Favorite Fall Lifestyle Products


Wow I can not believe November is coming to an end. Both October and November went by super fast. I am not complaining because I am super excited for December! It’s bittersweet to think 2018 is soon coming to an end. I went home for Thanksgiving and even got a week to myself in my apartment without my roommates. During these breaks, I have been self reflecting and enjoying the small things. Today I wanted to share some lifestyle products that I have been using this fall. This is my last blog post dedicated to fall. Check out my other fall blog posts at the end of this post! In December I will be doing even more. Stay Tuned!!
Bath Bomb

After a long day walking to my classes in the cold weather, then going to work at night, I like to come back home and run myself a nice, hot bath. I will add bubbles and a bath bomb to my bath. This is so relaxing. It’s freezing outside and when I get home all I want to do is stay warm. I love bath bomb because when I’m taking my bath, I go into my own world, forgetting everything. Once in a while it is nice to do this. Sometimes bath bombs can be over hyped, but I will say that I enjoy using bath bombs and I tend to do them at least once or twice every two weeks. I typically get my bath bombs from Target or Walmart. Occasionally I will get from a local small company.

Face/ Sleeping/Foot Mask


My skin gets very dry during the cold months. I have to make sure I am doing my skincare routine day and night. A times I slip up and may be running late to class or may feel too tired and I end up not properly completing my skincare routine. When this happens, I always make time to follow up with a mask. Face mask are essential in restoring your skin and meeting skincare concerns. I also love to do face mask if I am having a girls night or I will even do one with my boyfriend. Face mask help your skin but are also a fun thing to do. I get my face mask from Target or Walmart. I love doing foot mask from Sephora. I was really shocked by how good the foot mask work. Definitely recommend!


I love lighting a candle while I’m relaxing. The smell puts me in a mood and I get so much done. You can never go wrong with a good smelling candle. Now candles are used at all times of the year. This reason I have it on my list is because of the fall scents that only come out during this time of the year. I love fall scents such as pumpkin, chestnut, cinnamon, autumn harvest, and ginger. You can really find candles anywhere. They also make great gifts.



Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn

A sweet treat I love to have is flavored popcorn. During the fall-winter months Chicago Style Popcorn is everywhere. For those who do not know what Chicago Style Popcorn is; think of a sweet and salty snack combination containing a mixture of caramel popcorn and cheddar popcorn. This popcorn is so good that you can even give it as a gift. I have seen this popcorn in vendors in the mall, at the grocery store, local events, and there might be a store in your area that is dedicated to making Chicago Style Popcorn. It’s so good!



Thank you so much for checking out this post! Below are some of my favorite fall post that you may like as well!

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