Valentines Day Gift Guide

For Her:

Lush- I love the idea of getting gifts from Lush. Every season, Lush rolls outs new products to celebrate the occasion. Of course for Valentines Day, they have an array of body products to choose from: plus the products are centered around V-Day.  Lush is also very affordable and I can get a couple of items for one person all under $20! However, they do offer an array of gift sets that are a little bit more pricer, but the gift sets includes a lot of items instead of buying each separately.

Eve’s Cherry Lip Scrub | Egg Plant Bath Bomb | All Yours Gift Set


Picture Frame- I absolutely love this idea! It is a simple gift but has so much value. For my birthday my boyfriend got me a nice picture frame with a picture that we took a couple of days before. The idea honestly melted my heart and it was one of my favorite gifts received. At least for me, I am someone who appreciates the little things that have a great thought behind them. Don’t think that just because its a simple gift that the person will not care, I promise they’ll love it! One way to make the picture frame seem more elegant is to get a really nice frame or a frame with a quote.

Wide Grain Frame | Single Image Float Frame | Espresso Matted Wall Frame 


I Love You Books/Themed Cards- I have never personally received nor gave this gift, but I love the idea! I love you books are basically a book that displays the love or shows off the person. The books have different themes that may have activities in them, games, or fill in the blanks. In addition to I love you books, coupon books are also a great gift to add some fun. Although this is under the list for girls, it can also be given to guys either already completed by the girl or as a gift.

I Like You, I Love You Book | 642 Things About You | Themed Cards 


Coffee Mug/ Water Bottle- I love love love coffee mugs. I literally have so many that I have to tell myself not to buy any more. I have recently been working out and going to the gym, so I have been buying cute little water bottles to take. These two gifts are perfect. I would be so happy to receive them. Although these are small gifts, they are gifts that the person will actually use. However, if you know the person doesn’t drink coffee or tea, then its probably best that you don’t get them this gift. If you know the person does, then this gift is perfect! You can get these gifts year round, but since its Valentines Day try looking for coffee mugs or water bottles that are Valentines Day themed. Throw in a coffee gift card in the coffee mug to add to the gift!

Love You Mugs | Red Lips Water Bottle | Hershey’s S’mores Mug


For Him:

Speaker- This makes a perfect gift for anyone. This is a gender neutral & age neutral item. There are many speakers that you can choose from. I’ve seen $15 speakers at Target & Walmart. Then there are some that are more expensive. Depending on who you’re shopping for will help determine which to choose. For me, I’d take the $15 one just because I just need a basic speaker that will play music while I shower, clean, or study. If you know someone who is a music person then maybe invest in a more expensive speaker.

Target iLive Speaker |Walmart iHome Color Changing Speaker(I have this one & I love it)

Walmart JBL Waterproof Speaker (My boyfriend has this one and he uses it everyday)


Charging Deck- I actually have one of these and my boyfriend has been hinting that he wants one. A charging deck is essentially a stand that will charge more than one device at the same time. The charging stand I have will charge my iPhone, my apple watch, and my airpods all at the same time. That way before I go to sleep, I can plug all my devices in at once and they will all charge. Other stands may have where you can charge more than one phone at a time. Also a gender neutral & age neutral gift.

Amazon Charging Station | Amazon Apple Charging Stand ( the one I have)


Themed Underwear, Socks, T-shirts- This gift is perfect! It’s a funny gift that the person can actually wear. Around Christmas time I always give everyone themed clothing items. I think Valentines is another occasion that is perfect to give someone underwear with hearts on them or a corny little t-shirt. I know Walmart and Target always have themed clothing items. Guys love this idea because its funny for them to walk around with hearts on their underwear or have on a corny shirt.

Read Heart Underwear | Graphic T-shirt | Heart Socks 


Men’s Jewelry- Let’s be real, shopping for guys is hard! I always have a hard time finding gifts for my boyfriend, dad, or grandpa. One gift that I know I can always give that will be appreciated is jewelry. Many think that for holidays that only females can get jewelry, but guys also can be gifted nice accessories. My go-to accessory is a watch. There are many watches to choose from such as smart watches, work out watches, and an everyday watch. For my boyfriend I would get him a nice black ring. I have seen simple black rings everywhere. These rings are very simple but are elegant at the same time. If you are shopping for a guy who is tricky to shop for or is not a jewelry person, I would definitely go for the black ring or watch.

Men’s Black Ring | Leather Strap Watch | Fossil Smart Watch

I hope the gift guide was able to help get some ideas for Valentines Day. If you have any other gift ideas please share!

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