How to Get in The Holiday Spirt


Sometimes when life gets you and wears you down, it can sometimes stop you from enjoying other things. I can not believe we are in the last month of the year. This year has gone by so fast. Sometimes its hard to keep up with things and to enjoy things in the moment. I wanted to share some ways I get into the holiday spirt when I may feel out of touch or stressed to the point where I forget the true meaning of this time of the year. If you have a busy schedule or have a lot on your mind, this list is also perfect for you! Please share some ways you get in the holiday spirt!

Listen to Musis/ Watch Movies

One thing I love to do to get myself in the holiday spirt is to listen to some Christmas music and watch movies! I already have my holiday playlist made with all my favorite Christmas songs. My favorite Christmas songs are This Christmas, All I Want For Christmas is You, and Silent Night. I love all of the Home Alone movies and The Grinch. I’ll make hot chocolate, get myself a sweet treat, sit by the fireplace, and put on a movie.  I know sometimes it feels as if I always watch the same movies over and over. Whenever I feel like this I actually turn on the tv instead of watching dvds. During this time of the year there is always a good classic Christmas movie on. You can definitely do this alone or invite some to over!

Interact with Others 

Being away at college, the holidays is a perfect time to gather with my friends & family. There are some days I don’t mind chilling by myself and having alone time. There are other times where having others around really reminds me what the holidays are all about. During the holidays I love to grab a cup of coffee, build a gingerbread house, go ice skating, watch movies, wrap presents, and sit around talking with others.


Of course decorating has to be on the list! Putting up decorations around the house instantly gets me in the mood. I first get all of the decorations out and place them in the living room. When I am done with that I’ll make me some hot chocolate or coffee and play my Christmas playlist. I have on my comfy pajamas and I start putting up the decorations. I know this might seem like a basic thing that everyone does, but this will instantly get you in the spirt and everyday you can walk around the house knowing that the holidays are here.


The shopping, baking, wrapping, and entertaining can wait. Let go of that work ethic and take one day to rest. During the holidays a lot of people expect perfection so we worry ourselves to make sure we have the best gifts and  even the best decorations. I have found that when I stress myself over the little things, it takes away from the true meaning of the holidays. Grab you a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or even some water. Light a candle, read a book, listen to music, or even run a bubble bath. Do not stress yourself out! Be thankful we are healthy and breathing. Enjoy your friends and family.


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