Favorite Spring Looks

Slip On Shoes

I have been wearing my slip on Vans nonstop! They are my everyday, go to shoe. I have four pairs of the slip on Vans. I love these shoes so much. They are comfortable for walking and perfect for when you are in a hurry and just need to slip on some shoes. There have been many times when I’m getting ready for my college classes and I have to hurry and get my clothes on and do my hair. Something that helps saves me time, are these shoes. They go with any outfit, they are simple to put on, and they are very comfortable. There are many brands that make slip on shoes in addition to Vans such as: Steve Madden, Target, and Old Navy. These are also great unisex shoes and are perfect for any age.

Colored Handbags

Sticking with the theme of incorporating more colors into my everyday black and gray outfits, having a cute colorful pastel purse is perfect for spring. The current handbags I have are either black or brown. I recently bought this baby pink Kate Spade crossbody purse, but I haven’t gotten to use it yet. However, the few times I have worn it, I love it! The baby pink is a cute but soft color that makes my outfit go from a 6 to a 10! Even though I love my designer bags, I still own some from places like Target or TJ Maxx. Depending on the occasion or activity I’m doing will determine which bag I bring.

Colored Pants


This is a perfect spring trend that I have already begun incorporating into my clothing routine. When I want to make an effort to look cute while going to class and not wear leggings, I will wear colored pants/joggers with a cute or basic top and a necklace. For my shoes I usually wear my vans or sandals. This is such a cute, simple outfit that looks nice with little effort. All of my colored pants came from H&M. Before getting these olive green pants, I never bought bottoms from H&M. I was a little hesitant but I’m obsessed with H&M bottoms. They are true to size and perfect quality!

Cycling Shorts

I still don’t know how I exactly feel about this trend. When I see it on Kim K. or youtuber Jackie Aina, they look great on them. Being in college, these are very popular because they are so simple & easy to put an outfit together and to put on. I’m hesitant about this trend because I’m not sure how I would look in them. Cycling shorts are essentially exercise/ sports gear but they have recently turned into fashion statement as cropped leggings.

Thank you so much for checking out this post! Below are some of my favorite spring post that you may like as well! 

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