Summer Update

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Hey there! The weekend is already approaching and I hope you have some plans and activities you’re looking forward to. Today I wanted to share some little life updates that are happening to me this summer.

I recently finished my spring semester of school, it ended April 27 and since then I’ve been home. Since I’ve arrived back at home, I have been enjoying time with family and friends. It’s been nice to give myself three weeks to relax, chill, and do absolutely nothing some days! I knew I needed to give myself a short break because starting the end of May all the way to the middle of August, I will be super busy this summer. Keep reading to find out all the changes coming my way this summer!


During the school year I took 5/6 classes each semester (fall & spring semester each). This summer I will only be taking 2 classes. I debated for the longest on whether or not I would take any summer classes at all. I am happy that I decided to go ahead and take 2. I’m only taking 2 classes because the summer semester is very short (only 2 months compared to 4). I will be taking psychology and human communication both online.


When I am not occupied with school work I will be working a job. I previously worked at a restaurant, however, once I became a full time student I ended my job. Now since I am only taking 2 classes, I will be able to have time for a job. I am excited to be back making money. School is very important to me, however, my goal for the summer was mainly to work. So far I am working 20-30 hours a week at a store. This is very doable with my school schedule.



Because I am planning to work a lot this summer and I have classes, I am limited to taking vacations. Normally my family and I go on small vacations throughout the summer, I will be able to go sometimes, but may not make all of them. I really do hope I can go to the beach this summer because I it’s one of my favorite places and plus I need some sun!

My Blog Theme

Back in January once I hit 1,000 follwers I announced I was going to self host my blog and redo my theme. This is something I’ve been considiering for a while and I knew I could do it myself. I was really excited to finally do this. However, being in school really hit me. All my time and free time had to go to my studies and I was not able to update my blog. Since I am done with that semester and have more available time, this summer I hope to update my blog like I had once hoped. Definitely be on the lookout for something new and exciting happening on Girly Treasures!

New Post 

I am definitely interested in taking my blog in a new direction and increase everything I am doing now. I am updating my blog in-addition to updating my content. Instead of posting once a week, I hope to start posting twice. I also am in the process of working with some exciting companies to start reviewing  new products. If I am not talking about new beauty and makeup products then I want to increase my lifestyle post. I enjoy talking about and sharing my life with others and I hope to do this with more post centered around this topic.


Selling my clothes

This fall I am living in an apartment style dorm once I go back to school. I will have my own space and I am very excited! However, this summer I need to start making room for all of my stuff. Therefore, this is the perfect time to get rid of some of my clothes and in the process make some extra money. I will be selling a lot of my clothes on Mercari & Posmark. These are the apps that I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like being able to control and interact with people with my personal items. I can better explain to them or ask them questions personally. The vibe on these apps are amazing and everyone is so friendly. Use my codes and start saving & making money this summer!  Posmark & get $5: BYHER   Mercari & get $10: Kev986 

Check out my blog post on other ways on how I make money here!!

Social Media

I have a presence on some social media accounts now (Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest). This summer I hope to start posting regularly on these accounts as well. It can be hard maintaining my personal accounts, on-top of a blog, on-top of my blog accounts. However, I am determine to do better!

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Are you making any changes to your blog now that it’s summertime? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your exciting new plans! 

My Favorite Lip Products- Swatches

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Good Evening Makeup and Beauty Friends! Today I wanted to share my favorite lip products that I have been wearing on my lips recently. I wanted to include swatches of the products to really show how they look on. I tend to wear neutral colors on a daily basis, however, the last two products are my go to when I want to add to my look. I love all these colors and definitely would recommend to anyone. They all will pair well with any makeup look. Please leave some suggestions of your favorite lip products for me to check out!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow- I was really hesitant at first to try this lip product. I normally only wear lipsticks and hardly wear lip gloss. I am not a fan of the stickiness that a lip gloss has. However, this lip product is a universal product. Meaning it is for everyone: any skin type or any skin tone. Since this is for everyone, I knew it had to be an overall good product. I decided to try and I love this lip gloss. The lip product is perfect for any occasion and any outfit. I can wear it just to the gym and even wear it to a nice dinner. I would definitely agree that it is very versatile and would look great on anyone!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London-NYX Lip Creams have been around for forever. I remember when I first started wearing different colors on my lips I tried out many shades from this line. This lip product has a very creamy formula that applies very evenly onto the lips then dries quickly to give a matte finish. NYX has an array of shades in this line to choose from. I wanted to go with a natural everyday shade and London is that perfect color!


MAC Lipstick in Whirl– This is my everyday lip product. It goes great with every outfit and matches well with any skin tone. The formula is very creamy and slides right on. This lipstick is very  buildable and can be formulated to how you like. The lipstick is so good, there is no need for a lipliner. However, MAC does have a lipliner in this color as well. I have never gotten so many compliments from one product before. Definitely recommend!


NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella– This is my all time favorite red lip product. I do not normally wear the color red on my lips. I’ll wear a red lip on a special occasion or with a simple outfit to add a pop of color. One thing I have noticed with red lip products is the they can be really messy. The NARS lip pencil is not messy at all. I am one to put on my makeup and not really take my time with it. I have a busy schedule so I have no time to make sure my lip product is applied perfect. With the lip pencil I can just easily put it on. It slides onto my lips with a perfect matte finish.


Buxom Lipstick in Vampy Plum-Venturing out with lip colors is something I do not do so often. I tend to use my everyday shades or get neutral colors. Besides the NARS red lip pencil, I use this purplish lip color. It’s a little hard to see the true purple color, however, this shade is beautiful on. Only con I have about the product, is its design. The lipstick is very big. At times when you apply it on the lips, it can get messy. However, the touch this lip product adds to the makeup look is worth it!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.25.34 AM

As you can see these shades are beautiful! Each has a unique color and a unique application, but all go well with any makeup look. Some of these products are a little pricer than others, but I will say they are worth it. They last a long time in size and on the lips. I can eat and drink and still expect the lip product to remain on.

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My idea of a perfect lazy day

Relax, refresh and recharge in office

Stay in my pajamas / comfortable clothes 

The first thing I have to do when I start my lazy day is change into some lazy clothes. This is essential! I instantly get in the mood when I am lounge around in some comfortable clothes. I like to throw on an oversize t-shirt and some shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt.


Have a cup of coffee 

Coffee is my life! I can not go a day without coffee. When I am being lazy I like to start off with a hot cup of coffee and look through my emails and social media accounts to start off the day. I use my Keurig and brew a dark roast coffee with 2 packs of sugar and creamer.

Stay in bed or sit at my desk 

After I have changed my clothes and grabbed my cup of coffee, I’ll first just sit around in bed. Maybe spend 20-30 minutes on the phone or I’ll read some daily quotes. This helps me to get my mind right and helps put me in the mood. After I have lounged around in the bed, I then move to my desk in the corner of my room. I like to sit at my desk, because honestly if I stay in the bed too longer, I’ll just want to go back to sleep.

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Online Shopping

Shopping is my favorite hobby of all time! You can never go wrong with some new pieces added to your closet. I always use Ebates when I’m doing some online shopping to earn some extra cash back. I love earning money while I shop online. Not only do I get something new but I’m also giving money back to myself.


Get a lot of work done from my computer 

Once I’m done doing some shopping, I’ll look at my blog or see if I have any homework due. When I’m not engaged in these two activities, I’ll watch youtube videos or look for jobs. Besides my phone, my computer is really essential to me. I keep all my information on it and is how I do a lot of my communicating.


Catch up on a tv show

Netflix, Netflix, Netlix!! During the week I can be very busy and I could go days without watching a show. When I am just relaxing I will catch up on some Netflix shows. I am currently watching The Office and Santa Clarita Diet.

Order take out

When I am having a lazy day I do not feel like doing anything. And that includes cooking. Thankfully with sites like Uber Eats & Door Dash I can easily get my favorite food places delivered to me. I’ll eat my food, light a candle, kick back, and watch Netflix.


Take a bubble bath/ Use a bath bomb 

After I have done some of my favorite things or catch up on things I normally would not have time for on an average day, I like to end the day with a relaxing bubble bath. During this time I will listen to music, read a book, and reflect on my previous days and the days to come.

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Summertime Sunscreen

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It is that time of year where we began to pull out our sunscreen that was probably hidden all the way in the back of our drawers. I recently bought a couple of sunscreen products for the upcoming summer months. I know sunscreen is a product some people wear year round, some wear only in the summer, and some do not wear at all. I will say I tend to only wear during the summer months. However, sunscreen is a highly important skincare product that needs to be worn not only year round but by everyone. I know it can be tough to think about this, but protecting your skin is highly important.

Today I wanted to share some tips & my favorite sunscreens. Hopefully if you were unaware of the knowledge of sunscreen or just need a suggestion of good sunscreens I hope this helps!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.11.21 PMWhen to apply: Apply to dry skin 15 minutes or prior before going outside. You should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours if outside for an extended amount of time. Sunscreen should be applied year round, not just during summer months.

Protection: Sunglasses, hats, and long sleeves or long pants help to protect or limit the amount of exposure to the skin. Be careful around water and sand because they reflect the sun rays which can increase the chance of getting sunburn.

SPF: An spf of 30 or greater is recommended on a daily use. A higher number will block more of the sun rays. If spf 30 is too high of a dosage then many will get sunscreen with spf 15. Spf 15 is recommend for those who rarely burn or tan easily but still need sunscreen. SPF greater than 30 is for those who burn easily or never tans.

The sunscreen I use everyday and have been using for years is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen. This product is very affordable and can be found at most drugstores.  I only use this product on my face, however, it can be used for any part of the body. This is a lightweight clean free sunscreen that is fast absorbing and also water resistant. The formula is a silicon base with a lotion like feel to it. Although this may seem as though it would be heavy, it is very lightweight and blends into the skin nicely.

One thing I really like about this sunscreen, is that you can get the product in different spf increments. When I went to the store to get this product they were sold out of the other spf and only had 30 and 100. I knew spf 100 would be a high dosage for me because I just need a sunscreen for daily use and a spf 100 is recommend for those who participate in activities where they are in the sun constantly. Although I preferred a spf of 45 or 50, I really needed sunscreen and could wait no longer so I chose the spf 30.

If you plan to wear makeup or have already completed your skincare routine this sunscreen is probably best for you. Even if you are not wearing makeup or any skincare products this sunscreen will still work perfect! The Neutrogena sunscreen applies to many skincare needs. Or if you need a sunscreen that will not break you out or if you have sensitive skin, this works perfectly for you as well.

When I want to apply sunscreen to my entire body minus my face, I will just use any sunscreen. Although I prefer the spray bottle, because it is very easy and quick to use, at the moment I am using the Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen and the Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen. I like both of these because they are travel size products where I can easily grab them to go. They do sell full size containers of these two products, I just prefer the travel size. Both have a lotion base formula to them and although they have a smell, the smell is not too strong. Similar to the Neutrogena sunscreen, these two are spf 30 as well .

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My Everyday Makeup Routine

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Wow! I have not done a post like this in a while! I think my last makeup routine was maybe a year and a half ago. I have recently updated all my products and have found the perfect everyday products that give me the finish I like on my skin. My skin type is very oily and my face tends to oxides. All of the products are listed in the order of how I do my makeup routine.

Fenty Beauty Primer–To start off my routine, I like to first prime my face. If I have extra primer left over I will use it to prime my eyelids as well. This primer has a silicon base that is very moisturizing. I use clean hands to apply the primer. Since I bought this primer, I have not used any other primer. I have really oily skin and I have to use products that prevent access oil and minimizes it. This primer has done really well with my skin and I’ve noticed my face does not seem as oily. Although the primer resembles a lotion, it is very smooth on the skin and not too thick. Plus the smell in this product is amazing. It is very simple but noticeable in a good way.

Colourpop No Filter Concealers– When I want a full coverage face or if I am trying to cover dark spots I will add concealers to my routine. If I want a natural look or if I am in a hurry then I will skip over this step. In my current routine I am using the Colourpop No Filter Concealers. I put the product under my eyes and on certain spots I wish to cover. To apply I use the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.54.29 PM

Fenty Beauty Foundation– This has been the current foundation I have used all the time. Since using I have used no other foundation. I am in the shade 360. This color matches me perfectly. When I first apply it, it looks a little light, however, within minutes the foundation oxides to match my true skin color. I normally apply the foundation with my beauty blender. I normally do not wet my sponge, because the foundation itself is really runny. However, if I notice my face is a bit drier than usual, I will wet the beauty blender. The Fenty Beauty Foundation gives medium coverage but can easily be bit up to full coverage. On an average day I will do a medium coverage however, I do build up to full coverage some days. I love that the foundation has a beautiful natural finish. I love full coverage foundations, however, many do not always leave my face looking natural. I have not had any problems with this foundation.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder– After I apply my foundation, I set my face. When I first bought this product I bought the travel size version. Since then I have used up the travel size container and have recently bought the full size. I love how natural this product is and how it blends into the skin without leaving a harsh overcast. This helps to not only set my face but also help to minimize my oily skin. I will leave this product on while I put on my eyeshadow then once I’m done with my eye look, I brush and blend the product.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette-I love wearing eyeshadow. Whether I’m creating a look or just applying a single shadow, eyeshadow is definitely something I do! My favorite all time palette is my current everyday palette, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I really can not say enough good things about this palette. It is an everyday palette that has an assortment of shades. My go to shades in the palette are: Puree, Summer Yum, Charmed I’m Sure, Caramelized, and Luscious. To apply these shadows I use Sigma, Morphe, and ELF brushes. I recommend this palette to everyone! 10/10 for sure!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.45.30 PM

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara-As you can see I love Too Faced eye products. My all time favorite palette is from Too Faced and so is my all time favorite mascara. Out of all my makeup products this is a product I can not live without! I truly mean that! I have bought this product 5 times! It’s ridiculous, I know. This mascara provides the desired length and volume I need. I do not wear fake eyelashes because I can achieve the same length with this mascara. Even if I do not want a drastic eye look, this mascara is also capable of providing a simple look as well.

MAC Studio Fix Powder -After I have done my eye look and blended in my setting powder, I buff a little bit of my MAC Studio Fix Powder in places where I tend to get oily. These places on my face are usually right above my eyebrows, my forehead, and my cheeks. Most of the time I go in with this product as usual, however, if I feel my face is very dry or I am in a rush, I will skip past this step. This product is so good at minimizing my oil that I notice I difference when I do not apply it. I use my Morphe m439 buffing brush to apply.

Urban Decay Highlight in Sin– Highlight is something I have most recently added into my daily makeup routine. For a while I would apply it here and there, but now more frequently. When I saw this product online I was super hesitant because it is super light. I like for my highlighters to have a bronze color to them. To my surprise I love love love this highlight! It is a very natural color that can be build up to have that glow effect. This is a universal shade that would look great on any skin tone! Highly recommend!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Naturally Enhanced– If I am not wearing highlight for the day then I may apply bronzer. I tend to not wear both at the same time but pick one or the other. I love how the bronzer has four different shades within itself. Depending on the look I am trying to accomplish, I can match it with one of the shades from the bronzer. However, most often I mix all the shades together on a typical day. I did not use this product a lot during the winter, but I hope to use it more often in the summer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.43.26 PM

Urban Decay Setting Spray-The only setting spray I use is the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I have ordered this product 5 times! That is crazy. This setting spray is good. It helps for my makeup to stay on for an extended amount of time, while also controlling the oil and shine on my face. It is not sticky like other setting sprays and it sets onto my face fast. I find that I do 3 squirts onto my face and sometimes an additional one. My makeup seems to last for the 8 hour period that I wear makeup and it could possibly last longer. If oil control is not what you are looking for, Urban Decay has a large variety of other setting sprays.

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Skincare Routine

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Good Evening Loves! Every year during the spring time I have previously done a skincare routine post explaining and sharing my current skincare products. This past year I have updated the products that I use in my routine. I have struggled with acne for a long time. During the past two years I finally found products to help me get rid of acne. Now I am in the stage where I am maintaining my acne free face. Unlike previous years where I used products specifically for acne, these new products are not related to just acne but improving and maintaining the skin in general.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.47.29 PM

I have heard nothing but good things concerning the brand Cetaphil. My sister uses it and swears by it. Plus the reviews online are incredible. Before I buy any product I do countless research to make sure it fits my needs. I wanted a cleanser and moisturizer that would prevent me from acne and breakouts while also maintaining my oily skin. Cetaphil is brand where anyone can use. They cater to any skin tone or any skin type. You can get any of their products for normal, combination, or oily skin. They also have a selection of products for ‘All skin types’ which is the product line I decided to try out.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser– To start off, this product is very gentle on the skin. When I was using products for acne purposes, at times I would feel a burning sensation. I have yet to experience that with this cleanser. The cleanser is a clear gel base that can be use on the face & body. I’m going to say this is an overall great product for anyone. For me, it was not what I was really expecting. I have been using skincare products designed for acne, so naturally I could see a fast differences in my face  because I saw my acne dimensioning over time. With this product, it is very hard for me to see any difference at all. Now I am using this product to help maintain my skin in general. I’m sure the product is working, its just hard to see a difference. I wish I did not get the line that is for ‘All skin types’ but instead I wish I got the one for ‘oily skin’ because this has no effect good or bad for my oily skin.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizing Lotion– Unlike the cleanser, this has a lotion base to it. Just like the cleanser it is very gentle and not thick at all. One thing I love about the brand is that the products are fragrance free. Similar to the cleanser, it is for all skin types and is for everyday use. The moisturizing lotion really does feel like lotion, just a lot thiner. Before I was just using a normal moisturizer, but I do like the concept of the lotion. The lotion is grease free, however, since I have very oily skin, my face is still oily after using. At night I apply my african black soap and not my cleanser, however, even if I am not using the matching cleanser, I will still use this moisturizer.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.04.14 PM.png

Witch Hazel-We all know about witch hazel. It works wonders and can be used for a lot of things. I honestly never imagined I would be using it on my face in my skincare routine. I honestly can not go a day without using this product! I recently saw a lot of people on Twitter & Instagram talking about the benefits of witch hazel. Now I took their word for it and did not do any more research afterwards. I was very surprised to find that I would enjoy it as much as I do. Although witch hazel has very strong ingredients, it has been very gentle on my skin. Everyone can react to these strong ingredients differently, so be cautious. This product is for all skin types and can literally be bought anywhere.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap-This skincare product was on my list last year. At the time I really did not like this product. I used for a few weeks and decided to stop using all together. However, recently after doing some more research on the soap, I have added back into my skincare routine. First off I want to say this product sells amazing. One of the reasons why I use it is for the smell. Usually I hate smells in beauty products however, this is a smell that is not too much but noticeable at the same time. Black soap has many benefits including: relieves acne, clears blemishes, and normalizes oily skin. These are the main reason why I use african black soap. To my surprise I have noticed a difference in all of these areas. Only con to this soap is that although it helps to reduce oil, I have not seen a significant difference with my shine. I only use this product at night because after using it my face can tend to be a bit oily.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water–I no longer use makeup wipes thanks to this product. For the longest I hated using makeup wipes. I did not like the way they felt on my skin and at times I felt like my makeup wasn’t completely removed. The Micellar Water can be used for many ways. The #1 way I use is to remove my makeup. This helps to get rid of all the makeup on my skin. I also use it as a toner or even if I don’t wear makeup, it gets rid of the excess oil I have on my face throughout the day.

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment– About a year and a half ago my skincare routine consisted of all Burt’s Bees products. At the time I did not use this product, however I wish I did. I have already gone through 3 bottles of this product and have recently bought 2 more. Getting rid of dark spots is very tough and finding solutions is tougher. I haven’t tried many dark spot products before because I have not read any reviews on a product that has encouraged me to try. I will say this product is amazing in diminishing dark spots! Only con is that it takes a while to really see a difference. Maybe its because I have dark spots all over my skin and this is a skin concern I have dealt with for a while. This is a strong product that may not work for everyone, but overall is it a good working product.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray– After I have cleansed, moisturized, and use my other skincare products, I finish my face off with this spray. I have been using this product for less than a year and have already gone through 2 of these bottles. This is a hyped about product that is definitely worth it! I feel refreshed after every use. I use the spray morning and night after my skincare routine as an overall face mist. I do not think the product has a smell to it at all, however, some may think it does. Most of the beauty products I own in general are specifically for oily skin. This product is for all skin types. At first I was hesistant because I don’t use products that are not for oily skin. This product shocked me. It is truly for every skin type as it says. It actually works for all needs and that is what I like most. If you have been on the edge about trying this product I would definitely recommend.

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