New Makeup Products for the Winter Months


Good Afternoon Beauties! Hope your holidays are going well. Today I wanted to share two makeup products I recently purchased. I recently ran out of my Fenty Beauty primer & foundation. I know in the winter my skin shade is lighter than during any other time of the year. Although I have oily skin year round, in the winter I tend to get dry spots here and there. I decided I would try a new primer & foundation this winter.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer– This is an OG primer that has been around forever. I have tried this primer before and I liked it. I knew I wanted to choose a primer that I know would work with any foundation while also meeting my skin needs. The photo finish primer takes me by surprise every time I use it. It’s very light weight that you almost forget that you’re applying something. The primer has many benefits including it being oil free, it fills in pores, and helps your makeup last for hours. The clear face primer also smoothes the skin and blurs flaws.


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation– This foundation is also an OG product. When people talk about a full coverage foundation, this one is definitely mentioned. For my foundations I do look for full coverage. I like the foundation to cover up any dark spots or acne scarring without me having to use concealer everyday. Oil control is also an important factor that I look for. The foundation has both these plus claims to be matte, long lasting, and is waterproof. The foundation comes in 24 shades, which I would consider a medium/fair amount of shades. Being a woman of color, I would say that half of the shades are not women of color friendly. There is about 8-9 shades that may work.

I ordered the foundation online so it is also a bit difficult to ensure you’re choosing the right shade. I am usually good when it comes to choosing my foundation online so I trusted myself. I chose the shade 8.0 (dark w/soft warm undertone). I really wanted 8.5 (dark w/golden undertone) but they were sold out of that shade. I will say 8.0 fits me, but 8.5 would have matched me perfectly.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette– I did not recently buy this product, I just wanted to share which eyeshadow palette I am using this winter. If you keep up with reviews when new makeup products come out, then you may recall this product was not favorited as much. I’ve had the palette for a couple of months and I will say I touch it here and there. It’s never been my everyday palette, so I decided I need to start using it more. I am making it my mission to use this palette all winter. So far my favorite shades I have been dawn, fudge, and mercury.

Thank you so much for checking out this post! Below are some of my favorite holiday post that you may like as well! 

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2 thoughts on “New Makeup Products for the Winter Months

  1. I love the Smashbox primer! Never tried the Urban Decay foundation as, like you, i’m a woman of colour so wary of not getting the right shade, but I might look to try it… I’m a big fan of the I ❤ Revolution palettes at the moment, as their shades actually suit my skin tone, so if you're in the market I'd recommend it 🙂

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