Workout With Me! -Workout Journey


I am doing it! I know this may sound very cliche to some but what better time to do it. I have recently started a workout journey. Now I know it’s the start of the new year and this is a time many like to start resolutions and working out is a top resolution for many. I am not particularly making this a New Year’s resolution. I am really embarking on this journey because of how perfect timing this opportunity is.

Why I Want To Do This

There are many reasons why one would like to embark on a workout journey. For me personally, I am working out to gain weight.  My ideal weight will be 15-20 pounds more than what I weigh now. I am content with my current weight, however, I would like to get fit and toned while gaining a few extra pounds.

How Am I Gaining Weight

Depending on the person, gaining weight could be seen as easier than losing weight. There are really 2 main components to follow to gain weight whereas losing weight has many factors. These 2 components are Eating more & Working out. It is important for anyone who wants to gain weight or lose weight to do proper research for their body type. In addition to my research, I also find it helpful to watch youtube videos with people who are similar to my body type. This helped me to get ideas on foods I should be eating while also looking at exercises that were good for my body type.


I would say that I am average when it comes to how much I eat. There are times where I can eat a lot and other times where I can miss a few meals. Since I want to gain weight it is essential that I do not miss any meals but also increase the amount I eat. From doing my research I have found that the schedule below is what I should be doing to increase my calorie intake:

Breakfast > Snack > Lunch > Snack > Dinner > Snack

However, being in college I have found that this schedule is really difficult to keep up with. I have adjusted my schedule into the new schedule below:

Breakfast > Snack > Lunch > Dinner > Snack

I have found this schedule to a better fit for me. I am getting my 3 meals a day in plus 2 additional sources of snacks. Good foods that help increase calorie intake and are high in protein are avocados, diary (eggs, cheese, milk), nuts & seeds,  bananas, fried foods, mangos, and broccoli.

Protein Shakes

As I mentioned before, it can be very hard to get my calorie intake in everyday while being in college. I knew that if I wanted to gain at a steadily increasing weight, it was essential that I increase my calories. To help me do this, I will also drink protein shakes. Essentially protein shakes have high amounts of protein and calories in them (protein being the main ingredient to gain weight). I get more protein and calories from one protein shake then I get in any meal. Protein shakes are not for everyone. If you are taking in the amount of calories needed, then there’s no point in drinking protein shakes. Although protein shakes are a good, healthy source of protein, it is not recommend to drink a lot. If you are getting these high amounts of protein at a fast amount, then it is crucial to incorporate exercise in there. If you are not exercising in addition to these shakes, then you have a large increase of protein and calorie just siting there. Another component of increasing weight includes exercising.


How everyone gets in there exercise is different. The gym works for some, while doing workouts at home is beneficial for others. At the college I attend, we have a Recreational Center a.k.a a gym. I was a little hesitant at first to go to the gym because I was really unfamiliar with the equipment. I had thoughts that people would look at me crazy because I would have a hard time figuring out the equipment. However, I set aside my fears and knew if I really wanted to go through this journey, I would have to face my fears of the gym. I will say this was one of the best decisions I made.

I have become obsessed with going to the gym. I get excited to go and I do not have any fears of going. I found that no one is looking at you, everyone is doing their own thing and we are all there for a reason. I am so lucky that my boyfriend is an athlete and he works out everyday. He has become my own little personal trainer and he assists me when I go to the gym.  Luckily he has been able to go with me everyday, so I haven’t been to the gym by myself yet. While at the gym, I do not spend an exact amount of time there. I am there usually between 30-45 mins sometimes an hour. I alternate between doing a legs day and an arms day. I have found leg exercises to be more easier for me while doing arm exercises is a bit of a challenge. So I have leg strength but not some much arm strength.

What’s To Come With My Workout Journey 

I am so excited about sharing my journey! I am excited in the gym and I want to share my passion with others to help encourage or for others to help me and give me tips. This was just a short post to give some background on the start of my journey. I am no where near where I want to be, so I will be sharing every step of the way.

I have some ideas of post I want to do including: my workout gear, what I eat, how I exercise, exercises to do at home, and many other post. Stay tuned for some exciting posts!


My Coffee Order

Yay for coffee! If there is one thing about me, it is my love for coffee! Coffee has become an everyday essential for me, I drink between 1-2 cups daily. I am a true coffee lover and I love tasting the richness of  coffee. Today I wanted to share my coffee orders for Starbucks & Dunkin. I love exploring new coffee shops, however coffee shops vary by location. I thought I would share my coffee orders for probably the two most common coffee shops that are almost everywhere. I would love to know your go to coffee order from Starbucks & Dunkin so I can expand and try new drinks!!




My basic go to order that you will usually see me order is a white chocolate mocha w/ whip cream! This is my all time favorite drink. All my friends know if they are ordering for me, then this is what I’m getting. I do not add anything extra to this drink. This drink is on Starbuck’s menu year round so you can always get it! I know a lot of people who can’t drink hot coffee when its summer or cold coffee when its winter. However, I drink this year round. I do not care if it is 85 degree outside, you will see me ordering a white chocolate mocha. I meant to mention, I get this drink hot. It comes cold, but I never get it cold.


img_5838There are a few times, very few times when I will order something different. If I am not drinking a white mocha from Starbucks then I’ll order a caramel frappuccino with extra caramel. This is my go to when I want something sweet.

I know Starbucks has a selection of food options. I know people who do not go to Starbucks for any of their drinks, they just go for the food menu. In my opinion Starbuck’s food menu is over priced and the menu includes basic food choices that you can get anywhere. However, there is one food item that I love from Starbucks and that is the Iced Lemon Loaf. It is my favorite little sweet treat that is only a couple of dollars. I do not get this every time, but I will treat myself to it here and there.


img_6020 2

If I am not at Starbucks, you can catch me at Dunkin. There at times where I prefer Starbucks over Dunkin and times where I prefer Dunkin over Starbucks. Lucky the college I attend, there is both on campus. Dunkin is a little bit of a walk while Starbucks is right by my classes.

img_8444My everyday order from Dunkin is a medium iced caramel coffee with extra caramel and cream & sugar. This is a very sugary drink as you can tell, but I love it! This is a fan favorite from Dunkin. Many people get this order but instead of caramel they may get french vanilla, vanilla, mocha, or espresso.

Another favorite drink I like to get is a medium caramel latte. As you can tell caramel is my favorite flavor. I love love anything caramel. This is a hot drink compared to the iced coffee. Just like the white mocha from Starbucks, I can drink this drink from Dunkin year round as well.

Dunkin is known for their donuts so you its only right that I get one whenever I get coffee. My favorite donut is the strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles. I am not picky when it comes to donuts so I will more than likely eat any flavor.

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How I’m Making Money this New Year

Good Afternoon! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Whenever the new year starts I like to find some ways to make a little extra cash. Being a college student, I am spending and budgeting any money I make. I have responsibilities to take care of with the money I earn from my job. It is nice to have some extra cash that I can use to buy makeup and clothes. I have made a good amount of money using some of these methods and wanted to share them. Let me know if you have tried any of these before!

 1. Ebates– This site is the real deal. This site has been featured on news shows, online, and even commercials. I love love love this site. Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.38.27 PMBasically you get paid whenever you shop online. The sites has thousands of brands to choose from: Macys, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Gap, and much more. All you have to do is search on the website for the store you are shopping at and click the link (which takes you straight to the website) and shop! Literally the easiest way to make money! You can either be paid through a check or gift cards. I have received 7 checks so far and am currently about to get another (check).
  • The site sends a check every couple of months 
  • Rate 10
    • The site chose when I got the check
    • Rate 10
  • logo_7.2009_3
    2. Swag bucks– I think this is #1 on everyone’s list. This site is literally amazing. You can do so many things to earn points which later can be redeemed for sweepstakes or gift cards. You however do not receive actual dollar bills or checks. Swagbucks runs off a point system.  I have received around 16 gift cards from Swagbucks. When I got my first gift card I thought it would come in the mail and take forever. However, within a day I received an egift card for the store I seleswagcted . This has been done with all my gift cards. The way I get my points is by doing the daily poll and completing surveys. I also search and watch videos for easy Swagbucks. Rarely I will buy or sign up for something where I can earn more Swagbucks for those offers. One thing that I like about this site is that it is not a must that you complete the surveys. This site allows me the opportunity to earn rewards without always having to complete a survey.
    • It takes me around 1 month to earn a giftcard. 
    • Rate: 10

    Money from the grocery store/Walking into a store/Scanning your receipt:


    Ibotta-This app is the rebate queen without having to mail in the rebate. The app is super easy to use and is worth it! All you do is find products that you purchased in store, snap a picture of your receipt, and earn. You can find rebates from stores like: Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, and even Sephora (for my makeup lovers). YOU EVEN EARN $5 FOR JUST SIGNING UP!!!! Use my code UMHXBHV 


    Checkout51-Another rebate app! Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to choose a store. Just find the products and take a picture of your receipt. I love this app, because you get a check instead of a gift card. Real Money!!


    Shopkick– If scanning grocery’s and taking pictures of receipts isn’t for you, then just walking into a store and clicking this app is for you! Super Easy! You earn points called “kicks” for walking through the door of select stores. Once you earn enough kicks you cash your credits out for gift cards to places like: Target, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Nike. This one can earn you gift cards pretty fast. Click here to sign up


    Receipt Hog- This app is by far my favorite app to make quick easy money. All you have to do is take a picture of any receipt. ANY RECEIPT!!! I can’t say enough good things about this app. You can only earn Amazon or Paypal gift cards. I have cashed out many times on this app.

    Selling Clothes/ Shoes/ Electronics/ ANYTHING  
    Poshmark & Merci– Are apps that I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like beingFullSizeRender (6) able to control and interact with people with my personal items. I can better explain to them or ask them questions personally. Thevibe on these apps are amazing and everyoIMG_7519ne is so friendly. Each app has an advantage over the other. The only bad thing is that poshmarktakes 20% of what you make which can be lot for listing priced low. However Mercari does not take any percentage from your earnings. But when it comes to shipping, Poshmark has a flat rate of $4.99 on every order where as Mercari has different prices for different sized items. But both sites are amazing and I have earned money from both.
     Sign up w/my referral code:
    Posmark & get $5: BYHER 
                                                   Mercari & get $2:Kev986 

Simple & Easy New Year Resolutions


Happy 2019!! I can’t believe its already a new year. Time is going by so fast. I remember exactly what I was just doing this time last year. I’m sure next year I will be saying the same thing. Of course with the new year comes new resolutions. We makes these for ourselves hoping by the end of the year that we will have accomplished what we set forth. Some times we are able to check off our accomplishments, other times we fall short. Today I wanted to share some easy accomplishable things that can be New Year’s resolutions or simply things to try and achieve.

Be productive:

Time is flying by. One thing last year I noticed was that there was a lot of things I wanted to do, but either never had time to do it or never allowed myself to make time. These things could be as simple as making time to clean, looking at something for school, or even looking at vacation spots. Set aside days where you can be productive for the entire day and this will help make it easier to complete these task. Even if you do not set a full day aside, then take time during the day to get things done.

Make yourself more open to trying new things:

When we are stuck in a mindset where we never want to engage in new activities, we are stopping ourselves from new interest that we may actually enjoy. If a friend ask you to try out a new restaurant with them or if you are in the grocery store and see a new food item you want to try then instead of saying no, actually give it a try. Once you have mastered giving simple activities a try then move on to bigger goals. These bigger goals could be sticking to a workout plan, saving your money instead of spending it, or even buying a big purchase.

Go to bed earlier:

We’re all adults, why do we need a bedtime… I know, I know. Research has discovered that going to bed earlier has many benefits. And I believe it! Personally for myself, I find if I get a good night’s sleep, with 8-10 hours of sleep, I am able to function more the next day. Being in college I have found that I tend to go to sleep later than the average person might. This is not bad if I am doing it here and there, but not good every night. This is a great resolution to make because it is easy to accomplish and there is instant results.

Go for a walk /bike ride:

Clearly your head is always important to do. Sometimes we just go through many days being busy and disregarding the time we need to clear our head. I have found going for a walk or a bike ride is the perfect opportunity to do this. When people use the phrase “I need to go outside for fresh air,” they say this because fresh air really does allow you to clear your head. A walk around the neighborhood or on your lunch break is really accomplishable. Going for a bike ride might be hard for some, but I have found it to be an amazing experience when I need a break.

Stay Organized: 

When you have things going on or you are not staying on top of thing then most likely life is a mess. I have always considered myself a very well organized person. Within the past year my life has been super busy and I have noticed that whenever I am in a busy mindset, I tend to forget my organizational responsibilities. This in turn makes life more difficult because I am constantly looking for stuff I misplaced or I have a messy desk which gets more messier by the day. Organizing and even decluttering are very essential to improve your life. It makes a big difference and it saves you time that could be used for something else. The 20 minutes I spent looking for a piece of paper I could’ve had an extra 20 minutes dedicated to my morning jog or even some extra time watching netflix. If you make an effort to do this on a regular basis and you won’t need to do this as often. Maybe once every two weeks find time to organize your life.

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2018 Yearly Favorites


Diffuser & Essential Oils– I use the diffuser for many reasons. During the day if I am doing homework, I run my diffuser with calming oils to help me stay focused. If I am upset, sad, or going through something, I will have the diffuser on while I am relaxing. At night I sleep with my diffuser on. I have found it is easier for me to fall asleep and helps me to stay asleep during the entire night. The ArtNaturals diffuser creates a mist that is very suitable for an aromatherapeutic environment.

The set I chose includes eight individual 10 mL bottles of pure, premium grade essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, frankincense, clove, rosemary, peppermint and lemon. I love every single scent! Each scent offers many benefits. The oils can be combined together. I typically will mix 3 different scents each time I use the diffuser. My go to scents are lemon and lavender.

Sephora Foot Mask- I have previously tried these foot mask before and I can say I love them! I tried the Lavender foot mask and had to buy again. When I went in store I saw they had the Almond foot mask as well, so I wanted to try this scent out as well. The foot masks claims to nourish, relax, and address foot concerns. The lavender is designated to alleviate fatigue and aching feet while also providing a soothing and relaxing effect. The almond mask is designed to comfort and nourish feet while softening the roughen areas. The lavender mask I did try, I can say it does what it says! I was shocked by the results. These mask do wonders. Plus each mask is $5, which is so worth it for the quality the mask provides!



Smartfood Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn- A sweet treat I love to have is flavored popcorn. During the fall-winter months Chicago Style Popcorn is everywhere. For those who do not know what Chicago Style Popcorn is; think of a sweet and salty snack combination containing a mixture of caramel popcorn and cheddar popcorn.  I have seen this popcorn in vendors in the mall, at the grocery store, local events, and there might be a store in your area that is dedicated to making Chicago Style Popcorn. It’s so good!


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette– This product continues to make the list every year! By far my all time favorite eyeshadow palette. I love wearing eyeshadow. Whether I’m creating a look or just applying a single shadow, eyeshadow is definitely something I do! My favorite all time palette is my current everyday palette, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I really can not say enough good things about this palette. It is an everyday palette that has an assortment of shades. My go to shades in the palette are: Puree, Summer Yum, Charmed I’m Sure, Caramelized, and Luscious. To apply these shadows I use Sigma, Morphe, and ELF brushes. I recommend this palette to everyone! 10/10 for sure!!

Original Beauty Blender– I am very shocked at myself for writing these next few sentences. I never imagined I would ever buy myself the Original Beauty Blender. I never really used a Beauty blender, so spending $20 on this product was definitely a NO for me. When I tell you I fell in love, I fell hard! This is a very hyped about beauty product that I have found to be very good and true to its purpose. I will say this is worth it.! I bought 3 within the past year and don’t see myself not ever having one. If you have never tried the Original Beauty Blender, I say buy it and give it a try for yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.10.04 AM


Witch Hazel– This is currently my fourth bottle of Witch Hazel. I am a huge fan of witch hazel and this product has become a holy grail for me. I was super hesitant about using witch hazel directly on my face since the product contains very strong chemicals. After doing my research and looking up reviews, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise the toner was very gentle on my skin. I did not break out once nor did not feel any burning sensation. I use witch hazel as an overall face toner. I use morning and night after I have applied my cleanser. To use, I take a cotton round and squirt some of the product onto the cotton round and wipe all over my face. I do not think I will ever stop using this product. I would recommend to anyone, just make sure to test out a small piece of your skin first since witch hazel has very strong chemicals.

Derma E Even Tone Brightening Night Cream– I have a current skincare routine that I have been constantly using for a couple of months now. I was a little hesitant to introduce a new product. However, after a lot of research and talking to a consultant at the store, I decided to go ahead and try this night cream out. The cream is designed to be “a skin-brightening and antioxidant nighttime formula to help reduce the look of discoloration and age damage.” I was super excited to try this product out because it is 100% vegan, cruelty free, gmo free, and gluten free. This product seems very natural and is what stuck out to me and made me want to try. I have never spent this much on a skincare product before. I splurged a little and spent $30 on the moisturizer. Thus far, the product seems to be working very well. I have noticed a huge difference in my dark spots. Although, my dark spots are not completely gone, they have lighten up. I believe if I continue to use the moisturizer for a couple of more months, I will see a better difference in the fading of my dark spots.

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– Highlight is something I have most recently added into my daily makeup routine. For a while I would apply it here and there, but now more frequently. When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. It is my everyday highlighter that I use. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!


Pantene Full & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner– The brand has an array of shampoos & conditioners for every type and every hair need. I decided to get the Full & Strong products because it claims to, “protect your strands against damage while achieving a full-looking head of hair.” My first thought of these products were that they would be similar to any other Pantene shampoo & conditioner that I have tried. I was never scared or nervous that they would damage my hair. When I used these products, I could instantly feel my hair getting stronger and I felt the ingredients  were already at work. I typically do not feel this immediate affect in a product. The products claim for a “natural fullness.” After I straightened my hair, my hair was in fact very full and healthy. I would 100% recommend the shampoo & conditioner.

Target Basic Cotton Rounds–Since I first started using cotton rounds about a year ago, I have been using everyday since. I go through these like crazy and always repurchase them. I rarely touch a cotton ball anymore because I have replaced them with cotton rounds. I prefer to use cottons rounds instead of cotton balls because sometimes when using cotton balls, the cotton sticks to my face. With the cotton rounds, this does not happen.When I want to take my makeup off, I use micellar water and to apply the micellar water, I use a cotton round. Then when I am applying my witch hazel to the skin, I will apply it with a cotton round. If you have never tried a cotton round before, please try it! You will definitely see and feel a difference. There are many types of cotton rounds, however, the basic works great for me.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a couple of days away!! Time is going by so fast. I am on Christmas break from school so I have been at home for two weeks already and it honestly does not seem like it. For the most part I have finished all my Christmas shopping but I still have a few things left to get. I hate having to go shopping the closer it gets to the holiday because there are always a lot of shoppers out making it hard to take my time to look around. However, there have been times in the past where I have had to do some last minute shopping. Whenever this happens I like to look at some ideas or make a list before I go. I wanted to share some ideas of last minute Christmas gifts just incase another is stuck on or needs some ideas. Let me know some of your last minute go to’s!


Makeup Gift Sets: You can never go wrong with getting someone makeup! A girl can never have too much. Personally for me I sometimes find it hard to shop for makeup for other people. I’m always scared I’ll get the wrong shade. If I a buying makeup I tend to stick to gift sets (because they have multiple items), lipsticks, mascara, or nail polish. These gifts sets listed below are perfect because they can be for any skin shade and any age. Sephora, Ulta, and Target all have great sets for affordable prices.

Sephora Favorites 12 Days of Makeup | Target Beauty Advent Calendar 

Bath & Body Gifts: These are honestly my favorite. Sometimes I don’t really like when someone else picks out my makeup (I hardly every ask for makeup as a gift). However, I do love receiving beauty gifts. Bath & Body gifts are perfect when you don’t know what kind of makeup someone likes or their shade but you still want to get them a beauty related gift. Honestly, bath & body gifts aren’t just for females, males love them too! Just remember to look at the scent. In addition to the set, you can also look at bath bombs, scrubs, and lotion.

Ulta The Body Shop Collection | Walmart Luxury 8 Piece Set


Food Basket: You can honestly never go wrong with food as a gift! I know I would be very happy to receive a food basket. I love giving food baskets because you can literally find them anywhere (walmart, the mall, vendors). These make perfect gifts for anyone. If you are having trouble finding a good gift to get someone then look into food baskets. You can find baskets with an assortment of different goodies or some that have a theme to them (chocolate, fruit, nuts)

Gift Tree Gourmet Mailer | Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket

Hot Chocolate/Coffee Sets: If you have a drink lover on your list like I am, then this is a perfect gift for them. I like these sets because the person is able to taste different drinks & flavors that they might not usually have in their kitchen cabinet. It is also a good idea because if the person likes the drinks so much, they may end up buying these gourmet drinks. So you kinda expose them to new things. This gift may not be for just anyone on your list, but there are those who would really enjoy it!

Hot Chocolate Gift Box | Kohls 12 Coffees of Christmas


Speaker: This makes a perfect gift for anyone. I love having back ups that are gender neutral & age neutral. There are many speakers that you can choose from. I’ve seen $15 speakers at Target & Walmart. Then there are some that are more expensive. Depending on who you’re shopping for will help determine which to choose. For me, I’d take the $15 one just because I just need a basic speaker that will play music while I shower, clean, or study.

Target iLive Speaker |Walmart iHome Color Changing Speaker(I have this one & I love it)

Walmart JBL Waterproof Speaker (My boyfriend has this one and he uses it everyday)


Charging Deck: One of these is actually on my Christmas list. A charging deck is essentially a stand that will charge more than one device at the same time. The charging stand I want will charge my iPhone, my apple watch, and my airpods all at the same time. That way before I go to sleep, I can plug all my devices in at once and they will all charge. Other stands may have where you can charge more than one phone at a time. Also a gender neutral & age neutral gift.

Amazon Charging Station | Amazon Apple Charging Stand ( the one I want)

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New Makeup Products for the Winter Months


Good Afternoon Beauties! Hope your holidays are going well. Today I wanted to share two makeup products I recently purchased. I recently ran out of my Fenty Beauty primer & foundation. I know in the winter my skin shade is lighter than during any other time of the year. Although I have oily skin year round, in the winter I tend to get dry spots here and there. I decided I would try a new primer & foundation this winter.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer– This is an OG primer that has been around forever. I have tried this primer before and I liked it. I knew I wanted to choose a primer that I know would work with any foundation while also meeting my skin needs. The photo finish primer takes me by surprise every time I use it. It’s very light weight that you almost forget that you’re applying something. The primer has many benefits including it being oil free, it fills in pores, and helps your makeup last for hours. The clear face primer also smoothes the skin and blurs flaws.


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation– This foundation is also an OG product. When people talk about a full coverage foundation, this one is definitely mentioned. For my foundations I do look for full coverage. I like the foundation to cover up any dark spots or acne scarring without me having to use concealer everyday. Oil control is also an important factor that I look for. The foundation has both these plus claims to be matte, long lasting, and is waterproof. The foundation comes in 24 shades, which I would consider a medium/fair amount of shades. Being a woman of color, I would say that half of the shades are not women of color friendly. There is about 8-9 shades that may work.

I ordered the foundation online so it is also a bit difficult to ensure you’re choosing the right shade. I am usually good when it comes to choosing my foundation online so I trusted myself. I chose the shade 8.0 (dark w/soft warm undertone). I really wanted 8.5 (dark w/golden undertone) but they were sold out of that shade. I will say 8.0 fits me, but 8.5 would have matched me perfectly.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette– I did not recently buy this product, I just wanted to share which eyeshadow palette I am using this winter. If you keep up with reviews when new makeup products come out, then you may recall this product was not favorited as much. I’ve had the palette for a couple of months and I will say I touch it here and there. It’s never been my everyday palette, so I decided I need to start using it more. I am making it my mission to use this palette all winter. So far my favorite shades I have been dawn, fudge, and mercury.

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What’s on my iPhone XS Max- Christmas Present


Christmas came a little early for me! About a week ago I got the brand new iPhone, the gold iPhone XS Max. I’m obsessed with my iPhone!! Well I mean who in the 21st century isn’t obsessed with their phone. My old phone, the iPhone 7 plus was having some problems and it was really time for a new phone. I love seeing what others have on their phones such as different apps I want to look at & how they organize their apps. So I decided I would share whats on my iPhone!

Background Picture:

I am constantly changing my background picture. Most of the time its a picture of me with someone else. During specific holidays I like to incorporate things around me to go along.  You can expect during this time of the year for my background picture to be Christmas related. Last year I had a picture of my Christmas tree. This year’s picture is a pink glittery/sparkly picture. The picture is very cute and simple!


First Page of Apps:

The first page consist of apps that already came on the phone or Apple requires their devices to have. This page also consist of apps that I can easily find and may need to easily navigate. 


The Calendar App I only use for to see what days fall during the week. Besides that I rarely use this app.

Photos & Camera App: I love these two app so much. I honestly have so many pictures on my phone, its ridiculous. Within the app I don’t really organize or put my pictures into folders. I have to have these two next to each other, because after I take the picture with the camera app, its easy to click the photos app to see the picture.

FaceTime, Notes, Calculator, and Maps: All essential apps that I use on a daily. I rarely FaceTime, however, I usually FaceTime my sister, mom, & boyfriend daily. The Notes  app is one of my top 5 apps. This app is a lifesaver. I joint down things to remember, ideas, important information, school notes, and much more. Calculator and Maps are essentials for me.

Music, Phone, Settings, Clock: Some more few app essentials that I use also on a daily basis. My music taste is very diverse. I have many playlist  and albums that I listen to when I’m on the way to class, studying, or driving. I know some people have a separate app for setting an alarm. I use the clock app to set my alarms in the morning. I also use it as a timer when I am studying.

Netflix: I honestly prefer to watch shows or movies on my computer or tv. However, when I am on the go I’ll use the Netflix app and catch up on my favorites.

Pintrest: I love pinterest! Honestly when I am in need of ideas, I also go on the app and get tons on inspiration. Check out my profile HERE

Facebook & Messenger App: Everyone uses Facebook. Not much to say. Essential!

Dunkin & Starbucks: My coffee apps are definitely a must! Whenever I go to the stores I pay with these apps. I also love collecting the rewards!

Second page:

The second page on my phone includes a lot of apps. On this screen I include my social, shopping, food, and some other randoms.


Snapchat & Twitter: My favorite two social media apps! Follow me on  Twitter 

Flo: For us ladies, Flo is a great app to help track your period. This app is very accurate in telling me my menstrual days. The app also has other features as well.

1010: By far my favorite game!

Uber & Lyft: I love these apps! Being in college in the city, people usually do not bring their cars.  get around with the ride sharing apps and I have had nothing but great expericnes with using these apps.

Door Dash & Postmates: Whenever I am at school and I do not want to cook or go to the dining hall, I will use these food delivery apps. I honestly use these apps at least once a week! My food is always accurate and taste fresh. Only con about using these apps is paying the delivery, but overall I highly recommend  these apps.

Target, Amazon, Groupon: All my money goes to these apps! These three in my opinion always have the best deals.

Youtube: Just like Netflix, I rather watch youtube videos on my computer, however, when I am on the go I’ll use the app. I also use the app whenever I am practicing a makeup tutorial, I like to have my phone to look at instead of my computer.

Third Page:


Bank of America & Cash App: I like to have my money apps next to each other so I can easily locate them when I need. Cash App is the best to transfer and send money to others.

2048: My second favorite games

Photo & Editing Apps:


PhotoGrid: Whenever I am editing pictures, this is my go to app! I can put my picture on a background, crop, add filters, and post all in once place.

Facetune: This app is good if you need to edit the appearance of the picture.

Snapseed: Snapseed is a Google powered photo editing app. This photo editing app is best for those who want to explore the advance settings of a picture. If I need to hard edit a picture then this is my go to app.


Please recommend some essential or favorite apps you have on your phone!

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Christmas BucketList


Hot chocolate by the fire: This is one of my favorite things to do. I love siting around and catching up with my family and friends. I prefer coffee over hot chocolate, however, during the holidays hot chocolate is an essential. I like to add marshmallows, whip cream, and candy canes to my drink. While we’re gather by the fire we are either watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas songs. Other things to do while having hot chocolate can be to incorporate a game, take pictures, and even have an excuse to stay in your pajamas all day. I will be completing this bucket list essential quite a lot 🙂

Ice Skating: I am so so excited for this activity. My birthday is in December so its only right that I incorporate the holidays with my special day. I have decided that I want to go ice skating on my birthday with my family & boyfriend. This should be a fun activity, because my boyfriend does not know how to ice skate, and my sister usually falls. I can not wait for all the laughs and memories ice skating will bring.

Go look at Christmas Lights: Since I was younger my family has always drove around looking at Christmas lights. This is something I do every year so I hope this year I will continue and be able to check it off my bucket list. In addition to riding around looking at the lights on different houses, I also want to go to a tree lighting ceremony. I find so much joy looking at different lights and decorations. This activity is fun to do with others! Maybe grab a sweet treat or cup of coffee from Starbucks and drive around.


Decorate Gingerbread House:  I am a little embarrassed to say this but, I have never decorated a gingerbread house before. I know this sounds so crazy. There really is no reason that I haven’t, I guess I just simply never done it before. I’m so glad this is on my list, and hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to say I decorated a gingerbread house. I will most likely do this activity with my boyfriend or sister. We will order some dinner, have either Christmas music or a movie in the background. This is a fun activity to do with others while also being in the holiday spirit.

Volunteer Somewhere: Giving  back is something dear to my heart. The feeling of being able to help somewhere is one of the best feelings. During the holidays there is always an overflow of help that can be provided. I’m not sure exactly where I would like to go volunteer and help at, but I know anywhere I go, my help will be very appreciated. I hope to gather some friends and family members to go with me.


Christmas Movie Marathon: Just the other day I made plans to do this! I am so glad I am already working towards completing my bucket list! On Christmas Eve, my family and I have decided to each choose our favorite holiday movie and take turns watching what everyone chose. This will give me an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day! It will also be fun because while we are watching the movies, we will be able to cook a great meal and even make our favorite holiday sweet treats!

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How to Get in The Holiday Spirt


Sometimes when life gets you and wears you down, it can sometimes stop you from enjoying other things. I can not believe we are in the last month of the year. This year has gone by so fast. Sometimes its hard to keep up with things and to enjoy things in the moment. I wanted to share some ways I get into the holiday spirt when I may feel out of touch or stressed to the point where I forget the true meaning of this time of the year. If you have a busy schedule or have a lot on your mind, this list is also perfect for you! Please share some ways you get in the holiday spirt!

Listen to Musis/ Watch Movies

One thing I love to do to get myself in the holiday spirt is to listen to some Christmas music and watch movies! I already have my holiday playlist made with all my favorite Christmas songs. My favorite Christmas songs are This Christmas, All I Want For Christmas is You, and Silent Night. I love all of the Home Alone movies and The Grinch. I’ll make hot chocolate, get myself a sweet treat, sit by the fireplace, and put on a movie.  I know sometimes it feels as if I always watch the same movies over and over. Whenever I feel like this I actually turn on the tv instead of watching dvds. During this time of the year there is always a good classic Christmas movie on. You can definitely do this alone or invite some to over!

Interact with Others 

Being away at college, the holidays is a perfect time to gather with my friends & family. There are some days I don’t mind chilling by myself and having alone time. There are other times where having others around really reminds me what the holidays are all about. During the holidays I love to grab a cup of coffee, build a gingerbread house, go ice skating, watch movies, wrap presents, and sit around talking with others.


Of course decorating has to be on the list! Putting up decorations around the house instantly gets me in the mood. I first get all of the decorations out and place them in the living room. When I am done with that I’ll make me some hot chocolate or coffee and play my Christmas playlist. I have on my comfy pajamas and I start putting up the decorations. I know this might seem like a basic thing that everyone does, but this will instantly get you in the spirt and everyday you can walk around the house knowing that the holidays are here.


The shopping, baking, wrapping, and entertaining can wait. Let go of that work ethic and take one day to rest. During the holidays a lot of people expect perfection so we worry ourselves to make sure we have the best gifts and  even the best decorations. I have found that when I stress myself over the little things, it takes away from the true meaning of the holidays. Grab you a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or even some water. Light a candle, read a book, listen to music, or even run a bubble bath. Do not stress yourself out! Be thankful we are healthy and breathing. Enjoy your friends and family.


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