favorite two shades are the two middle shades, the two bronze colors. I love these so much. At times if I apply the other 4 shades, I’ll outline with a bronze shade and it is the prettiest thing ever.

IMG_0004 I was very worried about the shades washing me out or not being very pigmented. To my surprise they are neither. At times the lighter shades are a little too light on me and sometimes hardly noticeable. A solution would be to go in with a little bit more product. Not too much because then the face will look very shimmery and glittery.


The packaging is to die for. The box it comes in, is perfect. The front attracted me right away. It’s looks illuminating, and that’s the whole concept! I love how the back shows the pictures of the shades and the chalk version of them.