Products I would try from the Ulta Collection


I am so excited about today’s post. I know I say that a lot. I truly do love discussing beauty and makeup products. Today I decided to take a deeper look into Ulta’s own brand products. The Ulta Collection line is very large and there are a variety of products to choose from. I have used some beauty products from the line before and overall those products were very good and similar to more expensive products. While walking around an Ulta store and scrolling on their website, I found some products I would not normally buy but would like to buy and try out. Keep reading to see which products from the Ulta Beauty Collection I would try!

Ulta Dual Action Cleansing Brush– Let’s start off by saying that spin brushes are expensive! I have only seen affordable and good quality spin brushes at Tj Maxx & Target. To my surprise, Ulta has their own spin brush. I think it is very unique that Ulta added this product to their collection, many brands do not have their own spin brush in their line. The cleansing brush claims to “remove dulling surface debris to improve skin texture and prepare for moisture absorption.” As a spin brush, these claims seem to be really good and beneficial to the skin. Although I am not in the need for a spin brush, I would still give this product a try.



Ulta Luxe Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub– I love body scrubs. I wish I used them on a daily basis. I normally use a scrub here and there especially if I am doing my pampering routine. What attracted me to the Ulta Body Scrub was the ingredients the product contains such as shea butter, aloe, green tea, and vitamins A,C,D,E. Having all these ingredients in one product would seem very beneficial. I would try this out to see if there is a noticeable difference with my skin. The reviews for this product is 4.5 stars out of 5 which is overall good for a product.


Ulta Makeup Removing Towel Set– I have seen products like this before but never knew if they actually worked. This product has 4.5 stars out of 5. Just by the reviews alone, many say this is a life changing product. I normally wash my face off with a wash cloth and use micellar water to remove any excess makeup, oil, or dirt. This towel would eliminate the two-step routine I use and do everything all in one. This product is also great because to wash all you do is throw it in the washing machine. Overall this is a very convenient product to have.


Ulta Cheeky Dual-Ended Blush, Bronzer, & Highlight Sticks– I recently saw this product in store and swatched it. The swatch was so beautiful! I am very surprised that this product only has a couple of reviews. I feel as though this could be one of Ulta’s best products. I like the concept of the stick in which it is essential one product that has many different uses to it. I do not wear blush, therefore, I would be using the stick for bronzer and highlight. This multi-use stick is very big and I could definitely see this product lasting a while.

Ulta Matte Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette– The colors in this palette are so beautiful. I could see myself using every shade. Normally when I see an eyeshadow palette, there are a couple of shades I will not touch. I think I am drawn to this palette because I tend to wear neutral colors on my eyes and this palette has all neutral colors. One thing to notice about this palette is that there is only matte shadows, no glitters are present. It might be hard to create multiple looks with the palette. However, I would give it a try and see what looks I am able to create. Another con about the palette is the price, ($20). I have never tried an eyeshadow palette from Ulta. I am unfamiliar with the quality of the shadows, therefore, I’ m not sure if I would spend $20.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 4.00.08 PM

Ulta Lasting Color Lip Gloss Stain in Treason – While scrolling on the website, this was the first lip product from the Ulta line that interested me. Some of the other lip products did not have colors that were appealing or some of the lip products I felt did not seem any different than any other lip product from another brand. I was attracted to this color because of how neutral the red is, it’s not too bright nor too dark. I could easily see myself dressing up this red or even wearing it casually. Only thing I would be worried about with this lip product is that it is a lip stain. Lip stains are good because the color will not come off if you eat or drink, however, when it’s time to take the product off, it can be a pain. I would definitely still try this out.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 4.05.06 PM

Ulta Twisted Volume Mascara– Ulta has a variety of mascaras. Just through scrolling on the site, I counted 8+ different mascaras. I decided that I would try out the Twisted Volume Mascara. Volume is definitely something that I have to have in my mascara. I like for my lashes to look natural but also have volume to them so you can tell I have on mascara. This mascara also stuck out to me because it has different options to chose from such as lashes are long and defined, lashes are luscious, or lashes are dramatic.

Ulta Charcoal Mask– I am not one to compare brands and their products. However, this mask instantly remind me of the Sephora Mask. The packaging is very similar and so are the prices. I would try this product out just to see its similarilites and differences compared to the Sephora Mask. The charcoal mask is a powder substances that you can customize yourself for your individual needs. I have never used a mask like this and I would definitely want to try this out!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 4.32.18 PM

Ulta Gel Shine Top Coat– My nails are definitely something I will spend my money on. I usually go to the nail salon and get my nails done. I said usually….I ALWAYS go to the nail salon. I never thought I would be okay with spending so much money on something I could easily do myself. I am going back to college soon and for one, I will not have time to go to the nail salon and two I may not be able to afford the upkeep of going so often. I decided that I will try and do my own nails. I love getting gel polish, therefore, I will try to do the gel myself. From reading the reviews, the Ulta Gel Top Coat seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Plus the price is very affordable.

I really enjoyed doing this post. I love when stores have their own products, because they are really similar to other brands but are more affordable with the same quality. I hope to get all of these beauty products soon and see how they compare to other brands.

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My Favorite Ways to Relax


Netflix: Being so busy at times, I rarely have the opportunity to catch up on shows I’m watching on Netflix. I’ll start a show but it takes me forever to finish it because it seems I’m always busy. Whenever I have the opportunity to relax, netflix is definitely on. I cannot watch Netflix if I am doing other things. I have to solely watch the show so dedicating time to just watch netflix can be hard. Finding the time is the hardest. However, when I do have the time, I am currently watching Riverdale and Shameless.

Hang with friends: It’s always great to enjoy sometime with friends and do something fun. Since my friends are working and in school as well, it can be hard to find a day when all of us aren’t busy. When that day comes, we have to take the opportunity because we do not know when another day will come along. We like to go out for lunch, go to a coffee shop, go bowling, or simply just chill at someone’s house and have a girls night in.

Shop: Shopping is definitely a girl’s best friend! After a long week of work or a hard week of school, I like to treat myself for all the hard working I’ve been doing. Since the whole goal is to relax, I find it more relaxing to do online shopping than go physically to stores. The mall can be super busy sometimes and it can be hard to really shop and look for items. From the comfort of my home, I like to sit in my bed and scroll on websites.  I always use Ebates when I’m doing some online shopping to earn some extra cash back. I love earning money while I shop online. Not only do I get something new but I’m also giving money back to myself.

Listen to music: I know listening to music, videos, or a podcast while doing work is very beneficial for some people. I have found that I can not have anything in the background while I work. If there are people around talking, then I am fine with that, but no to music. However, I do enjoy listening to music. Finding the time is hard. When I am relaxing, this is the perfect time to listen. I am free of doing any activities so I relax and let the music flow. I do enjoy all genres of music, but when I am relaxing, I like to listen to chill music.

Get a bite to eat: Eating is something I definitely enjoy. I love to eat and try new foods, but I also love the fellowship that comes with going out to eat. Going out for a nice dinner while catching up with friends or going with my boyfriend are actually relaxing to me. Whenever I am able to go, I do not have to worry about the stress from work or school. I love going to get Mexican food or Italian food. Afterwards, we may stop by an ice cream shop and get something sweet.

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Mini Sephora Haul

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.58.38 AM

This past weekend I went to do a little retail therapy. Of course I had to stop in Sephora and pick up some beauty products that I did not need, but I wanted. You can never go wrong with some new beauty products in your life, especially when you get them for a good price. Keep reading to see the couple of products I recently picked up from Sephora!

Original Beauty Blender– I am very shocked at myself for writing these next few sentences. I never imagined I would ever buy myself the Original Beauty Blender. I never really used a Beauty blender, so spending $20 on this product was definitely a NO for me. However, about 6 months ago I was very interested in seeing the hype about this product so I decided to try. When I tell you I fell in love, I fell hard! This is a very hyped about beauty product that I have found to be very good and true to its purpose. I will say this is worth it.! If you have never tried the Original Beauty Blender, I say buy it and give it a try for yourself. After a couple of months of using my first beauty blender, I decided to buy another. With any beauty blender you use, you should be changing them out every 3 months. These accessories hold so much bacteria. Although you can clean them, there is still bacteria remaining. Even though I will have to buy this product every couple of months, I will say it is very worth it.

Sephora Foot Mask– I have previously tried these foot mask before and I can say I love them! I tried the Lavender foot mask and had to buy again. When I went in store I saw they had the Almond foot mask as well, so I wanted to try this scent out as well. The foot masks claims to nourish, relax, and address foot concerns. The lavender is designated to alleviate fatigue and aching feet while also providing a soothing and relaxing effect. The almond mask is designed to comfort and nourish feet while softening the roughen areas. The lavender mask I did try, I can say it does what it says! I was shocked by the results. These mask do wonders. Plus each mask is $5, which is so worth it for the quality the mask provides!

Sephora Face Mask– Going along with mask trend, I decided to try out the Sephora Collection face mask. I have tried the Sephora Collection Sleeping mask before and liked them a little, but I could easily live without them. Trying face mask can sometimes be hesitant in which, face mask have different ingredients then an everyday skincare product would have. Plus face mask have ingredients that shouldn’t be used on a daily basis but are good for your skin here and there. To my surprised this was a good face mask. I will say it did not break me out. Also this is not my favorite face mask,  it is not the worse. I know some people who swear by these mask. Sephora offers a variety of face mask to choose from and for only $6, it’s not a bad price.

This was a very short Sephora Haul, compared to my others. I just wanted to share some recent beauty products I picked up.

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Current Beauty Wishlist



Good Evening My Loves! Hope you are all doing well. I am enjoying my summer by working and taking some college classes. When I am not busy doing those two, I love to explore the current trends.The summer trends are always changing and I am loving so many things right now. I honestly want everything I see! Keep reading to see some current items I’m adding to my wishlist and hoping to get.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette– I remember when the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette came out a few months ago. I wanted that palette so badly but I have not gotten the chance to buy the palette. I still would love to have my hands on Soft Glam palette! However, this Norvina palette caught my eye! Every Anastasia Beverly Hills palette has such an array of beautiful shadows. If I could have every single one of the brand’s palettes I would. If I do not buy the Soft Glam palette soon, I will definitely be getting my hands on the Norvina palette. The purple is interesting to me. Although purple shadows are not my go to, the palette still has many colors I could create everyday looks with.



Colourpop No Filter Matte Foundation– I have the Colourpop No Filter concealer and I apply the concealers every time I wear makeup. They are my everyday concealer. I currently am using the Fenty Foundation as an everyday foundation. I would love to switch it up and use a matching concealer and foundation. The two would pair nicely and give me a natural matte finish. The shade range for the foundation is incredible. There are 42 colors to choose from. I am confident that I could easily find my shade.



Nivea Aloe Vera in Shower LotionNivea Aloe Vera in Shower Lotion-I have tried a sample size of this product before. I loved the smell but I really could not tell if I actually loved the lotion. Most recently I have been looking for aloe vera products. I am interested in giving this product a try and actually seeing if it works well or not. The lotion is formulated to leave the skin soft and silky. Basically a lotion for the shower, I love the concept.

Fenty Beauty Eye Primer– I love Fenty Beauty. I can say so many good things about the brand. I was unaware that they recently released an eyeshadow primer. My all time favorite primer is from Fenty. When I found out the brand released the eye primer, I knew I wanted to get my hands on this product! The packaging is very similar to the Fenty Face primer, so I am hoping the eye primer has a similar formula as the face primer. One good thing I have found from the face primer, is that it does not break me out. When you apply eye primer, you can sometimes apply to skin areas surrounding the eye. I am hoping this product would not break me out as well.


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask– I am unfamiliar with the brand Glow Recipe. I noticed this brand while scrolling on Sephora’s website during my free time. What attracted me to this product was that I have never tried a watermelon mask before. I love the scent and would love to find out the benefits this mask has to offer. While reading the information of the mask, I noticed it helps with oily skin. This being my main skin concern, I would love to try this product and see if it really helps with oily skin. The mask is a little bit on the pricer side but you would definitely get many uses from the product.



Urban Decay Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss– The name of the product itself seems very interesting to me and it instantly grabbed my attention. I believe I first noticed this lip product on one of my favorite youtuber’s snapchat. When she swatched the product, I instantly fell in love. The gloss has a glitter base to it. I would be surprised if the glitter was a bit much on the lips. However, the lip gloss may apply smoothly onto the lips. Urban Decay recently released 3 new colors to the line that are glittery, not all of the shades in this collection are glittery.



This is a shorter wishlist compared to my others. Hopefully since this list is small, I would be able to get a few products and try them out. Let me know some current products you are adding to your wishlist!

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Product Empties

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.21.29 AM.png

Good evening makeup loves! I am excited to finally share some beauty products I have recently used up. Some of these products took me a while to use and some I used up real quickly. I have not done a ‘product empty’ post in a while. This post is different than my past ‘product empties’ because many of these products I enjoyed and would definitely buy again. Keep reading to see some beauty products I recently used up.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara: Mascara has to be my favorite makeup product. It is a product that if I do not wear, I can notice a difference and I think it adds to my overall look. This benefit mascara is really good and I defitenly noticed a difference when I wore the product. The volume and length the mascara provided was amazing. The price is not that bad. In addition the mascara lasted for a couple of months. I would recommend this product.

Repurchase: Although this is a good mascara and one of my faves, I would most likely not repurchase again

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.45.30 PM

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: My all time favorite mascara is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, but nothing compares to this one! I have repurchased this mascara 4 times and I do not see myself stopping! This mascara provides an everyday look but also can be worn as an alternative to fake lashes. Would highly recommend for someone who is looking for both beauty concerns.

Repurchase: Yes! I have bought this mascara 4 times and will continue to buy.


Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara: Wow this list as so many mascaras on it! As I mentioned earlier, I love mascara! This product is good, it’s okay. At times I liked the mascara and other times I could live without it. I like how the wand gave me length to my lashes while also providing volume. This mascara is for those who do not want full lashes but still want their lashes to be noticeable. Two cons about the mascara: one, it is very messy and two, it has a smell to it. This mascara reminds me of a liquid mascara, it feels very watery in a way. Every time I wore, I always had to clean up my eyes afterwards. I am not one to complain about smells in products, however, this has a noticeable smell to it.

Repurchase: I would not repurchase just because I know of other mascaras that are better. However, this is a good product.


Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue: Will start off by saying I did not use this product. I regularly used the Benefit Porefessioanal Primer but I could not find a use or a way to use this primer. I am not sure if this primer was an alternative to the other primer. I did read somewhere that you could put the matter rescue on before the primer. This overall was not a product for me. The matte rescue has a gel like formula to it and is suppose to be invisible on the skin.

Repurchase: No



LA Girl Pro Conceal: A couple of months ago, I used this concealer all the time. Literally, it was the only concealer I used. However, once the Coloupop No Filter concealers came out, I only used those. I recently decided to go back and use the LA Pro Conceal in addition to my Colourpop concealer. This is concealer is so good and is definitely a staple piece that I will always use.

Repurchase: Yes!



Eyebrow Razor: I get my eyebrows done every couple of months. In between those months, I just use an eyebrow razor to clean up my brows. Not much to say about this product but I always keep one with me. I usually buy a 3 pack, that way after I’m done using one, I’ll have another one to use right after.

Repurchase: Yes


Target Basic Cotton Rounds: Since I first started using cotton rounds about a year ago, I have been using everyday since. I go through these like crazy and always repurchase them. I rarely touch a cotton ball anymore because I have replaced them with cotton rounds. When I want to take my makeup off, I use micellar water and to apply the micellar water, I use a cotton round. Then when I am applying my witch hazel to the skin, I will apply it with a cotton round. If you have never tried a cotton round before, please try it! You will definitely see and feel a difference.

Repurchase: Yes! A bigger pack!


Bath & Body Works Copper Coconut Candle– When I spotted a candle that had the marble design on it, I had to get it! This marble has gold undertones to it. Coconut can be a hit or miss scent. I love this coconut scent! It reminds me of  warm coconut that is sweet and creamy, and not too strong. I rarely purchase coconut, but this candle smells amazing. This has been one of my all time favorite candles. Plus the size is large, so it lasted me for a while.

Repurchase: I’m not sure if Bath & Body Works still make this scent, if they do I would repurchase.



Bath & Body Works Body Lotion– Another coconut product on the list. Coconut is not something I always reach for, however, I am in love with this lotion. I am not one who likes scents in my products. This lotion has a light scent while also moisturizing the skin. I used all over my body and my hands.


Mario Badescu Rose Water– If you keep up with my blog then you know how many times this product has appeared on a blog post. This is for sure a popular product, that is definitely worth it! I stand by this product! It’s truly amazing! I use this twice everyday after I have finished applying all my skincare products. This is actually my third bottle and I have already bought my fourth one for back up. If you have never tried this product because you thought it was over hyped about, try it! You’ll love it.

Repurchase: Of course


Olay Body Wash– I love body wash. I also do not have a body wash that I always buy. I literally have never bought the same body wash more than once. Body wash is something I love trying out. The Olay White Strawberry & Mint body wash has been one of my favorites that I have ever tried. I loved the smell and how it applied smoothly onto my skin.

Repurchase: Maybe, but not a must.


Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray– I have bought this setting spray 6 times!

Repurchase: Yes of course!



Elf Eyeliner– I went through a stage where I really wanted to try and wear eyeliner everyday. I have never seen some of my friends without eyeliner and I never question it because it looks so natural. Eyeliner is definitely a product that is a hit or a miss for some people. It has always been a miss for me. I really tried to love this product and I really tried to love eyeliner in general, but I have come to the conclusion that this is a beauty product that is not for me.

Repurchase: No

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