3 Makeup Products to Have On the Go

I am not one who has to do my makeup everyday. If I am not doing a full face, then there are always 3 products that I grab to add to my face. Even though I am not wearing a full face of makeup, these products help to make me seem put together.  Even if you feel like you  have to do a full face, these are 3 products that you can always have handy.

Full Coverage Concealer

When I want a full coverage face or if I am trying to cover dark spots I will add concealers to my routine. In my current routine I am using the Colourpop No Filter Concealers. I also love the LA Girl Pro Conceal. I put the product under my eyes and on certain spots I wish to cover. To apply I use the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. I like how natural these concealers look while also taking care of my skin concerns. If I have a little bit of time left, I’ll add some highlight to my look.


My all time favorite mascara is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, but nothing compares to this one! I have repurchased this mascara 4 times and I do not see myself stopping! This mascara provides the desired length and volume I need.  This mascara provides an everyday look but also can be worn as an alternative to fake lashes. Even if I do not want a drastic eye look, this mascara is also capable of providing a simple look as well. If you really want your mascara lasting all day, then try using a mascara that is both waterproof and long lasting. This will ensure that your makeup will last for an extended amount of time and if you have watery eyes or you touch your lashes, that your mascara will not look smudgy. If I have extra time I add one basic eyeshadow color to my lid to make it seem like I actually have on a full face of makeup and the shadow is a nice simple touch.

Lip Product

This is a must for me because I always have to have a lip product handy, especially if I am not wearing makeup. I have found that a simple lip color on my lips can make me go from just waking up, to actually trying to look presentable. I always have my Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb  with me! This is my go to lip product. I love how the gloss bomb is a universal product. Meaning it is for everyone: any skin type or any skin tone. This color is perfect because it is so natural but also a shine and sparkle to it. The lip product is perfect for any occasion and any outfit. I can wear it just to the gym and even wear it to a nice dinner. Whenever I want more of a bold color, I grab my NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella . My go to outfit with a red lip and no makeup on, is a black sweater, black jeans, black leather jacket, black boots.

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Products I Would Try From the Sephora Collection

Good Afternoon Beauties! A couple of months ago I did a blog post of items that I would buy from Ulta’s own beauty collection. Check the post out HERE. Looking at which items I would buy from Ulta was very excited to see what items they have and interesting to see what I would buy. Today I wanted to take a look into the product line Sephora has. I am familiar with the Sephora Collection and have actually bought some products from the line. Although the collection is cheaper than many brands, it still pricer than Ulta. Keep reading to see which items from the Sephora Collection I would try out and buy.


Sephora Pro New Nudes Palette– From looking on the website, I was a little confused to why Sephora does not offer a lot of their own eyeshadow palettes. Eyeshadow palettes are not only popular, but easy to create dupes for. I would like to see Sephora dupe an eyeshadow palette or have more of their own palettes. One palette that caught my eye is the Pro Nudes Palette. This palette is absolutely beautiful. There are 28 shadows with a combination of mattes and shimmers. The shadows look very pigment, but I would definitely have to test out for myself. With all this being said, if I were in store I would have to get this palette! Only thing stopping me is the price. The palette is $68. Which is way too much for me especially since I am not aware of the quality of Sephora eyeshadows.

Sephora Pore Cleansing Pad– My initial reaction was that this product was a brush cleaning pad. The reason I looked at this product was because I thought it was a brush cleaning pad that was only $6 and I really would try. This is not a brush cleaning pad, it is a face tool for your pores. I have seen these before but never was interested in trying. Although its not the brush cleaner, I do think I would still try this product. Plus its only $6. I do like how the tool has a grip to make it easier to hold. The tool uses tiny bristles to invigorate the skin and effectively clean pores, helping to exfoliate and soften the skin. I would be a little hesitant that it might irritate my skin but I would still try.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 7.39.46 PMSephora Collection 10 HR Wear Foundation– Can I say, this shade range is incredible! There are 38 shades to choose from. For this to be a foundation that is not the company’s sole big item, 38 shades is really good. In addition to the shade range I also like the frosted glass bottle. The only thing I do not like about the packaging, is that the product is not even 1 oz. Most foundations are at least 1 oz. The Sephora Collection Foundation is just under an oz, .84 oz. The foundation is priced at $20. I can see myself spending $20 for the foundation. The foundation claims to be buildable coverage that blurs imperfections and conceals blemishes for a smooth and natural finish. This foundation is also for all skin types. Would definitely try!


Sephora Bright Future Gel Concealer– Once I became interested in the Sephora Collection foundation, I knew I wanted to look at the brand’s concealers. This particular concealer stuck out to me because it is a gel based concealer. I do not think I have ever tried a gel concealer before.  The concealer comes in 20 shades and claims to be a lightweight concealer that covers and brightens to help you fake a more alert appearance in seconds. I am interest in how the gel formula is lightweight. The concealer is not that pricey compared to other brands. Overall I would definitely give this a try.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 3.55.31 PM.png

Sephora Rose Quartz Facial Massager– I have seen this product everywhere from my favorite youtubers, instagram, and makeup stores. For the longest I was not interested in trying this product but most recently I have a new interest to try. The massager has many benefits. I usually do research before I buy something but as of right now I’m not educated enough to know the benefits. I also am unfamiliar with how much face massagers cost. The Sephora one retails for $20, which is not too bad. I am really interested in this product just because I have seen it everywhere, but I would still love to try it and to find out the benefits.


Sephora Hand Mask– I love Sephora Mask!! Sephora has some of the best mask I have ever tried. I love using the Sephora Foot Mask. Whenever I use the foot mask, I get instant results and my feet are perfect. I have also tried Sephora Face Mask and those are also good as well. In addition to these mask, Sephora also has lip, eye, and hand mask that I have not tried. I could actually see myself getting a foot mask and enjoying it. There are two foot mask: aloe vera and avocado. I definitely will be getting my hands on these soon!

Sephora Lip Last Lipstick– Of course I have to have a lip product on the list. I am very curious on how the Sephora Collection lip products holds up to other brands. Many brands we know because they have a nice formula. A few years back I remember I ordered a Sephora lip product online and I hated it. I returned immediately. I can not remember which lip product it was but the product was definitely coming out very liquidy and was not the same color as described. Maybe I just got one from a messed up batch so I am going to redeem my feelings and try out a new lipstick.  The Sephora Lip Last Lipstick stuck out to me because it claims to last 10 hours. 10 hours for a lipstick is crazy! Sometimes after I eat or drink, I hate reapplying my lipstick. This would be a perfect product where I would not have to constantly reapply. This lip product is priced  at $14!

Sephora Moisturizer: Hydrate & Repair– For me skincare is very important. I usually use the same skincare products whereas I am always open to try new makeup. For some reason this product really stood out to me and actually is a product I really want to get. I notice whenever I look at skincare products, I tend to look for things that hydrate. At times, especially if I’m not wearing makeup, my skin can look very dull. Hydrating skincare products have always worked well for me. The formula is similar to the current moisturizer I am using. I also love how the moisturizer is for all skin types.

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Valentines Day Gift Guide

For Her:

Lush- I love the idea of getting gifts from Lush. Every season, Lush rolls outs new products to celebrate the occasion. Of course for Valentines Day, they have an array of body products to choose from: plus the products are centered around V-Day.  Lush is also very affordable and I can get a couple of items for one person all under $20! However, they do offer an array of gift sets that are a little bit more pricer, but the gift sets includes a lot of items instead of buying each separately.

Eve’s Cherry Lip Scrub | Egg Plant Bath Bomb | All Yours Gift Set


Picture Frame- I absolutely love this idea! It is a simple gift but has so much value. For my birthday my boyfriend got me a nice picture frame with a picture that we took a couple of days before. The idea honestly melted my heart and it was one of my favorite gifts received. At least for me, I am someone who appreciates the little things that have a great thought behind them. Don’t think that just because its a simple gift that the person will not care, I promise they’ll love it! One way to make the picture frame seem more elegant is to get a really nice frame or a frame with a quote.

Wide Grain Frame | Single Image Float Frame | Espresso Matted Wall Frame 


I Love You Books/Themed Cards- I have never personally received nor gave this gift, but I love the idea! I love you books are basically a book that displays the love or shows off the person. The books have different themes that may have activities in them, games, or fill in the blanks. In addition to I love you books, coupon books are also a great gift to add some fun. Although this is under the list for girls, it can also be given to guys either already completed by the girl or as a gift.

I Like You, I Love You Book | 642 Things About You | Themed Cards 


Coffee Mug/ Water Bottle- I love love love coffee mugs. I literally have so many that I have to tell myself not to buy any more. I have recently been working out and going to the gym, so I have been buying cute little water bottles to take. These two gifts are perfect. I would be so happy to receive them. Although these are small gifts, they are gifts that the person will actually use. However, if you know the person doesn’t drink coffee or tea, then its probably best that you don’t get them this gift. If you know the person does, then this gift is perfect! You can get these gifts year round, but since its Valentines Day try looking for coffee mugs or water bottles that are Valentines Day themed. Throw in a coffee gift card in the coffee mug to add to the gift!

Love You Mugs | Red Lips Water Bottle | Hershey’s S’mores Mug


For Him:

Speaker- This makes a perfect gift for anyone. This is a gender neutral & age neutral item. There are many speakers that you can choose from. I’ve seen $15 speakers at Target & Walmart. Then there are some that are more expensive. Depending on who you’re shopping for will help determine which to choose. For me, I’d take the $15 one just because I just need a basic speaker that will play music while I shower, clean, or study. If you know someone who is a music person then maybe invest in a more expensive speaker.

Target iLive Speaker |Walmart iHome Color Changing Speaker(I have this one & I love it)

Walmart JBL Waterproof Speaker (My boyfriend has this one and he uses it everyday)


Charging Deck- I actually have one of these and my boyfriend has been hinting that he wants one. A charging deck is essentially a stand that will charge more than one device at the same time. The charging stand I have will charge my iPhone, my apple watch, and my airpods all at the same time. That way before I go to sleep, I can plug all my devices in at once and they will all charge. Other stands may have where you can charge more than one phone at a time. Also a gender neutral & age neutral gift.

Amazon Charging Station | Amazon Apple Charging Stand ( the one I have)


Themed Underwear, Socks, T-shirts- This gift is perfect! It’s a funny gift that the person can actually wear. Around Christmas time I always give everyone themed clothing items. I think Valentines is another occasion that is perfect to give someone underwear with hearts on them or a corny little t-shirt. I know Walmart and Target always have themed clothing items. Guys love this idea because its funny for them to walk around with hearts on their underwear or have on a corny shirt.

Read Heart Underwear | Graphic T-shirt | Heart Socks 


Men’s Jewelry- Let’s be real, shopping for guys is hard! I always have a hard time finding gifts for my boyfriend, dad, or grandpa. One gift that I know I can always give that will be appreciated is jewelry. Many think that for holidays that only females can get jewelry, but guys also can be gifted nice accessories. My go-to accessory is a watch. There are many watches to choose from such as smart watches, work out watches, and an everyday watch. For my boyfriend I would get him a nice black ring. I have seen simple black rings everywhere. These rings are very simple but are elegant at the same time. If you are shopping for a guy who is tricky to shop for or is not a jewelry person, I would definitely go for the black ring or watch.

Men’s Black Ring | Leather Strap Watch | Fossil Smart Watch

I hope the gift guide was able to help get some ideas for Valentines Day. If you have any other gift ideas please share!

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