Fun Weekend In my Life


When I am not doing work for my online classes or if I am not working, I like to go to the city and adventure with either my boyfriend, friends, or family. This weekend, my family was out of town and my friends were all working. I decided to spend the entire weekend with my boyfriend. We hang out all the time, however, we wanted to go to the city and do some fun activities! Since I have been very busy with school and work, it was nice to to just relax and have some fun! Keep reading to see a weekend in my life!



We first went to do a little shopping. To start off we went to a couple of stores like Target & TJ Maxx then we headed to the mall. We went to a mall that had higher end stores as well as the regular mall chained stores. While at the mall I picked up some lotions from Bath & Body Works. I was in need of some new lotions for my bathroom and car. This was perfect timing because Bath & Body Works was having their Semi-Annual Sale. At Sephora, I got another bottle of my all time favorite setting spray, the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Spray. I was debating if I should get the travel size or the full size. I ended up getting the full size spray.


After spending a couple of hours at the mall we went to the movies. We both are little big kids so of course we had to see the Incredibles! We always go see movies the first day they come out, so seeing the incredibles the first night was no exception The movie was so good! It was hilarious and definitely worth the wait. After the movies we decided to grab something to eat and head in for the night.



On Saturday we started our day off a little earlier than Friday. We started off with some lunch. We went to Marlow’s Tavern. I was in the mood for a get burger and fries so I got that and my boyfriend got a sandwich. After lunch we walked around the area to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.


Our first activity of the day was going to the museum. We both have been wanting to go to this museum for a while now but we never had the chance. On this day, the museum was doing renovations, so we could only see a couple of artwork pieces. I included pictures of some of my favorite pieces. We were both surprised by how much we enjoyed the artwork. We agreed when the renovations were done that we would definitely go back. After the museum we took a little break and got Starbucks. Of course we had to fuel up with some coffee!

After getting coffee, we headed to the next activity, the aquarium. This was the activity we were both so excited for. Neither of us had been to the aquarium in a few years.The aquarium was busier than the museum so we had to wait in long lines. My phone was close to dying so I was not able to take a lot of pictures. Since the aquarium was super crowded it was hard to navigate and really enjoy the water life animals. However, this was our favorite activity of the weekend. It was really beautiful seeing the animals move around and see how they interact. I would definitely go back!



We had a long day of walking so we decided to end the day there. We picked up some dinner and went to a cookie shop. This is our favorite cookie shop ever! We got some chocolate chip and macadamia cookies.


Sunday was our last day together. This Sunday was Fathers Day. We closed up the weekend by meeting his family at a restaurant to grab brunch. Afterwards it was time to say our goodbyes. Of course I would see him in a couple of days!

This weekend was amazing! I finally had a weekend where I did not have to work and I finished my homework earlier in the week so I did not have to worry about it during the weekend. It’s nice to get away from my day to day life and go out and adventure. This weekend proved that I need to do this more often!

Let me know some things you do during a fun weekend!

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