10 Things That Destroy Your Skin

I am no expert, but these 10 things have at one point broke out my skin or worsen it. It’s always good to get someone else’s tips so you can learn from them and hopefully avoid doing the same thing. I love hearing what others have to say, so please leave some things that destroyed your skin at one point and hopefully you can learn from me!!
1. Not washing your face 
DIRT! BACTERIA! Just think about dirt and bacteria on your face right now because you didn’t wash your face. And if you go days without washing your face then more dirt and bacteria pile up. Not washing your face can lead to serious breakouts. So avoid them by washing your face. I feel like this is #1 for a reason. I know many friends who don’t use any skincare products, however, I am not saying you have to use those products to avoid dirt and bacteria. Simply just washing your face with water can help. Or if you are not one to use a lot of products on the skin, then using a micellar water, pixi glow tonic, or a facial spray will help.
2. Sleeping in makeup 
This is so easy to do and so hard not to do. We all have those days where we are exhausted and taking off our makeup is the last thing on our mind. They say sleeping in makeup can age you 7 years. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s enough to make me take it off. I remind myself of that saying and I overcome the exhaustion I’m feeling and wash off my makeup. Find a saying that will encourage you after a long day to wipe your makeup off. Or keep makeup wipes by your bed so just in case you’re really tired, you don’t even have to move from your bed to wipe off your makeup!
3. Unhealthy eating habits
Sugar and Caffeine can lead to breakouts. This is a fact! I have witness it for myself. Once I eliminated it from my diet I saw a huge difference. Now once in a while a few drinks will not kill you but constantly having these in your diets may hurt your skin. I have also found that diary breaks me out just as bad. Once again this may not have an impact on everyone.
q84. Not enough water 
Most Important!!!!!!
5. Talking on your phone
Statics say your phone is just as dirty as a hospital. I honestly believe this. You never realize how much you touch your phone or lie it some place then you get on the phone and it touches your face. Cleaning clothes are good tools to use to clean or get rid of germs on your phone.
6. Not enough sleep
Sleep is really an essential to life in general. Yes we do thrive on coffee but sleep is what we need!! 8 hours is what the average person needs everyday to maintain a healthy balance. A lack of sleep can also cost wrinkles and baggy eyes.
7. Laying on one side of the pillow 
This is probably something that has not ever crossed your mind. I have experienced it first hand so I know it to be true. Wash your sheets and flip your pillow!!! This might be the solution you never thought of. Bacteria piles up everywhere, even on our sheets and pillows. Nothing is off limits.
8. Always wearing makeup 
If the makeup you are using is not also designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin then go some days without wearing it. Some makeup clogs the pores where they are not able to breathe freely. Your pores need to breathe. If you are just going to the grocery store or out for a run, then take a break from your makeup and do not wear it. Now if you can’t go a day without wearing makeup, then try to find makeup that is designed for other treatment such as: acne, oily skin, or dry skin. Also switch from a foundation to a BB or CC cream is a good alternative.
9. Touching your face 

A lot of people do not realize our hands are truly filled of bacteria. Research claims that although the soap or hand sanitizer you are using claims to rid 99.9% of bacteria, it does not. It is extremely hard to go without touching your face. I just did it now. If it is hard for you then try to always have clean hands.

 10. Not washing makeup tools
Many people don’t realize that bacteria piles up on your makeup tools. If you constantly use the tool without washing it then you are allowing bacteria to pile up on your face. There are so many methods for washing your tools. Take the time to look up solutions on how to clean your brushes. It is so worth it!

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How I’m Making Money in 2018

Legit ways that I make money. Below are reviews from websites or apps that I am currently enrolled in.  I am not sponsored by any and this is just my opinion on my favorite ways to making money! 

I am a college student who currently does not have a job but currently loves to shop. Over 2 years I have done countless things online to try and earn money. I am probably signed up for every site. This is my personal list of sites and apps that work for me and I have actually received things from. No particular order.
 1. Ebates– This site is the real deal. This site has been featured on news shows, online, and even commercials. I love love love this site. Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.38.27 PMBasically you get paid whenever you shop online. The sites has thousands of brands to choose from: Macys, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, Gap, and much more. All you have to do is search on the website for the store you are shopping at and click the link (which takes you straight to the website) and shop! Literally the easiest way to make money! You can either be paid through a check or gift cards. I have been paid five times (via check) and am currently about to get another (check).
  • The site chose when I got the check
  • Rate 10
2. Swag bucks– I think this is #1 on everyone’s list. This site is literally amazing. You can do so many things to earn points which later can be redeemed for sweepstakes or gift cards. You however do not receive actual dollar bills or checks. Swagbucks runs off a point system.  I have received around 14 gift cards from Swagbucks. When I got my first gift card I thought it would come in the mail and take forever. However, within a day I received an egift card for the store I seleswagcted. This has been done with all my gift cards. The way I get my points is by doing the daily poll and completing the noso. You can earn up to 3 Swagbucks per day by doing these two. I also search and watch videos for easy Swagbucks. Rarely I will buy or sign up for something where I can earn more Swagbucks for those offers. One thing that I do not do on Swagbucks is the surveys. There is no reason that I do not complete the surveys only that I do so many surveys that I need a break and this site allows me the opportunity to earn rewards without always having to complete a survey.
  • It takes me around 1 month to earn a giftcard.
  • Rate: 10
3. Inboxdollars– I love this site because it gives me the opportunity to make real money and not receive sweepstakes or gift cards. The payment is either a check or a card similar to a visa. This site gives countless opportunities to make money without having to do surveys like most sites, and they also give you a $5 bonus just for signing up!. My personal favorite thing to do on this site is to click  on emails and get paid $.02 for each email I click. Although iboxt may take a couple of days to earn a dollar it is so worth it because it is easy money. I also watch videos and earn $.01. Unlike Swagbucks I do the surveys offered on inboxdollars. I don’t qualify for a lot of the surveys but the ones I do I can make $.25-$5 per survey and the surveys are always available. The only bad thing is you have to cash out at $30 which depending on how much you do it can take a while. But after you cash out your first time($30) you can cash out on any amount.
  • Honestly it took me forever to cash out Rate:10


4. Poshmark & Merci– Are apps that I use to make money by selling my clothes, shoes, and accessories. I like beingFullSizeRender (6) able to control and interact with people with my personal items. I can better explain to them or ask them questions personally. Thevibe on these apps are amazing and everyoIMG_7519ne is so friendly. Each app has an advantage over the other. The only bad thing is that poshmarktakes 20% of what you make which can be lot for listing priced low. However Mercari does not take any percentage from your earnings. But when it comes to shipping, Poshmark has a flat rate of $4.99 on every order where as Mercari has different prices for different sized items. But both sites are amazing and I have earned money from both.
 Sign up w/my referral code:
Posmark & get $5: BYHER 
                                               Mercari & get $2:Kev986 

Money from the grocery store/Walking into a store/Scanning your receipt:


Ibotta-This app is the rebate queen without having to mail in the rebate. The app is super easy to use and is worth it! All you do is find products that you purchased in store, snap a picture of your receipt, and earn. You can find rebates from stores like: Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, and even Sephora (for my makeup lovers). YOU EVEN EARN $5 FOR JUST SIGNING UP!!!! Use my code UMHXBHV 


Checkout51-Another rebate app! Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to choose a store. Just find the products and take a picture of your receipt. I love this app, because you get a check instead of a gift card. Real Money!!


Shopkick– If scanning grocery’s and taking pictures of receipts isn’t for you, then just walking into a store and clicking this app is for you! Super Easy! You earn points called “kicks” for walking through the door of select stores. Once you earn enough kicks you cash your credits out for gift cards to places like: Target, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Nike. This one can earn you gift cards pretty fast. Click here to sign up


Receipt Hog- This app is by far my favorite app to make quick easy money. All you have to do is take a picture of any receipt. ANY RECEIPT!!! I can’t say enough good things about this app. You can only earn Amazon or Paypal gift cards. I have cashed out many times on this app.

5 Beauty Trends That I Have Yet To Master

Who ever likes to admit when they can’t do something? I know I can!! Somethings are harder to admit than others. When it comes to makeup and beauty, it is a learning process. There are some beauty and makeup trends that are easier to learn and master than others. Below is a list of 5 trends I have yet to master but hope to soon! Let me know  some of the trends you haven’t mastered yet!

Eyeliner-Applying eyeliner is something I have always been interested in doing. I have tried to watch youtube videos and use tips & tricks to help me apply. I have tried the card method and using tape. Overall I can apply an okay line, however,  my wing is not the best. My entire eye area is in the shape of the circle. I have seen many people with oval eyes apply eyeliner easier. Also I have long eyes and a narrow lid. I will continue to try and learn how to apply eyeliner because I love doing makeup with my eyes!

Contouring- I don’t think that my problem is that I haven’t mastered this beauty trend, I just don’t think it is for me. My features are already defined. I have high check bones, a thin nose, and a nice jawline. Therefore, contouring for me isn’t something I necessarily have to do.  Also I feel it takes a lot of time to contour your face. I honestly do not want to take a whole hour doing my face.


Eye Lashes-Out of all trends on the list, applying eyelashes is the one thing I want to do and need to learn how to do asap! I love the idea of applying lashes. I normally only wear them on special occasions. There have been times where I apply them or someone else applies them for me. I prefer when someone else applies them for me. Although I can somewhat apply lashes, I want to learn how to do them better. I know friends who wear lashes everyday. I am not trying to wear them everyday, however, wearing them here and there would add to my look!

Ombre Lips-This lip trend is very pretty but seems really hard to do. I honestly just started using lip liners when I apply lip products. I feel apply lip liners can take too long and can be difficult. I have very full lips and having my lips ombre would look very nice with my makeup look. I’m not sure if you have to use more than one lip color (a light and a dark) or if you can just use one. I’ve only seen ombre lips with red, pink, or purple lip colors. I wear red or pink the most, so I would try it out with those colors first.

Glitter- I am not really sure why this is a trend. Whenever I think of glitter on the face, I think about on the eyes or for a special occasion. However, people use glitter on an  everyday basis. When I see glitter on the eyes, I get it!! I love using shimmery shadows on my lid, however, this is different than actual glitter. Another way I see it used, is on the lips. At times it looks really nice, however, I can not imagine having glitter all over my lips. Glitter is already messy! Some use it as a highlight, which is understandable, however, all I can think about is how messy it is.

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Pantene Hair Products 


I haven’t done a deep, detailed product review in a long time. Most of the products I use, I have been using for a while. I am one to use the same products and repurchase them instead of always trying new items. Recently I decided that I wanted to try out new hair care products. I was using Cantu for a couple of months now and I absolutely love their hair products. There was no reason why I stopped using, I just wanted to try out a different brand. I will continue to use and support Cantu.

I was sent 3 hair care products from Pantene from their new line, “The Gold Series.” I have used Pantene for many years and love the brand. The brand is the only I know that caters and actually works for every hair type. The first 3 items below are the ones I was sent. At the time I was sent these products, I was using a hair salon shampoo & conditioner then I started using Cantu. I do not like to mix my hair care products. I decided I would wait until I finished the Cantu products to use these Pantene products. Little did I know the 3 products were not your usual shampoo & conditioner. I normally just use shampoo & conditioner. As I mentioned, I do not like mixing brands so I decided to go out and buy the Pantene shampoo & conditioner. I also picked up another styling product from the brand.  The Gold Series contains 8 products and it does include a traditional shampoo & conditioner.

The first 3 products are to “help protect hair and empower your personal styling.” Normally I only use shampoo and conditioner but I wanted to try out these styling products. Keep reading to see my thoughts on Pantene hair products .


Pantene Hydrating Co-Wash– My first thought of this product was that I would be able to use this as a shampoo & conditioner. In fact this is essentially what the product is for. I am not a fan of co wash products, because I honestly would just rather use shampoo & conditioner. I only use this product when I wear my hair curly and I am not straightening it. Recently I wore my hair curly for 3 weeks and did not straighten it for that period. I did not use shampoo & conditioner but instead used this co-wash a couple of times. First of all this smells so good! I typically do not care about smells but one of the reasons why I love this product, is because of its smell. This is a nice sized product and will last a while! Directions are included on the packing on how to use. I will only use this product if I am not straightening my hair. Overall this is a nice product and I do recommend, however, I can live without it.

Pantene Repairing Hair Mask– I never tried a hair mask before using this product. Although I have never previously tried a mask before, I was actually on the market for one. Hair mask are very strong products that take affect immediately. They’re not to be used often, but here and there to meet your hair needs. I remember using this product a while back and did not notice any difference. However, after using the most recent time, I could see it working! The concept of the mask it to repair your hair. The ingredients go in and work to fix the problems. The formula is amazing! It is similar to a shampoo or conditioner and not hard to use. You leave it on for 5-7 minutes then rinse. Overall its a very easy treatment that anyone can do.

Pantene Leave-On Detangling Milk-This is the one product I did not use as much as the others. There’s no reason why, I just didn’t see a need for it. The concept of the detangling milk is very interesting and I would definitely try. I am going to try and use this product more since it claims to help tame frizz. At times I have really frizzing hair and maybe this product could help.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Renewal Deep Conditioner– Out of all the products listed, this has to be my most used product & my favorite one. You can use this product once a week or even every day. For 3 weeks straight, I used every day. Only missing two days. I truly enjoy this product. You apply and leave it on for 3 minutes. I used while I was in the shower, so sometimes it was on for more than 3 minutes. I saw no damage from using it more than 3 minutes. The conditioner is,” for really dry, thirsty hair.” This did help my dry hair become more healthier. The formula is similar to shampoo & conditioner, however, just a little thicker. A little can definitely go a long way.  Although this product has the same packaging as the Gold Series, it is not included. The product is part of the Pro-V Series.


Pantene Full & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner– The brand has an array of shampoos & conditioners for every type and every hair need. Similar to the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, the Full & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner is part of the Pro-V Series. I decided to get the Full & Strong products because it claims to, “protect your strands against damage while achieving a full-looking head of hair.” My first thought of these products were that they would be similar to any other Pantene shampoo & conditioner that I have tried. I was never scared or nervous that they would damage my hair. When I used these products, I could instantly feel my hair getting stronger and I felt the ingredients  were already at work. I typically do not feel this immediate affect in a product. The products claim for a “natural fullness.” After I straightened my hair, my hair was in fact very full and healthy. I would 100% recommend the shampoo & conditioner.

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Celebrating 1000 Followers!!


I am extremely blessed & super happy that I have reached this milestone. This is definitely a great start off for the new year, 2018! Thank you to EVERYONE!! I wanted to do a overview of my blog and some of its highlights! Hope you enjoy my celebration of 1000 followers! KEEP READING FOR A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END!

Explain the Name of My Blog

I wanted a name that could represent all of the things that I love talking about & enjoy. Girlytreasures, is a combination of all things girly that I treasure. This includes: makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Brands I have Worked with

Most Viewed Blogpost

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Top Question I Get Asked 

  • Do I recommend (blank) product?

Of course, anytime I review or talk about a product I will always say rather or not I recommend it! I will never mention a product and not give my thoughts on it. I also will be 100% about the product, even those I am sent!


Shoutout to Some of My Readers/Followers

My favorite thing about blogging is when people comment on a post! No one understands, I get super excited! I love when someone gives me feedback or recommends a product. Ultimately, I am here to learn more and receive information. I also love when people leave very nice and inspiring comments! If you didn’t know, under Stats, you can see who comments the most on your post. Of course you may be #1. I was going to choose the top 3 to thank. However, I have a 5 way tie for the most commented!! I just want to thank EVERYONE & my top 5 who leave such delightful comments!

Big Announcement!!!

I knew when I hit 1000 followers that I would officially change my plan & upgrade to a custom domain! I have been wanting to do this for some time now, however, with starting college and moving away I was so busy. Not that I am in my college routine and settled, I decided that once I hit 1000 that I would officially do it! To my knowledge, their is no site taken, so hopefully this is a smooth process. It will take me a while to set up the logistics because not only am I getting a custom domain, but I am also redoing my entire website and getting a new custom theme! BTW, I am doing this all myself! I have some knowledge of this material and hopefully I will be able to do smoothly! I am not sure of the time frame, however, it will be soon! Please be on the lookout for these new updates!!


Be sure to follow me on social media Twitter  Instagram Pinterest 

The New Year of 2018…


Things I want to try:

  • Learn how to cook
  • To get into a gym routine. On campus we have a gym that can be used by students. The equipment is very nice and I like going. I have been couple of times, however, I want to develop a routine and start going more often.
  • Not to overthink situations.

Shows I want to watch:

  • Riverdale
  • Game of Thrones
  • Jane the Virgin




  • Drink more water & track my intake.
  • Continue to travel. Each year for the past 3 years, I have been on at least one trip outside of the country. I want to continue this in 2018 and travel to a new country!
  • Land an internship & take summer classes.

Quotes to live by:



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