Spring Wishlist


I am very excited for the beautiful warm weather to come in. I feel winter has extended its visit and it’s time for the cold weather to go! I love the transition between winter and spring. The weather is not too cold nor too hot. Plus the change in weather gives me a reason to go shopping for some new products. Below are some clothing accessories and beauty products I hope to get this spring. Let me know some items on your spring wishlist in the comments!



Graphic Tees– I am currently in college right now and I can definitely admit sometimes I just go to class in a pair of jeans and a shirt. I will sleep an extra 10 minutes and just throw something on all for some extra sleep. I love pairing graphic tees with leggings or some ripped jeans. You can buy graphic tees from anywhere but my favorite places to buy them from are Target and Forever 21. I normally order a size bigger in these shirts because I like the oversized look they give.


Vans Slip On- These are for sure my favorite shoes at the moment. Although this is a spring wishlist, I wear these shoes year round. I love them because they are very comfortable to walk in. Being a college student I walk to my classes everyday, and I need a pair of comfortable shoes for the walk. I currently have the black and white slip ons. I love having these two basic colors, however, for the spring time I hope to get a yellow or purple pair.


Black Denim Skirt –I love wearing my two denim skirts. I have a medium wash and a light wash denim skirt, but recently I’ve had my eye on a black denim skirt. Although black is a darker color, I think pairing it with a pink, white, or purple shirt would add to the spring look. Also pairing it with a graphic tee and a pair of vans would complete my overall spring look. I prefer the skirt to be denim material instead of leather or velvet because these materials might be too hot for the spring.


Simple Gold Necklace- Everyday I wear two rings and a watch. These are my everyday jewelry essentials, however, this spring I hope to add more to my everyday look. Although my rings and watch are silver, I want to add a gold necklace that has a hint of silver to it. Adding a necklace can make a simple outfit pop. Pairing a graphic tee and a pair of rip jeans with a necklace makes me look more ‘put together’ than just a t-shirt and jeans.


Neutral Color Baseball Hat– I love wearing hats, mainly baseball caps or dad hats! However, I only have one hat that I wear constantly. This spring I want to buy at least 2 more hats to add to my collection. A white and and a neutral tan would be perfect!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette– This eyeshadow palette definitely screams spring time! The color assortment is beautiful! I could truly see myself using each shade in my makeup routine. I only have one other Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette and I love it, however, I rarely use it. I honestly feel the Soft Glam Palette would be used daily in my makeup routine. The palette has an assortment of shimmers and mattes that would definitely be easy to create spring time looks.


Brazilian Bum Bum Cream– I have been dying to get my hands on this product. Only thing stopping me is the price. I really can not bring myself to spend $45 on a lotion.I have heard nothing but good things on this product. A lot of people say that you can really see the effects with this product. I think getting this product during the spring time will be perfect. I’ll be able to use it for a while before summer comes and hopefully I’ll be able to see the effects. If anyone has this product, please let me know your thoughts on it!


Nail Salon Gift Certificate-I go to the nail salon religiously! My nails and toes are always done. I haven’t always been this way, but recently I can not go with polish on my nails. I honestly do not like to do my nails myself, even though it will save me a ton of money.  I really enjoy going to the nail salon and getting pampered. For the spring time I will continue to get my nails and toes done but hopefully with a gift certificate.

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The Perfect Red Lip


Good Afternoon Loves! Today I wanted to share my perfect red lip products . Red is a color that we all wear and some may see it as seductive or some see it as an everyday color. Depending on your skin shade or what color shade you like for a red to be, it can be hard to find the perfect red lip. Keep reading to see my two lip products that help me achieve the perfect red lip!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.39.58 PM

The perfect red I have found that looks great on every skin tone is the NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella. I wanted to give this product some individual love because I really do believe it looks well on everyone! I have bought this product twice, the travel size and the full size versions. I normally only use lipsticks or lip glosses. This lip product is a lip pencil with a thicker tip. To my surprise, I actually like the application.

I do not normally wear the color red on my lips. I’ll wear a red lip on a special occasion or with a simple outfit to add a pop of color. One thing I have noticed with red lip products is the they can be really messy. The NARS lip pencil is not messy at all. I am one to put on my makeup and not really take my time with it. I have a busy schedule so I have no time to make sure my lip product is applied perfect. With the lip pencil I can just easily put it on. It slides onto my lips with a perfect matte finish.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.46.52 PM

If I am not using the NARS lip pencil then my alternative is the Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick. This lip product is a little different than the NARS. For one it is a lipstick instead of a lip pencil. Also the colors are alike but different in their own way. The NARS is for sure a statement color while the Clinique lipstick can be settle but also give a bold look. Cherry Pop is a pinkish redish lip color. For some people a bold red like the NARS lip pencil can be too much or not their style. However, the Clinique lipstick also looks like a red but is very settle. One more difference between the two is that the NARS has a matte finish while the Clinique has a satin finish.

Now lets talk about price. The NARS lip pencil is $27 and the Clinique lipstick is 18.50. There is definitely a difference in price between the two. However, I truly love both colors and  believe that the price is worth the investment. You can find the NARS lip pencil at Sephora and the Clinique lipstick at both Sephora & Ulta.

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Products that I hated, but now Love

Is there some makeup products in your collection that you once hated but now you find yourself using all the time? I hate wasting my money so I found ways to use these products and I ended up loving them. I watched youtube videos to get inspired on how I could better use the products to their benefits.  Here are the products that I once hated or rarely used but now they are in my makeup routine and get used daily.

Colourpop Concealers– I did not like these concealers for the longest. They have  a a matte finish but I felt that these were too matte and sometimes made me look dry and ashy. Recently, I noticed this is the only concealer I use. I bought 4 concealers because looking online I could not determine which shade would be best for me. In fact I was right. I got 4 colors that coordinate with each and are the same shade range. There is no concealer that matches me perfect, so I have to mix these concealers. This sucks, but I knew that this would be the case. That is why I got four. The colors I got are: Tan 50, Deep Tan 55, Deep Golden 60, and Rich Tan 65. My favorite thing about these concealers is the brush. The brush is like no other brush I’ve seen or used. It is similar to any concealer brush, small in size. But instead of being hard, the brush is soft and very flexible.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap– For the longest I did not like this product. It dried out my skin and I couldn’t see any results. There are so many myths on African Black Soap and rather its good for your skin or really bad for it. I recently went back and started using this product more often and I love it. For one, this soap smells so good! I normally do not like smells in products, however, this leaves my face smelling so good. Sometimes I’ll use just for the smell. When I first tried this product I couldn’t use it everyday, now I use it every night without feeling like it hurts my skin.

Sephora Highlight Palette-I recently featured this product on my 2017 Makeup & Skincare Disappointments blog post. I posted that post in December 2017. A couple of months later, I am loving and using this product everyday! For a while I stopped using highlighters all together. I really do not know the real reason I stopped using them, I just simply stopped. One day I decided to start back and incorporate highlight back into my everyday makeup routine and I haven’t stopped using them since. I love this particular palette because it has 6 different highlight shades to choose from. My favorite colors are the two in the middle. I love the bronze look!

Laura Mercier Setting Powder  I will say I did not really hate this product, I just started to use less often. When I first bought this product, I used all the time, it was one of the only loose mineral powders I had in my makeup collection. I enjoyed this product but sometimes I felt that it did not really work and it would leave my face looking very oily. I started using the Becca Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder and I really liked the product but found it dried my skin. I then switched back the Laura Mercier setting powder and I haven’t stopped using since. Check out my blog post HERE for a more detailed review.

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