Simple & Easy New Year Resolutions


Happy 2019!! I can’t believe its already a new year. Time is going by so fast. I remember exactly what I was just doing this time last year. I’m sure next year I will be saying the same thing. Of course with the new year comes new resolutions. We makes these for ourselves hoping by the end of the year that we will have accomplished what we set forth. Some times we are able to check off our accomplishments, other times we fall short. Today I wanted to share some easy accomplishable things that can be New Year’s resolutions or simply things to try and achieve.

Be productive:

Time is flying by. One thing last year I noticed was that there was a lot of things I wanted to do, but either never had time to do it or never allowed myself to make time. These things could be as simple as making time to clean, looking at something for school, or even looking at vacation spots. Set aside days where you can be productive for the entire day and this will help make it easier to complete these task. Even if you do not set a full day aside, then take time during the day to get things done.

Make yourself more open to trying new things:

When we are stuck in a mindset where we never want to engage in new activities, we are stopping ourselves from new interest that we may actually enjoy. If a friend ask you to try out a new restaurant with them or if you are in the grocery store and see a new food item you want to try then instead of saying no, actually give it a try. Once you have mastered giving simple activities a try then move on to bigger goals. These bigger goals could be sticking to a workout plan, saving your money instead of spending it, or even buying a big purchase.

Go to bed earlier:

We’re all adults, why do we need a bedtime… I know, I know. Research has discovered that going to bed earlier has many benefits. And I believe it! Personally for myself, I find if I get a good night’s sleep, with 8-10 hours of sleep, I am able to function more the next day. Being in college I have found that I tend to go to sleep later than the average person might. This is not bad if I am doing it here and there, but not good every night. This is a great resolution to make because it is easy to accomplish and there is instant results.

Go for a walk /bike ride:

Clearly your head is always important to do. Sometimes we just go through many days being busy and disregarding the time we need to clear our head. I have found going for a walk or a bike ride is the perfect opportunity to do this. When people use the phrase “I need to go outside for fresh air,” they say this because fresh air really does allow you to clear your head. A walk around the neighborhood or on your lunch break is really accomplishable. Going for a bike ride might be hard for some, but I have found it to be an amazing experience when I need a break.

Stay Organized: 

When you have things going on or you are not staying on top of thing then most likely life is a mess. I have always considered myself a very well organized person. Within the past year my life has been super busy and I have noticed that whenever I am in a busy mindset, I tend to forget my organizational responsibilities. This in turn makes life more difficult because I am constantly looking for stuff I misplaced or I have a messy desk which gets more messier by the day. Organizing and even decluttering are very essential to improve your life. It makes a big difference and it saves you time that could be used for something else. The 20 minutes I spent looking for a piece of paper I could’ve had an extra 20 minutes dedicated to my morning jog or even some extra time watching netflix. If you make an effort to do this on a regular basis and you won’t need to do this as often. Maybe once every two weeks find time to organize your life.

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