Summer Weekend in My Life

Candytopia: My favorite thing I did this weekend, was go to Candytopia with my family. Before we went shopping and grabbed a bite to eat for dinner. You have to book ahead at Candytopia and the only time left was during night. We had a great time hanging out before, but once it was finally time for our reservation, we were tired and full. However, once we got some candy, we were good! For those who don’t know what Candytopia is, it is basically a museum of objects that are made ALL from candy and by hand. Candtyopia says ‘you leave with a sweet tooth experience.’ I would have to agree with that statement!  As you go through the museum, you do pick up a lot of candy!

My favorite objects were the peach, dope sign, and pink elephant. These objects are made 100% from candy. A lot of pieces were made from Skittles, Jelly Beans, and M & M. Going through the museum I was amazed how you can take candy pieces and turn them into beautiful, cool figures. On some of the pieces were a descriptions about the pieces; which I enjoyed reading. In my group there were some who were older and younger than me. Everyone had a great time. This is definitely an activity for anyone! Candytopia is  pop-up shop styled, meaning there are only in a certain location for a couple of months. I believe they were in my city for 4 months. If Candytopia comes to your city, GO!

IMG_2657 2


New pair of glasses: I wear glasses everyday. I usually get a new pair of glasses every year or every two years. The pair I previously had, were 2 years old; so it was time for a new pair. I went with the expectations of trying on different kinds of styles of frames. After trying on about 10 pairs, I narrowed it down to 3. I finally decided on the Michael Kors Adrianna IV pair. The very first time I tired them on, I fell in love. A smile crossed my face and I knew this was the pair! The style of frame fits my face and it matches my style. They are more fancy looking than the other pair I had. I’m hoping this will be a good, everyday pair of glasses.


Cupcakes: I am such a foodie! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a sweet tooth! Cupcakes are one of my favorites! I spent the day shopping with my family and we decided to end the day with some dessert. There was a bakery in the same shopping plaza so we decided to go there. Red velvet cupcakes are my absolute favorite and of course I had to get it some!

Netflix: I’m currently watching Stranger Things, Family Reunion, and AWAKE. I know Stranger Things came out a month ago. This is one of my favorite shows. I have been really busy and just haven’t had time to sit and watch it. This is a show where I have to dedicate my full attention to. I have sit in front of the tv and not do anything else. Family Reunion is a good family show that follows this couple, their kids, and other family members. This show is more of an entertaining show that has some good laughs. AWAKE is a game show where participants stay awake for 24 hours then they compete for a million dollars. I’m surprised how much I actually enjoy this show. My boyfriend and I watch it together, and sometimes we compete with each other to see which player is actually going to win.

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Summer Skin & Body Tips

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water.

With the season and weather changing it is important to stay hydrated. From experience, my body overall gets very dry during the summer months, therefore, I have to stay hydrated. Drinking water consistently is hard for some; hard for myself as well. I have found that if I have a cute water bottle, it helps encourage me to drink more. For summer, I am using a water bottle from Starbucks and a marble print water bottle. These help keep my water cold for extended periods of time, they are a nice size, easy to refill, and easy to carry around.

Face Mist

I have found that when I travel there are always a few items that I always bring with me. My Mario Badescu Spray is one of those items that I always have with me. I usually use the spray for two reasons; as an overall setting spray in my skincare routine and as an overall body mist. I love how this product is versatile and even if I am not using it in my skincare routine, the product still works as an overall body mist. The spray helps refresh and hydrate my skin during seasonal and weather changes. The mist is formulated with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I have purchased this product 4 times and I don’t think I will ever not have this product!

Eat Fruits: The best fruits for summer are watermelon, muskmelons, and citrus fruits. Watermelons are full of water and are great as juice or just chopped up. Citrus fruits break down fatty food and help in digestion. Remember to drink water along with your fruits since fruits do contain high amounts of sugar.

Motivation: There have been any times where I wanted to work out but chose to be lazy instead, or decided to go hang out with my friends. If my motivation shifted from taking a nap to getting a quick workout in then I could have put myself in a position to eat healthy that day or workout. One way I like to stay motivated is by putting quotes or pictures around the room. I like to changes these images depending on the season. For summer, I put a picture of the beach, me in a swimsuit, and of course some motivational quotes.

Water Exercises: Water aerobics is aquatic fitness that involves doing aerobic activity in the water. Water aerobics is known to be one of the fastest ways to naturally lose weight. Even if your goal isn’t to loose a lot of weight, water aerobics is still a fun alternative to regular exercises. There have been so many times when I want to go workout but it’s so hot outside or I have no energy. During the summer, I love being in water. I get so much energy from swimming in the pool.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.06.17 PM

Sunscreen: It is important to protect your skin during the hot summer months. I apply sunscreen every morning. The sunscreen I use everyday and have been using for years is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen. This product is very affordable and can be found at most drugstores.  I only use this product on my face, however, it can be used for any part of the body. This is a lightweight clean free sunscreen that is fast absorbing and also water resistant. Sunglasses, hats, and long sleeves or long pants are also great to help protect or limit the amount of exposure to the skin.

Summer Ulta Haul


Hello makeup loves! I am so excited about today’s post. I am sharing some recent products I ordered from I rarely spend this much at once on makeup & skincare products. However, I was in need of some new products so I decided to treat myself! As usual for me I always read reviews or watch youtube videos before I purchase skincare & makeup products. I am so excited for these new products I will be using this summer. Keep reading to see what I picked up from Ulta!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: I will be dedicating an entire post on this foundation soon! Make sure to be on the lookout for it! One of my favorite brands is Too Faced! Too Faced is a brand where I always have their items in my shopping cart! I have been wanting to get my hands on this foundation for the longest. I remember when Jackie Aina added new colors to the line and I saw the shade Caramel would be perfect for me. I knew after I got done with my Fenty foundation that I would try Too Faced. The shade range for this product is incredible! The foundation is oil free and provides full coverage. I can attest that this is a very full coverage foundation. I love full coverage, I only get full coverage foundations. This foundation has to be the most full coverage one I have tried. It’s a little bit too much for me because sometimes too much coverage or foundation can make me look cakey.  So far I do like this foundation.

The Original Beauty Blender: I am a big fan of the original beauty blender. This is the only beauty blender I use for my foundation. Although the product is a little expensive, I have found that is very well worth it! Before I use my beauty blenders, I like to spray it with a little bit of setting spray. A lot of people dab the beauty blender in water. I have found spraying it with setting spray to be a better consistency for me. I use this tool with both foundations and sometimes concealers. This is a high quality blender that I have found still holds up after a couple of washes. I highly recommend the original beauty blender compared to alternatives.

Aveeno Clear Complex Foaming Cleanser: The first ever face wash I used years ago was Aveeno. I remember Aveeno being the first ever skincare brand I used and used consistently. I used a variety of Aveeno’s skincare products, especially their face products. When I used this face wash previously, I loved it! However, I haven’t used the brand in years. There is not a particular reason why I stopped using Aveeno. I think I just used it so much that I wanted to try other products. Recently since I rebought this face wash I have been using it everyday in the morning and some nights. The face wash is a foam consistency that you rub into the skin. Personally for me, this product is not too harsh on the skin. I do not leave the face cleanser on my skin for too long, maybe 2-4 mins. This is a great everyday face wash that is perfect for the hot, summer months.

Derma-E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer: I am currently using the Derma-E Tone Brightening Night Cream at night. I love the moisturizer! I was super excited to try out the renewing moisturizer out because it is 100% vegan, cruelty free, gmo free, and gluten free. This product seems very natural and is what stuck out to me and made me want to try.  Thus far, the product seems to be working very well. I have noticed a huge difference in my dark spots. Although, my dark spots are not completely gone, they have lighten up. I believe if I continue to use the moisturizer for a couple of more months, I will see a better difference in the fading of my dark spots.

Bio-Oil: I have been eyeing this product for years! For so long I wanted to try out this oil, but never knew if it really worked. I decided the best way for me to know if it works or not is to just go ahead and try it myself. I did not know that this product was sold at Ulta stores. I picked up the smallest size out of the three sizes available. I would say this oil is a little bit pricey for a drugstore range product. A top concern I thought I would have with this product is that it would be very oily, greasy, and heavy. However, I was wrong. To my surprise, this product was very light weight and not oily at all. The oil feels very moisturizing on the skin and leaves the skin with a little shine. I haven’t used the product enough times to notice a difference. I am excited & hopeful that this product will in fact work!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.45.30 PM


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: My all time favorite mascara that I am always buying! I honestly do not know how many times I have bought this mascara because I have purchased the product so many times. I love the way the mascara leaves my lashes looking. The mascara provides long lashes and gives my lashes so much volume. I love how I can build this mascara up. I can go for a simple look but I can achieve a fake eyelash look if I wanted. Although I love this product so much, I have found that sometimes I wish I had the waterproof version of this mascara. At times I do find my eyes getting watery throughout the day and a waterproof mascara would be perfect to combat the problem.


8 Piece Sample Set: I spent a good amount with this haul. If you spent over a certain amount you could get this 8 piece sampler set. I love samples, so of course I had to get! I’ve actually been wanting to try the First Aid Beauty cream for the longest. I’m glad I am able to try out the sample size and see how I enjoy it before I decide if I want to purchase the full size. I am also curious to see how the sun bum tint looks on me. The burnt red seems to be a pretty color that I’m hoping will also moisturize my lips.

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Makeup Tips for Hot Summer Days

Facial Mist: I have found that  there are always a few items that I use on a daily basis. My Mario Badescu Spray is one of those items that I always have with me. I usually use the spray for two reasons; as an overall setting spray in my skincare routine and as an overall body mist. I love how this product is versatile and even if I am not using it in my skincare routine, the product still works as an overall body mist. The spray helps refresh and hydrate my skin during seasonal and weather changes. The mist is formulated with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I have purchased this product 4 times and I don’t think I will ever not have this product!


Setting Spray: Setting spray is an essential step in the makeup routine. Setting spray provides many benefits: setting your face for the day, helps to make makeup last, and even moistens the skin. The summer heat is not a friend to someone who has very oily skin. Setting spray has been a lifesaver for me. I use the product year round, however, in the summer I may add an extra squirt or two. My makeup last all day and it helps to combat my natural oils. Setting spray should be your last product you use in your routine. A good trick to use is to spray setting spray on your makeup brushes or beauty blenders. The spray then touches your foundation or concealer and is an extra step to make sure the makeup last. My all time favorite setting spray is the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray.


Translucent Powder: For the past year and a half, I have been obsessed with using setting powder. I can not go a day without applying setting powder. I never miss it in my makeup routine. The only setting powder I have ever used is the Laura Mericer setting powder. I recently dedicated an entire post discussing why I love this product so much. Check it out! Setting powder is essentially used to help set your makeup, oil control, and for helping your makeup last. Having oily skin, sometimes I have to wipe or pat my face throughout the day. Even though I do this, I have found that my makeup stays on my face and still looks just as good as when I originally applied it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.10.04 AM


Witch Hazel: I use witch hazel as an overall face toner. I use morning and night after I have applied my cleanser. To use, I take a cotton round and squirt some of the product onto the cotton round and wipe all over my face. I do not think I will ever stop using this product. I would recommend to anyone, just make sure to test out a small piece of your skin first since witch hazel has very strong chemicals.

Sunscreen: This past summer I dedicated an entire post to the importance of sunscreen. Check it out HERE. Sunscreen is a highly important skincare product that needs to be worn not only year round but by everyone. I know it can be tough to think about this, but protecting your skin is highly important. The sunscreen I use everyday and have been using for years is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen. This product is very affordable and can be found at most drugstores.  I only use this product on my face, however, it can be used for any part of the body. This is a lightweight clean free sunscreen that is fast absorbing and also water resistant. If you plan to wear makeup or have already completed your skincare routine this sunscreen is probably best for you. Even if you are not wearing makeup or any skincare products this sunscreen will still work perfect!

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Summer Product Empties



Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is an essential for me. I use this product as an everyday face toner morning and night. I love how gentle it feels on my skin and I have noticed a difference since using this product. A little goes a long way with this bottle. A bottle can usually last me for a good 5 months. To apply the witch hazel I use cotton rounds that I get from Target or Walmart. Overall, I love witch hazel and I don’t see myself not using this product anytime soon. I highly recommend this product to anyone. However, I witch hazel contains strong ingredients, so I would test it out on a small piece of skin before applying it to a large area.

Repurchase: Yes! I will continue to buy this product

Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub: I love trying new skincare products whenever I run out of something. Face mask are my favorite to switch up in my skincare routine. I suffer more from blackheads than I do pimples. For me I like to use a gentle face wash and a more powerful face scrub. The Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub did exactly what it is formulated for. I would use this mask sometimes once a week or sometimes twice a week. The next day I could actually see a difference. The scrub is formulated to bring the blackheads to the surface of the skin and get rid of them. My only con about the scrub was the little beads. If you do not like beads in your products then this scrub is not for you!

Repurchase: I like to switch up my skincare routine and add new products, however, I would repurchase this face scrub.

Bath & Body Works Tahiti Dream Body Wash: Another body wash makes the list. This is another great everyday body wash from Bath and Body works. This bottle is bigger that Pretty as a peach, in which it lasted way longer. I love how the body wash lathers onto my skin. It leaves my skin very smooth and I love the scent. Again, Bath and Body Works is constantly changing their scents so this may or may not be available.

Repurchase: Yes, I love this body wash! The smell is so calm, yet so sweet.



Redken Heat Glide Serum: My all time favorite hair product. I have used this product on my hair for years. It’s also a favorite for my mom and sister. I primarily used this product before I blow dry my hair or before I straighten it. The serum does not have a smell to it, in my opinion. The formula reminds me more of a gel like than a serum. However, it is not nearly as heavy as gel is. When using this, it does not require a lot of product. A little goes a long way, therefore this will last a long time.

Repurchase: I would love to repurchase this product, however, the brand has discounted this product and it is no longer available for sale.

Creamy Nutmeg Room Spray: Another Bath and Body Works product. I got this product years ago. I’m not exactly sure if they still sale this but I have seen similar items in store. This air spray is a great household product that I have used in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The scent is more on the stronger side, however, it’s a nice comfortable scent. Most air sprays you go around the entire room and spray. This particular product, you only need to spray 2-3 times and it will fill the entire area.

Repurchase: Not sure if this product is still sold. If it is, I’d repurchase.

Bath & Body Works Pretty as a Peach Body Wash: Body wash is an everyday product I use when I shower. Another item where I like to try different brands after every use. I received this body wash in a set with the matching lotion. Pretty as a peach is my second all time favorite scent from Bath and Body works! I love the smell. It has a sweet smell while also being very smooth and not too strong of a scent. I love Bath and Body works products and their body washes are no different! Loved this!

Repurchase: Already have !

Joico Hydratant Intensif Treatment: Recently I have been trying to incorporate more hair products into my hair routine that promotes healthy hair. I could tell an instant difference in my hair when I first used this product. My hair felt healthy and before, I noticed my hair was super dry, after the treatment, it was very hydrated. I do think this is an overall good hair treatment.

Repurchase: Yes

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Inexpensive & Fun Things To Do This Summer


The official first day of Summer was June 21st. Even though it’s only been officially  summer for a couple of days, the summer weather has definitely set in. I want to enjoy my summer to the fullest. There are so many things to do that are inexpensive and fun. I want to do things out of my confront zone while also exploring and trying new things. Let me know some fun things you are planning to do this summer!

Go berry picking: Right next to my neighborhood is a strawberry farm. I have lived in my house for 5 years and I have never been to pick strawberries. This activity is so fun to do because it allow for conversation, good laughs, pictures, and of course berries! Also if I wanted to go and not pick strawberries, I could take some cute pictures with a natural scenery. Highly recommend going with some friends!

Make S’mores: I love making s’mores with family & friends. We usually are siting around talking and we have all the essentials for s’mores right in front of us. If we’re not siting around chatting with one another, then we are watching a movie while we eat our s’mores! Grab a fun drink like coffee or hot chocolate to go along with the s’mores!

Be spontaneous & get a tattoo: I actually did this last year! One of my friends heard about deals that a local tattoo shop nearby had, so one day after class we went! I have a little flower on my ankle from this experience. I will honestly never forget this memory, because I remember being so happy from this one spontaneous idea and I was able to make a lasting memory with a friend.

Make Breakfast for Dinner: I am a foodie for sure! I not only spend so much money on food, but I am constantly trying new things. One of my all time favorite things to do concerning food, is make breakfast for dinner. This is such a fun meal to make and a good, delicious meal. Everyone gets in the car and we all go grocery shopping picking up all of our favorite ingredients. Once we get back home, everyone is a helping hand while we are all in the kitchen talking and cooking. Try getting different toppings such as fruit, chocolate chips, and whip cream. In the spare time try seeing who can catch the most chocolate chips in their mouth!

Take a Day Trip to a Nearby City: One random Saturday my best friend and I decided to go to nearby city, that is a well known city. We had so much fun. Even though it was only an hour away and in the same state, it was still fun exploring and being able to shop and eat at local areas. Also we were able to take pictures in an area where we haven’t before and also where no one from our local would know. I would suggest saving up for this day trip so you are able to explore and buy things. This made the experience so much better.

Bowling/Skating/Arcade: These are classic options that never get old or will ever go out of style. I love doing these activities with both my family and friends. Perfect for any age. We love doing individual challenges or love going into teams. We might order food and drinks or we will go out to eat after! A fun activity to go do for a few hours while having a little competition.

Make Extra Money: I recently dedicated an entire post of how I make extra money during the summer. Check out the post HERE.   Ebates/Rakuten– This site is the real deal. All you have to do is search on the website for the store you are shopping at and click the link (which takes you straight to the website) and shop! Swag bucks– This site is literally amazing. You can do so many things to earn points which later can be redeemed for sweepstakes or gift cards. So many other ways to earn money!

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How to Earn Extra Money this Summer

I am currently a college student who loves to buy coffee everyday & shop for clothes. Over the past 2 years I have done countless things online to try and earn money. I am probably signed up for every site. This is my personal list of sites and apps that work for me and I have actually received things from. These sites & apps are perfect to earn some extra money this summer.
 1. Ebates/Rakuten– This site is the real deal. This site has been featured on news shows, online, and even commercials. I love love love this site. Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.38.27 PMBasically you get paid whenever you shop online. The sites has thousands of brands to choose from: Macys, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Gap, and much more. All you have to do is search on the website for the store you are shopping at and click the link (which takes you straight to the website) and shop! Literally the easiest way to make money! You can either be paid through a check or gift cards. I have received 9 checks and I am currently about to get another check.
  • The site has dates for when I get a check
  • Rate 10
2. Swag bucks– I think this is #1 on everyone’s list. This site is literally amazing. You can do so many things to earn points which later can be redeemed for sweepstakes or gift cards. You however do not receive actual dollar bills or checks. Swagbucks runs off a point system.  I have received around 17 gift cards from Swagbucks. When I got my first gift card I thought it would come in the mail and take forever. However, within a day I received an egift card for the store I swag
selected. This has been done with all my gift cards. The way I get my points is by doing the daily poll. I also search and watch videos for easy Swagbucks. Rarely I will buy or sign up for something where I can earn more Swagbucks for those offers. One thing that I do not do on Swagbucks is the surveys. There is no reason that I do not complete the surveys only that I do so many surveys that I need a break and this site allows me the opportunity to earn rewards without always having to complete a survey.
  • It takes me around 1 month to earn a giftcard. 
  • Rate: 10
3. Poshmark & Merci– Are apps that I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like beingFullSizeRender (6) able to control and interact with people with my personal items. I can better explain to them or ask them questions personally. The vibe on these apps are amazing and everyoIMG_7519ne is so friendly. Each app has an advantage over the other. The only bad thing is that poshmark takes 20% of what you make which can be lot for listing priced low. However Mercari does not take any percentage from your earnings. But when it comes to shipping, Poshmark has a flat rate of $4.99 on every order where as Mercari has different prices for different sized items. But both sites are amazing and I have earned money from both.
 Sign up w/my referral code:
Posmark & get $5: BYHER 
                                               Mercari & get $2:Kev986 


Money from the grocery store/Walking into a store/Scanning your receipt:


Ibotta-This app is the rebate queen without having to mail in the rebate. The app is super easy to use and is worth it! All you do is find products that you purchased in store, snap a picture of your receipt, and earn. You can find rebates from stores like: Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, and even Sephora (for my makeup lovers). YOU EVEN EARN $5 FOR JUST SIGNING UP!!!! Use my code UMHXBHV 


Checkout51-Another rebate app! Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to choose a store. Just find the products and take a picture of your receipt. I love this app, because you get a check instead of a gift card. Real Money!!


Shopkick– If scanning grocery’s and taking pictures of receipts isn’t for you, then just walking into a store and clicking this app is for you! Super Easy! You earn points called “kicks” for walking through the door of select stores. Once you earn enough kicks you cash your credits out for gift cards to places like: Target, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Nike. This one can earn you gift cards pretty fast. Click here to sign up


Receipt Hog- This app is by far my favorite app to make quick easy money. All you have to do is take a picture of any receipt. ANY RECEIPT!!! I can’t say enough good things about this app. You can only earn Amazon or Paypal gift cards. I have cashed out many times on this app.

Where have I been ? Update


The past couple of months have been rough. I have been super busy, and life is starting to set in. For the past couple of months, I have been transitioning from late teen life to young adult life. I recently finished my 2nd year of college. Between my job, finals, and moving from my dorm back home with my family, I have been on the go non-stop. I only have a year and a half left. This summer, I will be taking a few summer classes, and then in the fall I will begin my last full year of college. So that’s a brief update of where I’ve been. In addition to my crazy, busy schedule, I always have some BIG life updates as well. Keep reading to see what new & exciting things I have coming up!!

One big announcement is that I am getting my first apartment! I am super excited to have my own place. Since I’ve been in college, I’ve lived in the dorm rooms at school.  My first year, I lived a with a random roommate, and the second year I got to live with my 3 best friends. Although this was an experience itself, I am very happy to live in an apartment. I will have three other roommates, one being my sister! Yes, my sister will be attending the same college as me, and we will be living together. We have spent our entire lives together, so this will be interesting and exciting! I have been on the apartment hunt for about 4 months, so to finally have one is a big relief. Plus the apartment is fully furnished, which is amazing! I will not have to stress over finding furniture. However, I do not move in until August, but when I do, I will be doing a few blog post!

Now for the big big announcement. I got a new job!


I have had a few small jobs, and most recently I had a job at the college I attend. It was very convenient to go to class, go to work, and back to my room all in the same area. I loved the convenience of everything; however, it was time to move on. My new job is one where I will be doing exactly what I am going to college for. I am currently pursuing a Business degree, and my new job is in the Human Resource field, also known as HR. To not even have my degree yet but have a career in the filed, I  want to pursue is a blessing, and I am incredibly thankful. My job search was intense. I applied to many jobs and had many interviews, but this was ultimately the best option. My goal is to dedicate an entire blog post on my experience of finding a job. I want to share my experience and tips I found helpful. Be on the lookout for that blog post within the next couple of weeks!

I hope this summer to get back to posting more blog post because I love sharing and interacting with others! I do not have a set schedule for when I will be posting, but I hope to at least post once a week. If you have any updates to share, I would love to hear!!



Glowing Into Spring


Good Afternoon Loves! I hope you are all enjoying your day and the beautiful weather as well. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is that I am encouraged to look more presentable. Not only that but I actually love to dress up, do my makeup, and look nice; especially when the weather is nice outside. As I transition from winter to spring and spring to summer, I like for my skin to glow (naturally & with some product). I love fresh, smooth skin and generally I have a nice natural glow. However, today I wanted to share some tips of how I get a nice spring glow.

What Is Highlight?

Highlighter is designed to give you a subtle glow and your skin a luminous, radiant look. Highlighters can come in a loose powder, creams, liquids, or a stick. Highlighter is a product where you can control how much you want to apply. By applying a little bit of product, one can achieve a more natural, glowy look. However, if you want to shine or look very glowy, then applying more highlighter can be used to build up the desired look.

Places Where I Apply My Highlight

I love how versatile highlight is. Typically people where a highlighter on their checkbones. Placing it here helps define your face while adding a glow. The second place where I apply my highlighter is my nose. This is a perfect tip to try if you want a thinner, more defined nose. Also the nose is at the center of the face; adding more sparkle to it will be an immediate notice! I first saw someone else apply highlighter to their upper lip and wow I fell in love. I tried this out for myself and it makes my lips have extra sparkle to them and makes them look glowy (especially when you take a picture with flash on). Now I usually do not apply all this highlighter all at once. Some days I’ll do my checks, some days I’ll do my nose & my lips.

When To Apply Highlighter

When you want to apply your highlighter is ultimately up to you and your liking. I find it best to apply all my makeup such as concealer, foundation, setting powder, and eyeshadow first, then I will apply my highlighter. I like to think of applying highlight as the last final touch. Highlighter can also be used instead of using a bronzer. Bronzer applies a glow as well. If you are using highlighter as a bronzer, I would suggest a highlighter that is not as glittery/sparkly.

My Favorite Highlighters 

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. It is my everyday highlighter that I use. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!

Sephora Highlight Palette-The palette includes 6 different shades. My favorite colors to to use for a highlight is either brownish bronze colors or soft pink colors. This palette is great because I have many options to choose from depending on the look I want to achieve. The first thing I noticed about the colors, were how sparkly they looked. Surprisingly these are not too shimmery. They are very wearable shimmery shades that I can wear everyday. My favorite two shades are the two middle shades, the two bronze colors. I love these so much. At times if I apply the other 4 shades, I’ll outline with a bronze shade and it is the prettiest thing ever. I am loving and using this product everyday!  I love this particular palette because it has 6 different highlight shades to choose from.


Colourpop High Five Highlighter-I have been wanting to try a Coloupop highlighter for the longest. I have other highlighters from other brands that I love and have never seen the need to get another highlighter. Even though I’ve wanted to try this product for the longest, every time I ordered from Colourpop I always skipped right over the highlighters. However, I have finally gotten my hands on one. I really love the individuality of Colourpop highlighters. I like how they are not sold in palettes but sold individually. Also s the highlight seems to come with a lot of product within. I normally wear highlighters that have brownish, goldish tones to them. I rarely wear a highlight with pink to it. When I first tried the highlight, I did not realize how pink it is. However, I am open to trying another Colourpop highlighter that has gold undertones and is not very sparkly.

How I Apply Highlighter? 


There are so many ways to apply a highlighter. With a brush & by hand are the top two ways I see highlighters applied. Many people use a fan brush to apply their highlighter. I could definitely see why one might do this. I do not own a fan brush. Instead I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This brush works very well and is easy to apply the highlight with. It remains me of a bronzer or blush brush .

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Favorite Spring Looks

Slip On Shoes

I have been wearing my slip on Vans nonstop! They are my everyday, go to shoe. I have four pairs of the slip on Vans. I love these shoes so much. They are comfortable for walking and perfect for when you are in a hurry and just need to slip on some shoes. There have been many times when I’m getting ready for my college classes and I have to hurry and get my clothes on and do my hair. Something that helps saves me time, are these shoes. They go with any outfit, they are simple to put on, and they are very comfortable. There are many brands that make slip on shoes in addition to Vans such as: Steve Madden, Target, and Old Navy. These are also great unisex shoes and are perfect for any age.

Colored Handbags

Sticking with the theme of incorporating more colors into my everyday black and gray outfits, having a cute colorful pastel purse is perfect for spring. The current handbags I have are either black or brown. I recently bought this baby pink Kate Spade crossbody purse, but I haven’t gotten to use it yet. However, the few times I have worn it, I love it! The baby pink is a cute but soft color that makes my outfit go from a 6 to a 10! Even though I love my designer bags, I still own some from places like Target or TJ Maxx. Depending on the occasion or activity I’m doing will determine which bag I bring.

Colored Pants


This is a perfect spring trend that I have already begun incorporating into my clothing routine. When I want to make an effort to look cute while going to class and not wear leggings, I will wear colored pants/joggers with a cute or basic top and a necklace. For my shoes I usually wear my vans or sandals. This is such a cute, simple outfit that looks nice with little effort. All of my colored pants came from H&M. Before getting these olive green pants, I never bought bottoms from H&M. I was a little hesitant but I’m obsessed with H&M bottoms. They are true to size and perfect quality!

Cycling Shorts

I still don’t know how I exactly feel about this trend. When I see it on Kim K. or youtuber Jackie Aina, they look great on them. Being in college, these are very popular because they are so simple & easy to put an outfit together and to put on. I’m hesitant about this trend because I’m not sure how I would look in them. Cycling shorts are essentially exercise/ sports gear but they have recently turned into fashion statement as cropped leggings.

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