What’s on my iPhone XS Max- Christmas Present


Christmas came a little early for me! About a week ago I got the brand new iPhone, the gold iPhone XS Max. I’m obsessed with my iPhone!! Well I mean who in the 21st century isn’t obsessed with their phone. My old phone, the iPhone 7 plus was having some problems and it was really time for a new phone. I love seeing what others have on their phones such as different apps I want to look at & how they organize their apps. So I decided I would share whats on my iPhone!

Background Picture:

I am constantly changing my background picture. Most of the time its a picture of me with someone else. During specific holidays I like to incorporate things around me to go along.  You can expect during this time of the year for my background picture to be Christmas related. Last year I had a picture of my Christmas tree. This year’s picture is a pink glittery/sparkly picture. The picture is very cute and simple!


First Page of Apps:

The first page consist of apps that already came on the phone or Apple requires their devices to have. This page also consist of apps that I can easily find and may need to easily navigate. 


The Calendar App I only use for to see what days fall during the week. Besides that I rarely use this app.

Photos & Camera App: I love these two app so much. I honestly have so many pictures on my phone, its ridiculous. Within the app I don’t really organize or put my pictures into folders. I have to have these two next to each other, because after I take the picture with the camera app, its easy to click the photos app to see the picture.

FaceTime, Notes, Calculator, and Maps: All essential apps that I use on a daily. I rarely FaceTime, however, I usually FaceTime my sister, mom, & boyfriend daily. The Notes  app is one of my top 5 apps. This app is a lifesaver. I joint down things to remember, ideas, important information, school notes, and much more. Calculator and Maps are essentials for me.

Music, Phone, Settings, Clock: Some more few app essentials that I use also on a daily basis. My music taste is very diverse. I have many playlist  and albums that I listen to when I’m on the way to class, studying, or driving. I know some people have a separate app for setting an alarm. I use the clock app to set my alarms in the morning. I also use it as a timer when I am studying.

Netflix: I honestly prefer to watch shows or movies on my computer or tv. However, when I am on the go I’ll use the Netflix app and catch up on my favorites.

Pintrest: I love pinterest! Honestly when I am in need of ideas, I also go on the app and get tons on inspiration. Check out my profile HERE

Facebook & Messenger App: Everyone uses Facebook. Not much to say. Essential!

Dunkin & Starbucks: My coffee apps are definitely a must! Whenever I go to the stores I pay with these apps. I also love collecting the rewards!

Second page:

The second page on my phone includes a lot of apps. On this screen I include my social, shopping, food, and some other randoms.


Snapchat & Twitter: My favorite two social media apps! Follow me on  Twitter 

Flo: For us ladies, Flo is a great app to help track your period. This app is very accurate in telling me my menstrual days. The app also has other features as well.

1010: By far my favorite game!

Uber & Lyft: I love these apps! Being in college in the city, people usually do not bring their cars.  get around with the ride sharing apps and I have had nothing but great expericnes with using these apps.

Door Dash & Postmates: Whenever I am at school and I do not want to cook or go to the dining hall, I will use these food delivery apps. I honestly use these apps at least once a week! My food is always accurate and taste fresh. Only con about using these apps is paying the delivery, but overall I highly recommend  these apps.

Target, Amazon, Groupon: All my money goes to these apps! These three in my opinion always have the best deals.

Youtube: Just like Netflix, I rather watch youtube videos on my computer, however, when I am on the go I’ll use the app. I also use the app whenever I am practicing a makeup tutorial, I like to have my phone to look at instead of my computer.

Third Page:


Bank of America & Cash App: I like to have my money apps next to each other so I can easily locate them when I need. Cash App is the best to transfer and send money to others.

2048: My second favorite games

Photo & Editing Apps:


PhotoGrid: Whenever I am editing pictures, this is my go to app! I can put my picture on a background, crop, add filters, and post all in once place.

Facetune: This app is good if you need to edit the appearance of the picture.

Snapseed: Snapseed is a Google powered photo editing app. This photo editing app is best for those who want to explore the advance settings of a picture. If I need to hard edit a picture then this is my go to app.


Please recommend some essential or favorite apps you have on your phone!

Thank you so much for checking out this post! Below are some of my favorite holiday post that you may like as well! 

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