10 Things That Destroy Your Skin

I am no expert, but these 10 things have at one point broke out my skin or worsen it. It’s always good to get someone else’s tips so you can learn from them and hopefully avoid doing the same thing. I love hearing what others have to say, so please leave some things that destroyed your skin at one point and hopefully you can learn from me!!
1. Not washing your face 
DIRT! BACTERIA! Just think about dirt and bacteria on your face right now because you didn’t wash your face. And if you go days without washing your face then more dirt and bacteria pile up. Not washing your face can lead to serious breakouts. So avoid them by washing your face. I feel like this is #1 for a reason. I know many friends who don’t use any skincare products, however, I am not saying you have to use those products to avoid dirt and bacteria. Simply just washing your face with water can help. Or if you are not one to use a lot of products on the skin, then using a micellar water, pixi glow tonic, or a facial spray will help.
2. Sleeping in makeup 
This is so easy to do and so hard not to do. We all have those days where we are exhausted and taking off our makeup is the last thing on our mind. They say sleeping in makeup can age you 7 years. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s enough to make me take it off. I remind myself of that saying and I overcome the exhaustion I’m feeling and wash off my makeup. Find a saying that will encourage you after a long day to wipe your makeup off. Or keep makeup wipes by your bed so just in case you’re really tired, you don’t even have to move from your bed to wipe off your makeup!
3. Unhealthy eating habits
Sugar and Caffeine can lead to breakouts. This is a fact! I have witness it for myself. Once I eliminated it from my diet I saw a huge difference. Now once in a while a few drinks will not kill you but constantly having these in your diets may hurt your skin. I have also found that diary breaks me out just as bad. Once again this may not have an impact on everyone.
q84. Not enough water 
Most Important!!!!!!
5. Talking on your phone
Statics say your phone is just as dirty as a hospital. I honestly believe this. You never realize how much you touch your phone or lie it some place then you get on the phone and it touches your face. Cleaning clothes are good tools to use to clean or get rid of germs on your phone.
6. Not enough sleep
Sleep is really an essential to life in general. Yes we do thrive on coffee but sleep is what we need!! 8 hours is what the average person needs everyday to maintain a healthy balance. A lack of sleep can also cost wrinkles and baggy eyes.
7. Laying on one side of the pillow 
This is probably something that has not ever crossed your mind. I have experienced it first hand so I know it to be true. Wash your sheets and flip your pillow!!! This might be the solution you never thought of. Bacteria piles up everywhere, even on our sheets and pillows. Nothing is off limits.
8. Always wearing makeup 
If the makeup you are using is not also designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin then go some days without wearing it. Some makeup clogs the pores where they are not able to breathe freely. Your pores need to breathe. If you are just going to the grocery store or out for a run, then take a break from your makeup and do not wear it. Now if you can’t go a day without wearing makeup, then try to find makeup that is designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin. Also switch from a foundation to a BB or CC cream is a good alternative.
9. Touching your face 

A lot of people do not realize our hands are truly filled of bacteria. Research claims that although the soap or hand sanitizer you are using claims to rid 99.9% of bacteria, it does not. It is extremely hard to go without touching your face. I just did it now. If it is hard for you then try to always have clean hands.

 10. Not washing makeup tools
Many people don’t realize that bacteria piles up on your makeup tools. If you constantly use the tool without washing it then you are allowing bacteria to pile up on your face. There are so many methods for washing your tools. Take the time to look up solutions on how to clean your brushes. It is so worth it!

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Fall Beauty Wishlist


I cannot believe fall is here!! Fall & Winter are my favorite two months. So many holidays and events take place during these months. Especially my birthday!! Fall makeup is my favorite. I love the colors and shade range that comes out. I tend to buy more makeup in the fall than any other season. Keep reading to see the beauty products that I’m wishing to get this fall.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes– In September, Too Faced launched more products to their ‘Peaches & Cream Collection’. Most of my eyeshadow palettes contain both mattes & shimmery eyeshadow. I do not own an eyeshadow palette with just mattes. I am very interested to see how you can create an entire eye look with just mattes. The colors in the palette are beautiful and look very pigmented. I love the oranges and browns the palette contains. Perfect for fall.

fall-2017_fenty-beauty_011_promo.jpgFenty Beauty Gloss Bomb-Rihanna’s beauty collection was a hit, right when it came out. There is such a diversity in shades that everyone is going to find their color. Out of everything in her collection, the gloss stood out to me. The shade would look great on all skin tones and is a color that I could see myself wearing this fall. I definitely think this will become a staple in my collection.



Chanel Gabrielle Eau de Parfum-I’m not to quick to put perfume on my list, just because I have a lot of perfumes. However, I haven’t bought a nice perfume in about two years. I love treating myself and lately I’ve been wanting to try a new high end perfume.The last high end perfume I bought was from Marc Jacobs. I fell in love with the scent, plus it lasted me a long time. I have never owned a Chanel Perfume and have been wanting to try one for the longest. This scent is perfect for the fall/winter months. This fall I have a lot of professional meetings and I can’t wait for that to be a reason to wear this scent.


O.P.I Nail Polish– I love having my nails done. I go to the nail salon every 3-4 weeks. However, being a college student, this is an expensive habit to keep up with. I have decided that I will start doing my own nails to save some money. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands. The quality is amazing and the polish last for a long time. The color I want to try is ‘Turn On The Northern Lights’. This shimmery blue, purple is perfect for the fall/winter. I love how there is sparkles in the polish. I don’t tend to polish my nails dark colors, however, I love this shade so much.


Colourpop Clear Brow Gel– I love brow gel! I normally don’t fill in my eyebrows so I need something to keep my brows tamed & in place throughout the day. I normally use the Ulta Brow Gel. However, I have been through 4 of these gels and want to try something new. I love how Colourpop is very affordable. Every product I have from the brand is amazing. I hope the brow gel is just as good.



Sephora Illuminate Highlight Palette


Good Morning makeup loves!! I am super excited about today’s post. I have been trying to get my hands on this since forever and I finally got it! The whole highlight trend has definitely taken over. I normally use a sparkly, glittery eyeshadow as my highlight. This has been working perfectly, however, its only one color and I want an array of colors to choose from. Since summer is around the corner I am excited to have 6 different highlights to use.


The palette includes 6 different shades. Looking for a highlight palette, I knew I wanted pink colors and also brownish bronze colors. 5 of the colors in this set include exactly what I wanted. I knew I wouldn’t use the white shade often, but I would use it at times. The first thing I noticed about the colors are that they are all shimmery. I wanted to avoid this at all possible. I knew I wanted shimmery but mostly matte highlights. Surprisingly these are not too shimmery. They are very wearable shimmery shades that I can wear everyday. My favorite two shades are the two middle shades, the two bronze colors. I love these so much. At times if I apply the other 4 shades, I’ll outline with a bronze shade and it is the prettiest thing ever.

IMG_0004 I was very worried about the shades washing me out or not being very pigmented. To my surprise they are neither. At times the lighter shades are a little too light on me and sometimes hardly noticeable. A solution would be to go in with a little bit more product. Not too much because then the face will look very shimmery and glittery.


The packaging is to die for. The box it comes in, is perfect. The front attracted me right away. It’s looks illuminating, and that’s the whole concept! I love how the back shows the pictures of the shades and the chalk version of them.


Makeup Setting Sprays


Recently I have noticed a lot of my recent post have all been centered around makeup. I mean thats not a bad thing, nope its not! I absolutly love makeup!! However, I have noticed that I’m constantly showing you all what I got and I have not done many post dedicated to certain products where I am able to be informative about these products. I love reading post about a product, especially if I am interested in the product and maybe eventually buying it. Okay enough about this, blah, blah, blah. Today’s post is about Makeup Setting Sprays. If you saw my Makeup Primer Post where I explain how I have done countless research on ways to control oil and shine on my face. If you have oily skin or even combination, then you know what I am talking about. Makeup Setting Sprays are designed to basically help/make your makeup last all day. I normally wear my makeup for an 8 hour period, that is kinda a long time. Having a setting spray helps me from having to keep reapplying makeup onto my face throughout the day. I have found 2 setting sprays that I am in love with, one drugstore & one high end!


Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (oil control)-The first thing I noticed about this spray was that it is dedicated to oil control. Since I have a problem with oil control I believe I have found my solution. In addition to this oil free product, every other makeup product (besides lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow) in my routine are also all oil free. Having oil free products helps to not add additional oil onto my face. Overall I love this product a lot! It is not sticky like other setting sprays and it sets onto my face fast. I find that I do 3 squirts onto my face and sometimes an additional one. My makeup seems to last for the 8 hour period that I wear makeup and it could possibly last longer. If oil control is not what you are looking for, Urban Decay has a large variety of other setting sprays.


ELF Makeup Mist & Set– I did a post on this spray before. I ranted about how I rarely use it any more and that it is a very messy product. Since I had a full bottle left and I hate wasting products, I found a way to use this product. Instead of spraying it directly onto my face and causing my makeup to run, I sprayed it onto my makeup brush. I instantly loved this idea!! It helped so much. Unlike the other setting spray, the ELF Makeup Mist & Set spray has no claims to it. I’m not sure if it is suppose to help with oil or not. However, I do like this product.

If you have tried any of these 2 setting sprays please let me know. Or if you have any recommendations of setting sprays, then also let me know. Enjoy your day!

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Makeup Primers


Good Afternoon! I hope you all are enjoying your summer! I love summer time but when it comes to the hot sticky weather, I hate it. For those of us who have oily type skin, summer time sucks. I normally get oily throughout the day but 2x oily now that it is summer. Within the last year I have invested in makeup primers. Meaning I have done countless research on ways that I can keep my face from getting super oily and ways to control the oil and shine. Before a year ago I barely knew what a makeup(face) primer was. Yeah I’ve heard of them, but I didn’t fully understand how beneficial they could be. Today I am super happy that I have invested all that time in research and have found ways to help myself. Every product I use in my makeup routine (besides lipgloss, mascara, and eyeshadow) are all oil free products. Below are some face primers that have really helped me control my oil and shine on my face. Although I have oily skin and most of these products help that, if you have dry or combination skin type then these can also be beneficial to you. Always make sure you do your research before buying any product!


Covergirl Outlast All Day Primer– If you have seen some of my post before you may recognize this primer. I dedicated a whole post on this primer. The Covergirl Outlast All Day primer was my first ever primer. This primer has lasted me forever and I use it a lot. The thing I love about this primer is that its biggest claim is to be oil free! Also it is said to last all day, which is a plus. The texture or formula of this primer is thick and has a lotion or moisturizer feel to it. Although the primer claims to be oil free I have gone days where my face is very oily. Some days I skip wearing a primer and I feel as though my makeup holds the same and last for the same amount. It honestly just depends on the day for this primer.

Since I was new to the whole concept of face primers, I started out with drugstore products. I really enjoyed the drugstore primer I had. However, I knew that this was something I would not only invest my time in, but also my money. I believe that higher end products would give me even more control over my oil and shine just because the ingredients in the higher end products were better for my face than the drugstore products. Below are my favorite high end primers that have honestly worked better for me than the drugstore primer.


BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer– The Prime Time Foundation Primer is a VERY light weight product. When you apply it it feels as though there is no product there, but there is. It absorbs very quickly. Many people may prefer a light weight product on their face, if so this is for you. This particular primer is not solely dedicated to oil free however it does combat excess oil and helps with enlarged pores. Also this product is dedicated for all skin types. Overall I enjoy this product but kinda wish it wasn’t as light weight as it is. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m actually putting something on my face or not. Bare minerals claims the primer “smoothes away flaky dryness, fine lines, excess oil, and the look of enlarged pores.” I honestly would have to agree.


Benefit POREfessional Face Primer– Let’s be honest, we have all probably seen this product before. I have seen countless youtube videos and blog post from beauty experts that have incorporated this product into their makeup routine. Honestly although I had seen this product, I never knew what it was. The last thing I thought it could be was a makeup primer. At first I was not going to buy just because it was so hyped about and I like to give all products a try. However, from  my research I have found that this product in fact is worth the hype. The main goal of this product is to minimize pores (hence the name of the product). At the same time it is also an oil free product. Two things I struggle with all in one product, YES PLEASE!! Overall, I honestly love this product and it seems to have minimize my pores while also helping to control my oil and shine throughout the day.


MAC Prep & Prime– Honestly I have not used this particular product as much as the other. Although I complain that the BareMinerals Prime Time Primer was too light weight, the Mac Prep & Prime is too runy and liquidy. The primer feels as if I am applying lotion onto my face. I’m not really sure if I want that in a primer. As for oil & shine control, I would say it works. I haven’t used it that much to give a full detailed review for the control.

Link to my Covergirl Outlast All Day Primer Post– https://girlytreasures.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/1042/

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Sephora Mascara Favorites


Recently my post have consisted of hauls!! I’ve never have had so many at once. I love getting new products and sharing my experiences with the products. My newest products that I’m reviewing will be the Sephora Favorites Mascara. The set is Sephora’s top mascaras in a travel size. After you try the mascaras you go back and redeem for a full sized tube of mascara. I love the concept of this and I am going to take full advantage of this opportunity. Below is my review on the mascaras then my overall opinion and which one I will chose.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara– I honestly am in love with the bottle and packing of this mascara. The pinkish color bottle really captured my attention. Overall the bottle makes the product seem very glamours and rich like. The brush is like no other mascara brush I have seen. It’s a short brush with the bristles compacted close to one another. Also the bristles do not flare out, which can be seen on a lot of mascara brushes. I like a lot of volume with my mascara. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara gives me a lot of coverage just not enough. If I want to make my eyes look like I have mascara on but not a full glam look than this mascara would be perfect. Overall I like the mascara, however, it is not my favorite one nor my least liked one.


Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara– My first honest opinion about this mascara was that I was not going to like it as much as the others because it was the cheapest and also the messiest. However, this particular mascara gives me the volume that I look for in a mascara. I really enjoy the overall effect it has. My only con about the mascara is that it is super messy. By far the messiest makeup product I have ever used. Every single time I use this I end up always having to clean up excess product. It is very frustrating when I am in a hurry or have a lot to and realize that I have to clean up. Overall this has potential to be a really great product besides the mess it creates.


Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara– Recently I have fallen in love with the Tarte brand. I adore the brand and love the formula of the products. When Tarte introduced their new line I knew I had to try something from it. This mascara is from their new line that is to die for. Tarte is one brand I absolutely adore. The Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara is a great mascara to use. It honestly does feel like applying paint, especially when taking the brush away from the bottle. The volume is the mascara gives is okay, just not wonderful. The packing sucks but the theme is very different and nice. I honestly expected to enjoy this mascara, however, I find that I rarely use it as much as I use some of the others. Once again, not my favorite nor my least favorite.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara– I have tried this product before and honestly I loved it. The only problem I had was that it was very messy. When I got this mascara again in the Sephora Favorites, I fell more in love than I did before. I experienced new things that I didn’t the first time I used this mascara. This mascara honestly gives the best volume. The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is my go to mascara at the moment and I find that I use it more than any other mascara. Honestly the volume is amazing! Although it can be messy, its easy to clean and not as much as a bother as some other mascaras. This is a very popular mascara and I can say that it is worth the hype.


Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara- I first want to say that out of all the mascaras I own, I have never had one that had a smell to it. The very first thing I noticed about this particular mascara was the smell. Normally if a product has a certain smell to it I rarely even notice and it normally does not bother me. Instantly when I opened the tube I noticed a smell. Now the smell is not horrible or anything, honestly it does not bother me. However, there is one. For me none of this matters, but for some people it is the determining factor on rather or not they like a product. As for the volume it gives, there is really none. One thing this mascara is good at is separating the lashes and the brush is easy to get into the inner lash. I pair this mascara with another mascara so I can add the extra volume that I like.


Overall: I really enjoyed the concept of this Sephora Favorites. Having the opportunity to sample out some products before actually purchasing the full size was very helpful. I honestly wish I could do this for every single makeup product. I have only had the mascaras for maybe a month and a half. I will continue to use all 5 of them to get a sense of which one I will get the full sized for. At the moment the Benefit They’re Real Mascara seems to be my favorite but that could honestly change.

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ELF Baked Highlighter


Highlighting has become the new makeup obsession. It definitely has taken over the makeup world by storm. I personally only have used a highlighter once when I went to MAC to get my makeup done for an event. After that I become in love with them. However, finding one that is affordable is hard. I don’t mind spending some money on makeup but I know I wasn’t going to wear a highlighter everyday. Therefore I wanted a drugstore affordable one. I recently went to my local target and wasn’t expecting to buy anything but my friend saw this and insisted I try it out. Continue reading to see what I thought about the ELF Baked Highlighter.


Colors: This highlighter comes in 3 shades: Blush Gems (a darker color), Moonlight Pearls (a light color), and Pink Diamonds (a pink shade). The color choice is overall beautiful. The color I picked up was Moonlight Pearls. Blush Gems was beautiful to me put I didn’t want the color to be similar to my bronzer color. Moonlight pearl is a beautiful color!

Pigmentation: I was super excited to dig in this because the color was absolutely stunning. I swatched the product and it was nice. However, I had to constantly rub the product over and over again just to get pigment. When I tried doing this with my brush it took forever and then I applied it on my face but could not see any product. I tried over and over to like this product but could not fall in love with it. I’m so disappointed in this highlighter.


Price: The cost of the highlighter is $3 and you can find it at your local drugstore. ELF is known as a very affordable brand. Some products from the brand are really good for the price but some are not. This has to be one that is not worth it. I would spend my money on a high end highlighter.

Recommend: I do not recommend this product at all. However, if you have tried this product before and have found to love it then please let me know

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Target Spring Beauty Box


Good Afternoon! I recently received my Target Spring Beauty Box in the mail and wanted to share with you all the items I received. This is not my first time trying the Target Beauty Box, I have had 2 other ones.  I really enjoy the beauty box because the items that  are nice size products that are worth the price. Overall the Target Beauty Box is the only beauty box that I always get. I have had other beauty box subscriptions but eventually canceled them. Although there is no subscription that you can pay for monthly or yearly to guarantee you receive, you pay for the box whenever it comes around. Keep reading to see the wonderful items from the Target Spring Beauty Box.


Packing: The beauty products arrived in a nice black box that had the Target logo on the front. The quality of the box itself is very nice. I actually use the box to hold some of my eyeshadow palettes on my vanity. Also all the products fit nicely in the box, which was surprising because there were few full sized products.

Cost: The cost varies every beauty box that Target releases. This box was $7 which was great for the products!

Items: Technically there was 8 products but one of the products was just a sample. Normally whenever I receive a beauty box, I may not use all the products given. However, in this beauty box I will use all the beauty products! One thing I like about the Target Boxes are that every product in the box can be found at a Target Store or at Target.com


Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick– The color of the lipstick is absolutely beautiful!! I’m so in love with it. Recently I have realized that I love lipsticks more than any other lip product. The formula of lipsticks are very simple and smooth compared to a glossy wet lipgloss. The pigment of this Covergirl product is incredible! The color is similar to pink and purple mixed together! I’m so happy I have a new lipstick to add to my collection.


Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Lotion– I have always wanted to try this brand before but I normally stick to the products I know want hurt my skin, especially when it comes to sunscreen. One thing I like about this particular sunscreen is that it is non-greasy. I have SUPER OILY skin, so finding products that won’t add to that is very important for me.


Pantene AIRspray Hair Spray– On a normal basis I do not use hair spray, but on special occasions I do. I recently ran out and now I have a new one to try.  Reguarlly I use the Pantene brand shampoo and conditioner, which I like. Hopefully I will like the hair spray as much as I like the shampoo and conditioner.


Marlowe Body Butter– Another item on the list that I was recently running out of and now have a replacement. Lotion is something I use everyday. Many people do not know there are differences among lotions. This lotion is  a body butter which can be used throughout the body to hydrate and moisturize the skin. I’m currently obsessed with this particular brand. I have used this body butter everyday. I love how it glides onto the skin and also how there is not a strong smell or even a smell at all.


Lineage Mask– I have not yet tried my mask but from reading reviews I can tell I’ll probably love it. This mask is more on the pricey side. It claims to hydrate and moisturize your face. Overall the reviews are really good on so I’m super excited to try.


Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes– I have received these wipes before in anther beauty box and I actually liked them. In my opinion all makeup wipes are the same. I can’t really tell a difference between them. I’m happy these came in the box because I use makeup wipes often. I also like the size of the pack. Easy for just throwing in my makeup bag when I’m on the go.


CeraVe Healing Ointment– When I glanced over the beauty box I was super excited about this product because I am familiar with the CeraVe brand. I have heard nothing but great things about their products and actually have tried some myself. I didn’t know at first that this product was a healing cream. I’m super bummed because I was expecting something else. I’m not really sure how I’ll use it but I’ll probably find a way.

Overall I loved this beauty box. I’m amazed how many of the products were filled sized or nice samples sized products. The Target Beauty Box is by far my favorite beauty box!! Inside the box was also a coupon for $5 of any beauty, makeup, or skincare product(s) at Target. I’m super excited to go and buy some more!!

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Morphe Brushes Haul


My Morphe products finally came in the mail!!! It has taken forever but I’m super excited! I just got the palette and brushes and I immediately wanted to do a blog post to share with you guys about my new purchase. This is my first ever Morphe purchase. I know I’m super late, but better late than never! I ordered the 35K Palette, M439 Buffing brush, and M300 Blending crease brush. I have mixed reviews with my products but overall I’m obsessed! Continue reading to see what I think..,


Name: Morphe names their palettes based on the colors in the palette. The palette I own is called 35K due to majority of the  colors being koffee colored. There is also 35p(purple themed), 35T (Taupe themed), 35W(warm themed), and many others. I personally love the naming of the palettes. It helps to differentiate between the different styles and colors you want. The Morphe 35O is Morphe’s best seller. It is in high demand and constantly goes out of stock. I unlike many people am not a huge fan of the 35O. I honestly love the 35K more than any other Morphe palette.

First Impressions: When I first saw this palette I knew  I had to buy. The colors are beautiful and very pigmented! The texture of the shadows are smooth and very blend-able. There are a lot of colors that can be applied in the crease. I love how the palette has different variations of textures such as: mattes, shimmery, and neutrals. The picture does the palette no justice. The colors are amazing and beautiful. This palette is also great for smokey eyes! Every color in the palette can be incorporated into a smokey eye.


Cost: The 35 count palettes cost $22.95, however, Morphe is very good at discounting them and they normally have good sales throughout the year. Morphe also sells individual shadows for $2.29. If you multiple that by 35 you get $80.15. It is much cheaper to just by the palette than 35 individual shadows.

Overall: I love love love this palette. I would recommend it to anyone! Its amazing and you can create many different styles with it. I would recommend wearing the shadows with a primer but they do just find without one. If you are looking for warm colors then this palette is definitely for you!



First Impression: I knew I wanted more eyeshadow brushes and I’ve heard Morphe had incredible brushes for the price. I  researched and watch so many youtube videos. The M439 was a brush EVERYONE had. LITERALLY! From Jaclyn Hill, Patrick Starr, and Bretman Rock all include M439 as one of their favorites. I got the brush and honestly I was not overall amazed. Maybe I was too excited for the brush. The brush is nice quality and I do love it. However it only seems to work when I have a very runny or liquidy foundation. When I use my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation with the m439 I have to use a lot of foundation unlike when I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush I only need a little. Also the m439 does not give me that full coverage effect as the real techniques buffing brush does. I am going to try getting the m439 a little wet and see if that works. I also got the m4330, an eyeshadow brush. The brush’s bristles are very long but the brush is very soft and fluffy. It wasn’t the brush that I really wanted but its an overall good brush! I love how when I apply the eyeshadow with this brush that the brush puts all the product onto my lid and nothing remains left on the brush.

Cost: The m439 Buffing Brush retails for $13.99. Thats a reasonable price compared to Mac or Sigma brush. The m330 Blending Crease retails for $5.99. The quality of the brushes are wonderful. They are one of the softest brushes I own.

Overall: I honestly love these brushes. I wish I could’ve gotten the ones I really wanted but overall these will work. Hopefully in the future I will be able to order the ones I want. I highly recommend these brushes. The price is unbeatable for the quality. So worth it!!

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume


Good Afternoon Loves! Just like every girl, I too love perfume! I have been eyeing the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume for a couple of months. The Daisy Collection comes in different scents and I knew I either wanted the EAU SO FRESH or the EAU DE TOILETTE. I wasn’t really familiar with the scent but I knew I wanted it. If you get Sephora emails then you know that around Christmas time they had the best deals. I came across the mini bottles of the two scents I wanted. At the same time I was looking at this product my aunt was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I emailed her the link asap!! I was so excited when I opened her gift on Christmas and the perfume was inside. I decided that the mini set was best to start off with so I could choose which scent I wanted. After a few wears I would make my decision on which scent I would get the full size of. Below is my review on the perfumes and at the end I will reveal which scent I chose.


Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE | This perfume has a very strong scent to it. A little can be applied and you have a strong smell. I am so amazed how little you need in order to have that strong smell. I feel so fancy and sophisticated while wearing the perfume. Only con is that I wished it lasted longer. I would say this scent may not be for everyone due to it being strong. I rather have a strong scent rather than a fruity one. This is definitely not fruity.


Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU SO FRESH | If you are thinking about either one of these and you like fruity rather than strong then this one is for you. It is not really fruity but it is fruiter than the Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE. Since the bottle is pink I really like to wear this scent whenever I am wearing pink clothing items.

Overall Impressions: I really enjoyed both scents. These were nice sample products for the priced paid. I’m glad I got both in order to determine which to purchase. I really wished the bottles were designed differently and had a pump in order to spray out the product.

Repurchase: Yes and I would definitely get a bigger size. Whenever I run out of the two then I will repurchase from Sephora.

Favorite: My favorite out of the two is Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE, which is the one I will repurchase.

*This was a limited edition set from Sephora and was available during Christmas time. The set is no longer available at this time but you can still buy the perfume.