2018 Yearly Favorites


Diffuser & Essential Oils– I use the diffuser for many reasons. During the day if I am doing homework, I run my diffuser with calming oils to help me stay focused. If I am upset, sad, or going through something, I will have the diffuser on while I am relaxing. At night I sleep with my diffuser on. I have found it is easier for me to fall asleep and helps me to stay asleep during the entire night. The ArtNaturals diffuser creates a mist that is very suitable for an aromatherapeutic environment.

The set I chose includes eight individual 10 mL bottles of pure, premium grade essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, frankincense, clove, rosemary, peppermint and lemon. I love every single scent! Each scent offers many benefits. The oils can be combined together. I typically will mix 3 different scents each time I use the diffuser. My go to scents are lemon and lavender.

Sephora Foot Mask- I have previously tried these foot mask before and I can say I love them! I tried the Lavender foot mask and had to buy again. When I went in store I saw they had the Almond foot mask as well, so I wanted to try this scent out as well. The foot masks claims to nourish, relax, and address foot concerns. The lavender is designated to alleviate fatigue and aching feet while also providing a soothing and relaxing effect. The almond mask is designed to comfort and nourish feet while softening the roughen areas. The lavender mask I did try, I can say it does what it says! I was shocked by the results. These mask do wonders. Plus each mask is $5, which is so worth it for the quality the mask provides!



Smartfood Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn- A sweet treat I love to have is flavored popcorn. During the fall-winter months Chicago Style Popcorn is everywhere. For those who do not know what Chicago Style Popcorn is; think of a sweet and salty snack combination containing a mixture of caramel popcorn and cheddar popcorn.  I have seen this popcorn in vendors in the mall, at the grocery store, local events, and there might be a store in your area that is dedicated to making Chicago Style Popcorn. It’s so good!


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette– This product continues to make the list every year! By far my all time favorite eyeshadow palette. I love wearing eyeshadow. Whether I’m creating a look or just applying a single shadow, eyeshadow is definitely something I do! My favorite all time palette is my current everyday palette, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I really can not say enough good things about this palette. It is an everyday palette that has an assortment of shades. My go to shades in the palette are: Puree, Summer Yum, Charmed I’m Sure, Caramelized, and Luscious. To apply these shadows I use Sigma, Morphe, and ELF brushes. I recommend this palette to everyone! 10/10 for sure!!

Original Beauty Blender– I am very shocked at myself for writing these next few sentences. I never imagined I would ever buy myself the Original Beauty Blender. I never really used a Beauty blender, so spending $20 on this product was definitely a NO for me. When I tell you I fell in love, I fell hard! This is a very hyped about beauty product that I have found to be very good and true to its purpose. I will say this is worth it.! I bought 3 within the past year and don’t see myself not ever having one. If you have never tried the Original Beauty Blender, I say buy it and give it a try for yourself.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.10.04 AM


Witch Hazel– This is currently my fourth bottle of Witch Hazel. I am a huge fan of witch hazel and this product has become a holy grail for me. I was super hesitant about using witch hazel directly on my face since the product contains very strong chemicals. After doing my research and looking up reviews, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise the toner was very gentle on my skin. I did not break out once nor did not feel any burning sensation. I use witch hazel as an overall face toner. I use morning and night after I have applied my cleanser. To use, I take a cotton round and squirt some of the product onto the cotton round and wipe all over my face. I do not think I will ever stop using this product. I would recommend to anyone, just make sure to test out a small piece of your skin first since witch hazel has very strong chemicals.

Derma E Even Tone Brightening Night Cream– I have a current skincare routine that I have been constantly using for a couple of months now. I was a little hesitant to introduce a new product. However, after a lot of research and talking to a consultant at the store, I decided to go ahead and try this night cream out. The cream is designed to be “a skin-brightening and antioxidant nighttime formula to help reduce the look of discoloration and age damage.” I was super excited to try this product out because it is 100% vegan, cruelty free, gmo free, and gluten free. This product seems very natural and is what stuck out to me and made me want to try. I have never spent this much on a skincare product before. I splurged a little and spent $30 on the moisturizer. Thus far, the product seems to be working very well. I have noticed a huge difference in my dark spots. Although, my dark spots are not completely gone, they have lighten up. I believe if I continue to use the moisturizer for a couple of more months, I will see a better difference in the fading of my dark spots.

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– Highlight is something I have most recently added into my daily makeup routine. For a while I would apply it here and there, but now more frequently. When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. It is my everyday highlighter that I use. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!


Pantene Full & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner– The brand has an array of shampoos & conditioners for every type and every hair need. I decided to get the Full & Strong products because it claims to, “protect your strands against damage while achieving a full-looking head of hair.” My first thought of these products were that they would be similar to any other Pantene shampoo & conditioner that I have tried. I was never scared or nervous that they would damage my hair. When I used these products, I could instantly feel my hair getting stronger and I felt the ingredients  were already at work. I typically do not feel this immediate affect in a product. The products claim for a “natural fullness.” After I straightened my hair, my hair was in fact very full and healthy. I would 100% recommend the shampoo & conditioner.

Target Basic Cotton Rounds–Since I first started using cotton rounds about a year ago, I have been using everyday since. I go through these like crazy and always repurchase them. I rarely touch a cotton ball anymore because I have replaced them with cotton rounds. I prefer to use cottons rounds instead of cotton balls because sometimes when using cotton balls, the cotton sticks to my face. With the cotton rounds, this does not happen.When I want to take my makeup off, I use micellar water and to apply the micellar water, I use a cotton round. Then when I am applying my witch hazel to the skin, I will apply it with a cotton round. If you have never tried a cotton round before, please try it! You will definitely see and feel a difference. There are many types of cotton rounds, however, the basic works great for me.

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