Glowing Into Spring


Good Afternoon Loves! I hope you are all enjoying your day and the beautiful weather as well. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is that I am encouraged to look more presentable. Not only that but I actually love to dress up, do my makeup, and look nice; especially when the weather is nice outside. As I transition from winter to spring and spring to summer, I like for my skin to glow (naturally & with some product). I love fresh, smooth skin and generally I have a nice natural glow. However, today I wanted to share some tips of how I get a nice spring glow.

What Is Highlight?

Highlighter is designed to give you a subtle glow and your skin a luminous, radiant look. Highlighters can come in a loose powder, creams, liquids, or a stick. Highlighter is a product where you can control how much you want to apply. By applying a little bit of product, one can achieve a more natural, glowy look. However, if you want to shine or look very glowy, then applying more highlighter can be used to build up the desired look.

Places Where I Apply My Highlight

I love how versatile highlight is. Typically people where a highlighter on their checkbones. Placing it here helps define your face while adding a glow. The second place where I apply my highlighter is my nose. This is a perfect tip to try if you want a thinner, more defined nose. Also the nose is at the center of the face; adding more sparkle to it will be an immediate notice! I first saw someone else apply highlighter to their upper lip and wow I fell in love. I tried this out for myself and it makes my lips have extra sparkle to them and makes them look glowy (especially when you take a picture with flash on). Now I usually do not apply all this highlighter all at once. Some days I’ll do my checks, some days I’ll do my nose & my lips.

When To Apply Highlighter

When you want to apply your highlighter is ultimately up to you and your liking. I find it best to apply all my makeup such as concealer, foundation, setting powder, and eyeshadow first, then I will apply my highlighter. I like to think of applying highlight as the last final touch. Highlighter can also be used instead of using a bronzer. Bronzer applies a glow as well. If you are using highlighter as a bronzer, I would suggest a highlighter that is not as glittery/sparkly.

My Favorite Highlighters 

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. It is my everyday highlighter that I use. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!

Sephora Highlight Palette-The palette includes 6 different shades. My favorite colors to to use for a highlight is either brownish bronze colors or soft pink colors. This palette is great because I have many options to choose from depending on the look I want to achieve. The first thing I noticed about the colors, were how sparkly they looked. Surprisingly these are not too shimmery. They are very wearable shimmery shades that I can wear everyday. My favorite two shades are the two middle shades, the two bronze colors. I love these so much. At times if I apply the other 4 shades, I’ll outline with a bronze shade and it is the prettiest thing ever. I am loving and using this product everyday!  I love this particular palette because it has 6 different highlight shades to choose from.


Colourpop High Five Highlighter-I have been wanting to try a Coloupop highlighter for the longest. I have other highlighters from other brands that I love and have never seen the need to get another highlighter. Even though I’ve wanted to try this product for the longest, every time I ordered from Colourpop I always skipped right over the highlighters. However, I have finally gotten my hands on one. I really love the individuality of Colourpop highlighters. I like how they are not sold in palettes but sold individually. Also s the highlight seems to come with a lot of product within. I normally wear highlighters that have brownish, goldish tones to them. I rarely wear a highlight with pink to it. When I first tried the highlight, I did not realize how pink it is. However, I am open to trying another Colourpop highlighter that has gold undertones and is not very sparkly.

How I Apply Highlighter? 


There are so many ways to apply a highlighter. With a brush & by hand are the top two ways I see highlighters applied. Many people use a fan brush to apply their highlighter. I could definitely see why one might do this. I do not own a fan brush. Instead I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This brush works very well and is easy to apply the highlight with. It remains me of a bronzer or blush brush .

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Favorite Spring Looks

Slip On Shoes

I have been wearing my slip on Vans nonstop! They are my everyday, go to shoe. I have four pairs of the slip on Vans. I love these shoes so much. They are comfortable for walking and perfect for when you are in a hurry and just need to slip on some shoes. There have been many times when I’m getting ready for my college classes and I have to hurry and get my clothes on and do my hair. Something that helps saves me time, are these shoes. They go with any outfit, they are simple to put on, and they are very comfortable. There are many brands that make slip on shoes in addition to Vans such as: Steve Madden, Target, and Old Navy. These are also great unisex shoes and are perfect for any age.

Colored Handbags

Sticking with the theme of incorporating more colors into my everyday black and gray outfits, having a cute colorful pastel purse is perfect for spring. The current handbags I have are either black or brown. I recently bought this baby pink Kate Spade crossbody purse, but I haven’t gotten to use it yet. However, the few times I have worn it, I love it! The baby pink is a cute but soft color that makes my outfit go from a 6 to a 10! Even though I love my designer bags, I still own some from places like Target or TJ Maxx. Depending on the occasion or activity I’m doing will determine which bag I bring.

Colored Pants


This is a perfect spring trend that I have already begun incorporating into my clothing routine. When I want to make an effort to look cute while going to class and not wear leggings, I will wear colored pants/joggers with a cute or basic top and a necklace. For my shoes I usually wear my vans or sandals. This is such a cute, simple outfit that looks nice with little effort. All of my colored pants came from H&M. Before getting these olive green pants, I never bought bottoms from H&M. I was a little hesitant but I’m obsessed with H&M bottoms. They are true to size and perfect quality!

Cycling Shorts

I still don’t know how I exactly feel about this trend. When I see it on Kim K. or youtuber Jackie Aina, they look great on them. Being in college, these are very popular because they are so simple & easy to put an outfit together and to put on. I’m hesitant about this trend because I’m not sure how I would look in them. Cycling shorts are essentially exercise/ sports gear but they have recently turned into fashion statement as cropped leggings.

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Spring Lifestyle Essentials

Face Mist

I have found that when I travel there are always a few items that I always bring with me. My Mario Badescu Spray is one of those items that I always have with me. I usually use the spray for two reasons; as an overall setting spray in my skincare routine and as an overall body mist. I love how this product is versatile and even if I am not using it in my skincare routine, the product still works as an overall body mist. The spray helps refresh and hydrate my skin during seasonal and weather changes. The mist is formulated with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I have purchased this product 4 times and I don’t think I will ever not have this product!

Portable Charger

How many times have I went on a trip, my phone died, and I wished I had this product with me but I always forget it at home? The answer is too many times 😦 Portable chargers are a must in todays times. We use our phones so much and while we are on vacation we may use it to take pictures, look for things to do, or look at reviews for restaurants. My advice, find a small portable charger that can easily fit in a purse or bag. There are also some chargers that have more than one charing port to it, so you are able to charge more than one device. Definitely an essential!


This is my favorite essential on the list! Recently I have found that I wear a necklace everyday and it makes a difference. My go to outfits this spring will be leggings, shorts, or jeans paired with a graphic or basic tee. To add to the look I will wear a necklace. Now I know this is simple and you probably already do this, but in all seriousness, a necklace can transform a simple outfit. For the springtime I like to wear a simple gold or silver necklace. You can get this item from anywhere but I would try to find a good quality necklace that will not rust or break so you are able to wear it without having to throw it away after a couple of wears.



Of course sunglasses has to be on the list! I love wearing sunglasses year round, however, when spring time comes I like to bring out my bright colored sunglasses. Also during this time of the year I like to add new pairs to my collection. If I am going on vacation, a theme park, or swimming then I will wear a cheap pair. I do not like wearing my good pair of sunglasses during these activities because I am scared I will break them or even worse lose them. However, investing in a really nice pair of sunglasses is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I decided to invest in a more pricier pair so I could stop spending money on sunglasses & be ensured that they wouldn’t break so easily. I would definitely recommend this. Sunglasses are an essential that you will always use, so why not invest in a pair that you can use forever.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.06.17 PM


This past summer I dedicated an entire post to the importance of sunscreen. Check it out HERE. Sunscreen is a highly important skincare product that needs to be worn not only year round but by everyone. I know it can be tough to think about this, but protecting your skin is highly important. The sunscreen I use everyday and have been using for years is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen. This product is very affordable and can be found at most drugstores.  I only use this product on my face, however, it can be used for any part of the body. This is a lightweight clean free sunscreen that is fast absorbing and also water resistant. If you plan to wear makeup or have already completed your skincare routine this sunscreen is probably best for you. Even if you are not wearing makeup or any skincare products this sunscreen will still work perfect!


With the season and weather changing it is important to stay hydrated. From experience, my body overall gets very dry during the winter and when spring comes, I have to stay hydrated. Drinking water consistently is hard for some; hard for myself as well. I have found that if I have a cute water bottle, it helps encourage me to drink more. For spring, I am using a water bottle from Starbucks and a marble print water bottle. These help keep my water cold for extended periods of time, they are a nice size, easy to refill, and easy to carry around.

Basic Tees

A must for spring time! Well anytime. I love basic tees. Honestly I haven’t worn anything else this spring besides basic tees. The thing I love about basic tees is that you can do so much with them. Adding a necklace, colorful pants, shorts, or skirt, a cute pair of shoes, different hairstyles are just some of the things that look great with a basic tee. I suggest at least having a white, black, and gray tee in your closet. I also like to have a jean jacket or cardigan nearby just in case the weather gets chilly throughout the day. My favorite places to get basic tees are from Forever 21, H & M, and Target!

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