Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a couple of days away!! Time is going by so fast. I am on Christmas break from school so I have been at home for two weeks already and it honestly does not seem like it. For the most part I have finished all my Christmas shopping but I still have a few things left to get. I hate having to go shopping the closer it gets to the holiday because there are always a lot of shoppers out making it hard to take my time to look around. However, there have been times in the past where I have had to do some last minute shopping. Whenever this happens I like to look at some ideas or make a list before I go. I wanted to share some ideas of last minute Christmas gifts just incase another is stuck on or needs some ideas. Let me know some of your last minute go to’s!


Makeup Gift Sets: You can never go wrong with getting someone makeup! A girl can never have too much. Personally for me I sometimes find it hard to shop for makeup for other people. I’m always scared I’ll get the wrong shade. If I a buying makeup I tend to stick to gift sets (because they have multiple items), lipsticks, mascara, or nail polish. These gifts sets listed below are perfect because they can be for any skin shade and any age. Sephora, Ulta, and Target all have great sets for affordable prices.

Sephora Favorites 12 Days of Makeup | Target Beauty Advent Calendar 

Bath & Body Gifts: These are honestly my favorite. Sometimes I don’t really like when someone else picks out my makeup (I hardly every ask for makeup as a gift). However, I do love receiving beauty gifts. Bath & Body gifts are perfect when you don’t know what kind of makeup someone likes or their shade but you still want to get them a beauty related gift. Honestly, bath & body gifts aren’t just for females, males love them too! Just remember to look at the scent. In addition to the set, you can also look at bath bombs, scrubs, and lotion.

Ulta The Body Shop Collection | Walmart Luxury 8 Piece Set


Food Basket: You can honestly never go wrong with food as a gift! I know I would be very happy to receive a food basket. I love giving food baskets because you can literally find them anywhere (walmart, the mall, vendors). These make perfect gifts for anyone. If you are having trouble finding a good gift to get someone then look into food baskets. You can find baskets with an assortment of different goodies or some that have a theme to them (chocolate, fruit, nuts)

Gift Tree Gourmet Mailer | Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket

Hot Chocolate/Coffee Sets: If you have a drink lover on your list like I am, then this is a perfect gift for them. I like these sets because the person is able to taste different drinks & flavors that they might not usually have in their kitchen cabinet. It is also a good idea because if the person likes the drinks so much, they may end up buying these gourmet drinks. So you kinda expose them to new things. This gift may not be for just anyone on your list, but there are those who would really enjoy it!

Hot Chocolate Gift Box | Kohls 12 Coffees of Christmas


Speaker: This makes a perfect gift for anyone. I love having back ups that are gender neutral & age neutral. There are many speakers that you can choose from. I’ve seen $15 speakers at Target & Walmart. Then there are some that are more expensive. Depending on who you’re shopping for will help determine which to choose. For me, I’d take the $15 one just because I just need a basic speaker that will play music while I shower, clean, or study.

Target iLive Speaker |Walmart iHome Color Changing Speaker(I have this one & I love it)

Walmart JBL Waterproof Speaker (My boyfriend has this one and he uses it everyday)


Charging Deck: One of these is actually on my Christmas list. A charging deck is essentially a stand that will charge more than one device at the same time. The charging stand I want will charge my iPhone, my apple watch, and my airpods all at the same time. That way before I go to sleep, I can plug all my devices in at once and they will all charge. Other stands may have where you can charge more than one phone at a time. Also a gender neutral & age neutral gift.

Amazon Charging Station | Amazon Apple Charging Stand ( the one I want)

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