10 Things That Destroy Your Skin

I am no expert, but these 10 things have at one point broke out my skin or worsen it. It’s always good to get someone else’s tips so you can learn from them and hopefully avoid doing the same thing. I love hearing what others have to say, so please leave some things that destroyed your skin at one point and hopefully you can learn from me!!
1. Not washing your face 
DIRT! BACTERIA! Just think about dirt and bacteria on your face right now because you didn’t wash your face. And if you go days without washing your face then more dirt and bacteria pile up. Not washing your face can lead to serious breakouts. So avoid them by washing your face. I feel like this is #1 for a reason. I know many friends who don’t use any skincare products, however, I am not saying you have to use those products to avoid dirt and bacteria. Simply just washing your face with water can help. Or if you are not one to use a lot of products on the skin, then using a micellar water, pixi glow tonic, or a facial spray will help.
2. Sleeping in makeup 
This is so easy to do and so hard not to do. We all have those days where we are exhausted and taking off our makeup is the last thing on our mind. They say sleeping in makeup can age you 7 years. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s enough to make me take it off. I remind myself of that saying and I overcome the exhaustion I’m feeling and wash off my makeup. Find a saying that will encourage you after a long day to wipe your makeup off. Or keep makeup wipes by your bed so just in case you’re really tired, you don’t even have to move from your bed to wipe off your makeup!
3. Unhealthy eating habits
Sugar and Caffeine can lead to breakouts. This is a fact! I have witness it for myself. Once I eliminated it from my diet I saw a huge difference. Now once in a while a few drinks will not kill you but constantly having these in your diets may hurt your skin. I have also found that diary breaks me out just as bad. Once again this may not have an impact on everyone.
q84. Not enough water 
Most Important!!!!!!
5. Talking on your phone
Statics say your phone is just as dirty as a hospital. I honestly believe this. You never realize how much you touch your phone or lie it some place then you get on the phone and it touches your face. Cleaning clothes are good tools to use to clean or get rid of germs on your phone.
6. Not enough sleep
Sleep is really an essential to life in general. Yes we do thrive on coffee but sleep is what we need!! 8 hours is what the average person needs everyday to maintain a healthy balance. A lack of sleep can also cost wrinkles and baggy eyes.
7. Laying on one side of the pillow 
This is probably something that has not ever crossed your mind. I have experienced it first hand so I know it to be true. Wash your sheets and flip your pillow!!! This might be the solution you never thought of. Bacteria piles up everywhere, even on our sheets and pillows. Nothing is off limits.
8. Always wearing makeup 
If the makeup you are using is not also designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin then go some days without wearing it. Some makeup clogs the pores where they are not able to breathe freely. Your pores need to breathe. If you are just going to the grocery store or out for a run, then take a break from your makeup and do not wear it. Now if you can’t go a day without wearing makeup, then try to find makeup that is designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin. Also switch from a foundation to a BB or CC cream is a good alternative.
9. Touching your face 

A lot of people do not realize our hands are truly filled of bacteria. Research claims that although the soap or hand sanitizer you are using claims to rid 99.9% of bacteria, it does not. It is extremely hard to go without touching your face. I just did it now. If it is hard for you then try to always have clean hands.

 10. Not washing makeup tools
Many people don’t realize that bacteria piles up on your makeup tools. If you constantly use the tool without washing it then you are allowing bacteria to pile up on your face. There are so many methods for washing your tools. Take the time to look up solutions on how to clean your brushes. It is so worth it!

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What I Look For In a Foundation

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today I wanted to share the things that I look for in a foundation. I currently use two foundations constantly (the Tarte Amazonian Clay & the Bareminerals Bareskin). These two have a few similarities and also a few differences, but overall they have all the qualities I look for. I am currently thinking about getting a new foundation soon. This guide will help me determine which foundation on the market is best for me! Please leave any of your tips in the comments!

What I Look For In a Foundation:


1. Coverage – high medium to full coverage. This is #1 for a reason. I will only consider a foundation if it has the coverage I want. I have acne and a few troubled areas so whenever I do wear foundation, I want these areas to be somewhat covered. A lot of foundations claim to be medium to full coverage, but this is only the case if you apply a lot of the product. I only want to use a little bit of the product on my face, therefore I need a foundation that will give the coverage with a tiny bit of product. On Sephora & Ulta’s website, you can filter the foundations to the coverage you prefer. I would definitely  use these resources to help!


2. Variety of colors. Being a woman of color, there are some brands that do not have a product for my skin shade. With any foundation I get, I never want to have to mix colors together so it can match my skin tone. It is also important to me that I am giving my money to a company that believes in representing all skin shades.

3. Satin to Matte Finish – on me personally I like these finishes for my skin type. My everyday foundation, the Tarte Amazonian clay is a matte finish, whereas the Bareminerals one has a satin finish. I use to only prefer the matte finish, but I love the satin finish. The next foundation I get, I would like it to have a satin dewy finish, however, I am not giving up on matte foundations.

4. Long Wearing – has to last longer than 8 hours. One thing I do not do throughout the day is reapply or touch up my makeup. I just do not have the time, nor do I want to. Therefore, I need a foundation that will last me a full 8 hours and even longer. Although, the foundation may last that long, another benefit is if the foundation keeps the same coverage throughout. I know some days I am busier than others, so I may be sweating or have wiped my face several times. I am okay if the makeup does not look as perfect as before in these situations.

5. Not Cakey. I have acne prone skin and my faces gets very oily. Some foundations attach to my breakouts at times. Or other times, I may try and cover up a blemish by adding more product to the area. If the foundation is cakey, then you can definitely tell. Although, this may be hard to avoid, there are ways to prevent this.

Current Favorite Foundations:

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay
  • Bareminerals Bareskin
  • Covergirl Clean Matte
  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting  Foundation & Concealer

Brushes I use to apply my foundation:


My favorite three makeup brushes that I use to apply my foundations and powders are: the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, and the Morphe m439 Brush. These brushes are very similar but have few differences. Overall each can be used to apply liquid foundations,powder foundations, and powders.


Colourpop Haul


I am so excited for this haul! There are some brands where I constantly re-order from all the time. Colourpop has to be one of those brands. I love how the brand is constantly adding new products to their line. Colourpop will soon have an array of different types of makeup products to choose from. I have never had a bad experience with the brand and will continue to support. Continue reading to check out some of the brand new, newly launched products from Colourpop I recently got.


I first want to start off with the concealers. Colourpop has an array of products to choose from and I love how they are expanding and adding more makeup products. Rumor has it that the brand will soon release foundations and that they released the concealers to see how people would react. If this is true then I am very excited to see a foundation. The shade range for the concealers is nice for the first go round. Hopefully they will add more shades to the line. I bought 4 concealers because looking online I could not determine which shade would be best for me. In fact I was right. I got 4 colors that coordinate with each and are the same shade range. There is no concealer that matches me perfect, so I have to mix these concealers. This sucks, but I knew that this would be the case. That is why I got four. The colors I got are: Tan 50, Deep Tan 55, Deep Golden 60, and Rich Tan 65.


When I switched the concealers on my arm, I was really hopeful that these would be perfect shades. My initial thought was that the middle 2 shades would best match my skin color. In actuality, if I mix the first shade (the lighter shade) & the last shade (the darker shade) then that matches my skin color better than the 2 middle shades. The colors look very pigmented and seem to dry fast.  My favorite thing about these concealers is the brush. The brush is like no other brush I’ve seen or used. It is similar to any concealer brush, small in size. But instead of being hard, the brush is soft and very flexible. The concealers do have a smell to them, but they just smell like any other makeup product.


Okay so now lets talk about the coverage of these concealers. Colourpop claims that these concealers are full coverage. A lot of youtubers  took this claim and tried to use the concealers as a foundation instead of just a concealer. Seeing many youtubers do this prompted me to buy the concealers and use them as a foundation. I am probably the only person that does not like these concealers as foundation. I was really excited and hopeful that these would be great as a foundation. I did not like this product as a foundation because the finish was very matte. I use many matte products, however the concealers made my face look very dry. Since there was no color that matched my shade perfectly, my face either looked to light or too dark. I decided to use the concealers as concealers instead of foundation.  This turned out to work really well for me. The concealer is definitely a full coverage concealer. I do not see using these product as a foundation, but definitely worked well as a concealer. I would recommend this concealer to anyone looking for a full coverage concealer.


Colourpop Medium Shader Brush– I wanted to get a new brush to use pair with the concealers. At the time Colourpop only had eyeshadow brushes so I decided to get the shader brush. The brush is similar to my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush that I use to apply concealer. I first tried to use the brush to apply the concealer, however, the brush did not work well and was very streaky.  I then tried to use the brush as its main use to apply eyeshadow.  The brush is terrible. The brush sucks. I have never used a brush this bad before. I had high hopes for a Colourpop brush. I plan on buying more brushes, but once I saw the quality of the brush I decided to change my mind. Another con about the brush is its design. The brush is very dual and boring, plus the name of the brush (medium-shader) is not on the actual brush.



Colourpop High Five Highlighter-I have been wanting to try a Coloupop highlighter for the longest. I have other highlighters from other brands that I love and have never seen the need to get another highlighter. Even though I’ve wanted to try this product for the longest, every time I ordered from Colourpop I always skipped right over the highlighters. However, I have finally gotten my hands on one. I really love the individuality of Colourpop highlighters. I like how they are not sold in palettes but sold individually. Also s the hihglight seems to come with a lot of product within. I normally wear highlighters that have brownish,goldish tones to them. I rarely wear a highlight with pink to it. When I first tried the highlight, I did not realize how pink it is. This instantly turned me off. I also am not a fan of highlighters that are very sparkly and have a lot of sparkles. Of course, this highlighter does. I am very disappointed in this highlighter. However, I am open to trying another Colourpop highlighter that has gold undertones and is not very sparkly.


Colourpop Fab Five Lippie Stick- This was a limited edition lippie stick. I was very excited to get this lip product. The color will be perfect for the upcoming fall/winter months. I only have 1 other Colourpop lippie stick compared to 10 liquid lipsticks. I have been wanting another one for the longest. I honestly prefer the lippie sticks over the liquid lipsticks. I love this maroon/burgundy lip color. This lip color would look good on some many skin tones. This is one reason that I love Colourpop. They cater to all skin tones, not just a few. I would definitely recommend trying out this color for the upcoming season change.


The picture shows swatches of the products I got! I am in love with these colors. I am excited that all of these items will fit in my Fall/Winter Makeup Routine. The lip color, especially is great for the fall months. Even though the highlighter was my least favorite, I can pair it with the lip color to add  a settle, natural look.

Too Faced Haul


I really can not believe I’m doing this post!! I also can not believe I actually brought these products!! After months of talking myself out of buying, I finally decided to buy some new products!! I have a few Too Faced products that I have only brought from Sephora. I have never directly ordered from the site. I decided to order from the Too Faced site directly so I could use Ebates. Ebates allows you to earn money from shopping online. I can earn money from both Sephora & Too Faced, however, I could earn more from Too Faced (that is why I decided to buy the products from their).  Continue reading to se what products I got & my review on them!!

IMG_1062To start off, the packaging itself was very nice. The outside of the box was very pretty and elegant. The shade of pink was very settling. When you open the box, the top of the box displays a cute little message. “You’re So Too Faced” is the cutest little saying & it goes with the brand. There was so much  pink confetti inside. I actually kept it to use for something else. I love how they used the confetti instead of tissue paper. The products inside were packaged so nicely, that I would never have to worry about buying anything from the site and being nervous that it would arrive damaged.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette– I have never been in the hype about any new eyeshadow palettes from any brand such as: Too Faced, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, Morphe’s palette, or any other high brand eyeshadow palette.  I could never see myself spending that much for eyeshadow. I use to wear eyeshadow here and there. Recently I’ve been wanting to wear eyeshadow every time I do my makeup. Even if I don’t do a full look, I’ll just add a base color onto my lid. The eyeshadow palette I was using most before I brought this Peach Palette, was the Morphe 35k palette. I love the browns & oranges the palette has and have found that these colors go with any outfits. I decided I wanted my next palette to contain similar colors. Through countless amounts of research, I decided that the Too Faced Peach Palette was best for me!

The palette contains an array of colors. There are some palettes were you would wear most of the colors, but not use every single one. With this palette, I see myself wearing every shade. The color variation is a plus, but having some matte shades and also some shimmery shades attracted me most to the palette. I love how I can use a matte for my crease then add a shimmer color to the lid. From swatching the palette for the first time I was a little disappointed because I felt the shades were not very pigmented. However, when I applied the shadows to my eyelids, I was totally wrong. The colors are very pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way.

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara– This is a product that I have repurchased. I first bought the travel size of this mascara to see how I would like it . To my surprise I did. This isn’t my all time favorite mascara, but it is definitely one of my favorites! First of all the packaging of this product is beautiful!! I love the champagne frosted tube. A lot of Too Faced Products have that frosted feel to them that you don’t see too often with makeup products. This makes the product really nice and makes the quality worth the price. Only con I have about this mascara, which is why it is not my all time favorite, is because of the mascara wand. This gives amazing volume and length however, it is very hard to get into the inner lash because the brush is so thick. Whenever I try and get into the inner lash, I end up making a mess and getting mascara on my lid. To avoid this, I just use a different mascara with a thinner wand.


As you can see in the picture, I compared the full size to the travel size. Whenever I am unsure if I will truly like a product or not, I always start off with the travel size product. There are a few differences among the packaging of the two. The color is different and the writing of the product is also different. I would prefer the packaging to be the exact same so I do not have to question rather this is truly the exact same product. However, the formula seems to be the same and the wand as well.


Whenever you check out, you can choose 2 sample sized products. In my opinion Too Faced does not have a good sample selection. Firstly the size of the samples are not worth it. I could’ve done without and its hard to really get a good use out of the products. I’m very surprised at this because whenever I order from a beauty/makeup size (Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay, etc.) the samples are always nice products and nice size. I am really happy to try these samples because I was planning on getting these two. However, I wasn’t really sure how I would actually like them. The Shadow Insurance is an overall great product with a good concept. It is anti-crease and helps your shadow last all day. However, the product is a little bit pricey, especially with alternatives cheaper. The Hangover Primer is a good primer that isn’t too thick to use. I am highly considering ordering the two !

Bareminerals Bareskin Foundation


I recently bought a new foundation!! This is crazy. I normally only use my everyday foundation (the Tarte Amazonian Clay) however, I decided to go out and invest in a new one. I went to ULTA to get my makeup done one day, and the makeup artist used this foundation on me and recommended that I buy. I decided why not, since it looked and felt really nice on. Keep reading to see a detailed review on the Bareminerals Bearskin Foundation.  


Formula: The formula is a little more liquidy than what I’m use to. Typical matte foundations that I use are normally dry, this one however, is not at all. Whenever I squirt the product onto my hand, it starts to run off if I’m not fast enough when ready to apply it. The finish of the Bareminerals foundation is very dewy. I think a dewy look is perfect for the summer. Being too matte in the summer can make you look very dry.

Color/Shade: The shade perfecernce is amazing for this foundation. There are 20 shades to choose from!! The lightest shade is really light and the darkest shade is amazing for darker skin tones. I would definitely recommend the foundation to ever skin color, because they will most likely have your shade. I am in the shade Bare Maple, which is shade 17 out of 20. I believe this color it too dark for me, even though I had it matched. I will return to get the shade Bare Honey or Bare Almond.

Coverage: The foundation claims to be a medium coverage foundation. However, it does claim to be able to build up the coverage you desire. I would have to agree that the foundation can be light to full coverage depending on how much you apply. I definitely apply the foundation to be full coverage.  The foundation does oxidizes like crazy. If you do not want this in a foundation, it may not be for you. But those who do, it is perfect. If I knew the foundation oxidizes before I bought it, I would’ve went a shade lighter. Just because after a while, my natural oils and this foundation can make me look a shade or two darker.


How I apply the foundation: The thing I love most about this foundation, is that its not too dry nor too liquidy. You can apply the foundation with a brush or even a beauty blender. I currently apply with the Real techniques Buffing Brush then I use my beauty blender to dap off the excess product. This foundation is unique in which, it has its own brush that is recommend. I currently order the brush, but it has not arrived yet. Be on the look out for a review once it arrives!

Price: The price for the foundation is very affordable compared to other “high end” foundations. It cost $29.50 while my current foundation, the Tarte Amazonian Clay is $39.00 .

Overall Rating: I really like the foundation much more than I anticipated. There are some things I wish could be improved, such as the shade of the foundation and the consistency of it. However, I will be able to deal with these problems because the foundation is great overall. I would recommend this foundation to any sign color and sign type.                                                                                                                                            8.5/10

La Girl “The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette”


I’m currently obsessing over eyeshadows.  My past few makeup purchases have all been eyeshadow related products. This palette is by far my favorite! I purchased the palette from the website ikatehouse. I was so happy when I ordered it and even more happy when it arrived. The arrival time was less than a week. I immediately dug in and started watching tutorials on YouTube and trying new ideas.
From watching YouTube videos, many compared this palette to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Although they kinda look alike their colors are literally similar. When applying the Naked Palette you can use just a few coats when applying The Nudes palette, it requires a lot more coats to get more pigment.
Package: Long rectangular palette with the brand name and name of product on front. The inside of the palette includes a long mirror that is pretty clear. I never use the mirrors inside. There is 12 colors ranging from matte colors to shimmery sparkly shades. A eyeshadow applicator came with the palette also.
Pigmentation: The colors are honestly beautiful. I love how the palette is not just tailored to one color. Although the main color of the palette is pink, it includes other colors to add different effects and for pairing with the pink. I adore this palette so much! The 4th color is my most used color due to it being the perfect transition shade. I apply the shade into my crease and it adds a beautiful effect. The shimmery pinks, gold, and purples go good with a smoky eye. One of my favorite styles to try. Whenever I apply a shade I have to apply a few coats to get the full effect. I normally repeat the steps 2 times just so I can make sure the product will last throughout the day. I highly recommend wearing an eyeshadow primer with this. It makes a difference!
Worth the price: Sure is!!!!!
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
I got my palette from Ikatehouse.com

Hit & Miss Makeup Products

ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow 
I love this product! I do not fill in my eyebrows, I’m all natural. Because I don’t do my eyebrows I am not applying concealer or eyebrow gel so my brows have potential to mess up during the day. This wet gloss keeps my eyebrows in place throughout the day. I normally wear makeup for an 8 hour period and this definitely last and maybe even longer. I have used the same tube for 3 months and have yet to run out. Definitely worth it.
NYX Waterproof Concealer 
My all time favorite all around full coverage concealer! This work so many magics, it’s unbelievable. I prefer liquid over any other, I never thought I’d love a stick concealer so much. I use it to cover up acne on my checks and forehead then I apply under my eyes. It works so good that I apply a light face of foundation because all my scaring is covered up. Only con is that it breaks so easily and I feel as though it doesn’t last long. Maybe because I use it like everyday.
The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Best Dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette!! These eyeshadows are so beautiful and vibrant. Only con is that you have to apply the eye shadow a couple of times to really get the full effect. I am so happy I bought this item. I love it!
Miss: IMG_7370
Covergirl Ready set gorgeous foundation 
First day I wore this foundation I was in love. It’s very light coverage but it looked very natural. However, after wearing it a couple of more times I hated it. I have watched thousands of YouTube videos of beauty gurus applying this foundation and I feel as though I have tried every way. The foundation is very thick, so you’d think it is full coverage but it’s not. The reason I think I’m not a fan is because I like full coverage foundations and this wasn’t. If you’re looking for a light coverage than this is probably for you.
ELF Acne Fighting Foundation
I really wish this foundation was for me. I really want to believe in it but I can’t. ELF claims this is a full coverage foundation and I have to agree. It covered everything I need. However, it definitely has a matte finish. I do not look good in matte foundations. Matte foundation makes me look super light even if I get my skin color. I really wish the formula was not matte, if it wasn’t then it would definitely be good for me.
Real Techniques Beauty Blender 
Beauty blenders have definitely taken over. A beauty blender is another tool used to apply your makeup. Real techniques, which is a very popular brand introduced their beauty blender. I had to try. I instantly fell in love and the beauty blender was at one time the only tool I used to apply my makeup. After a while I got tired of using the beauty blender and haven’t used it in forever. I feel like the hype only lasted temporarily.

Tarte Foundation Review

If you checked out my Sephora Haul, then you know that I recently bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. Before I went to Sephora I made a list of foundations that I hoped to try. I was only going to choose one. A beauty consultant recommend this foundation and it so happened to be on my list. This foundation was actually my first Tarte Cosmetic purchase. I would love to try more of their products soon. Below is my review on the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.
Color: The foundation comes in 25 shades, that is a big deal!! You can literally get your exact or close to your exact color. I bought mine from Sephora and  got matched and its a great match.
Wear: The box claims that it gives you a 12 hour wear. I have only wore it for up to 8 hours and it seems to last that long. The foundation gives a flawless natural look.
Oil Prevention: The big thing about this foundation that separates it from others is that it is OIL FREE. I was instantly drawn to that. Frequently when I wear foundations my face looks really oily because I have oily skin and the foundation does not prevent that. This foundation claims it is oil free, I agree. I have noticed a difference in when I wear the Tarte Foundation and other foundations. I’m still testing to see if it’s oil free throughout the 12 hours.
Coverage: The box claims the foundation is full coverage. My personal opinion is that it’s a medium to full coverage foundation. If I want to get full coverage then I have to apply a lot of foundation and you can tell that I’m wearing foundation but I go for a natural look. The medium coverage gives you a natural look.
Vegan: This foundation is also vegan, meaning it has no animal products in it, for people leading a totally vegan lifestyle (not eating or using any products from animals on your skin or clothing).
Price: The foundation is $39 at Sephora, Ulta, and Tartecosmetics.com 
The foundation comes in a 1.7 oz tube, which is bigger than most foundations (1 oz). This is a great deal for the price, especially for a high end foundation.
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Favorites of 2015


I honestly cannot believe 2015 is nearly over. I am kinda excited it went by so fast but also sad. 2015 has been the year where I have gotten more into makeup and beauty products. Below is my favorite products that I have used in 2015!


Neutrogena Skincare #1 Favorite product of the year. I suffered from acne for many years and I have tried a million products and have found none to be affective. I have finally found skincare products that have cleared my acne. I absolutely love these products. In the mornings I apply the Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser w/ the Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Spot Gel. For 5 nights I do not apply anything. For 2 nights out of the week I apply the Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. This product can be used as a cleanser or a mask. I use it as a mask. I love it! Then after I apply the On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Moisture. I have been using these products for about 4 months and have noticed a huge difference.


Taste Amazonian Clay FoundationBest medium to full coverage natural looking foundation. I get so many complaints when I wear this foundation because of its natural look. I have a full detailed post about this foundation coming soon so please look out for it!


Makeup Forever MascaraI got this mascara from the Sephora 2014 Birthday Gift. I adore this mascara, it gives me the volume that I want. Sometimes I apply more than one mascara brand to get  thick long eyelashes. However, with the mascara I only have to use this brand and not another. I recently ordered the full sized bottle. Defiantly a repurchase!


Maybelline The Nudes PaletteI love eyeshadow so much. I tend to use more of the the neutral colors then the bright ones. The Maybelline Nudes Palette comes with 12 beautiful neutral colors. I also love how the palette comes with different methods on how to group the shadows together!


LA Girl The Nudes PaletteAnother palette has made my list. Cant you tell I love eyeshadow and “Nude Palettes”… These colors are not similar to the Maybelline The Nudes Palette. The colors in this palette come from the pink family. The shades include shimmery, matte, and regular shadows. I love the diversity this palette has, it is also a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette.


Real Techniques Buffing Brush Basically this is the only makeup tool I use. I love love love this brush. This brush came in a set with other brushes, but honestly I rarely use the others. The name of the brush says it all, it defiantly buffs the foundation into my skin. I love buffing brushes because they give you the most full coverage effect.


ELF Glossy Gloss | Absolutely love this lip gloss. Every girl has their go to foundation, mascara, and lip product. This is my go to lip product. The color is a nude brownish color, which goes great with my skin color. One con about this lip product is that it does not last long. Besides that the lip gloss is so worth the price.  


ULTA Eyebrow Gel When you don’t fill in your eyebrows you need a go to product to keep them in place throughout the day, ulta eyebrow gel does the job. The longest I’ve worn the gel (which is clear) was for 8 hours and the gel lasted that long and could have potential to last longer.

NARS Lip Pencils


If you saw my Sephora haul then you know I recently picked up my birthday gift. This so happened to be my first NARS product. Below is my review on the lip pencils.

Packing: Two lip pencils came in a rectangular box that had a birthday message on the outside of the box. The box itself is really nice and cute. The product was not a full size instead a sample. The full sized pencils themselves twist to get more product. This sample product does not twist so you just get the tip of the product.


Color: There are two pencils that are included in the sets. One is Rose Pink and the other is Scarlet Red. I personally love the colors! The colors are highly pigmented.

Wear: The longest I wore the scarlet red pencil was for 8 hours and only applied once after the first time. I was not expecting the product to last this long. Very shocking! I only have tried to wear the rose pink pencil once and did not have a good experience with it. I felt as if it did not work as good as the scarlet red. However, I only tried it once and its not fair to give a full review on it.

Price: The product I received was free through Sephora’s Birthday Gift. Both lip pencils are priced at $26. I would pay around $18 for this product. In my opinion these lip pencils are very similar to NYX Cosmetics lip products. The formula and texture of the two brands are similar in my opinion. I don’t really see anything special about this product. Its a very nice lip pencil but not worth the hype.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Scarlet Red | Satin Lip Pencil in Rose Pink