Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need


I am so excited about today’s post. Today I wanted to not only share some fall clothing essentials that I have, but also I am going to link some items below for everyone to check out. I know sometimes while I am reading a blog post, I really want to see where the blogger gets their items from and also what the items look like. I know I’m not the only one who wishes people would provide links. I decided to provide links for items I have and items I want to purchase. Hopefully this helps everyone! The weather where I live has been very rainy and windy. Having these fall essentials during this weather is perfect. Also so many events are going on that now I have some ideas on items I need to get!

Denim Jacket


Last fall I wore my denim jacket almost everyday. It was an essential in my closet that I would literally wear with any outfit. The denim jacket I have is a medium, blue wash. I found I could easily pair it with black jeans, dark blue jeans, and even leggings. For this year’s fall, I want to get a black denim jacket. I currently have a denim jacket from Forever 21  that is a bit oversized. I love the oversize feel but sometimes I wish I had a fitted denim jacket. Getting a fitted denim jacket is on my list to get this fall. I feel like denim jackets will always be in style! You can never really go wrong with a denim jackets, or have too many!

Forever 21 Button-Down Jacket | Gap Icon Denim | Levi Trucker Jacket

Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is also a must have. I found that when I dressed up, I wouldn’t grab my denim jacket, I would grab my leather jacket. Leather jackets go great with a more nicer outfit, but they too can go with a pair of jeans and leggings. The leather jacket I currently wear was a little over $100 (Express Leather Jacket ). However, jackets are a clothing item that you can invest in and wear for many years.  Leather jackets are bit more expensive than denim jackets, however you can find good quality leather jackets for a good price. Check out the links of good quality leather jackets.

Express Leather Jacket | H & M Biker Jacket| Target Faux Leather Jacket 

Black/Brown Boots


Everyone needs at least one good pair of black and brown boots. It does not matter if they are short, tall, combat, suede, or velvet. I tend to have more black boots than brown. This fall I am trying to not buy anymore black shoes but instead getting more brown and tan colored. These colors are essential because you can pair any other color with these! Buy a couple of pairs of good shoes that you can style with many different colored tops. I would also say invest in your shoes. Buy a pair that you know can  last for a couple of years, not just for the current year.

Target Double Sided Zip Boots |ALDO Aurella BootsDSW Knee Boots 

Cozy Neutral Colored Sweater


When fall comes its time to bring out sweaters. I love sweater so much. The warm cozy feeling reminds me every time I’m wearing a sweater that is really is fall. My staple pieces include neutral colored sweaters. Colors like black, gray, brown, and pink are colors I can wear with almost anything. I usually will pair a sweater with a jacket, jeans, a scarf, and some booties.  Even if I am lounging around the house, I like to wear cozy sweaters. Some good places I like to buy my sweaters from are Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, and TJ Maxx.

Forever 21 Turtleneck Top | Old Navy Lace Up Top | Target Long Sleeve Cozy Sweater



So many people forget this essential. I understand it depends on where you live. Some places rain all the time and other places not so often. Where I live, the weather is forever changing. One day it can be sunny and warm outside and the next day it is pouring down raining. I have found that I should always carry an umbrella with me just to be safe. My worse fear is having to go somewhere important and on my way get rained on causing my hair to mess up and even my makeup. Hurricane season is slowly coming to an end but it rains year round. You can get an umbrella from anywhere. However, I have found that a good quality umbrella last for a while and holds up against heavy rain. I currently own the Coach Signature Mini Umbrella. Even though the price is a little bit more pricey, I love the umbrella so much and have found it great use.

Target Bubble Umbrella | Macy’s Totes Umbrella 

Thank you so much for checking out this post! Below are some of my favorite fall post that you may like as well!

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4 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Basics You Need

  1. hello and thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂 those moto jackets look amazing – i need a moto jacket but i can’t afford real leather and although express has some excellent vegan options, i just have not found the right one yet. i do have several moto-style jackets, though – such an on-trend and flattering cut for a jacket.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes the moto jackets are nice! I got my jacket from Express on sale, I do not know if I could spend that much on a jacket. I like the affordable options. I agree they are very on trend jackets! Thank you for the comment!


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