Travel Bucketlist

India- I’m not even married yet. Not even close to being married and I already know where I want to go on my honeymoon. India! The culture and beautiful scenery is what attracted me most. I also want to travel here because one thing I have wanted to do for the longest is to ride an elephant. I love the animal so much and would love to be in India when this happens.

Italy- This boot shaped country is probably at the top of my list. I have traveled to Spain & France and have been so close to going to Italy. I love Italian food and would love to try  food right in the heart of Italy. Plus the scencery and agriculture is beautiful. The history is something to learn and enjoy, so why not do it in Italy!

Brazil-I am excited just thinking about Brazi. The country has so many different types of scenery to explore. The rainforest is a big attraction that excites me. I am not really an outdoors type of person. If I were able to travel to Brazil, I would want to be outdoors all the time. I’m not really sure if it rains a lot, I expect it does.

Morocco- If there is one continent I would love to travel to and explore every country on it, it is the African continent. The geography interest me so much! I’m not really sure why I would like to go to Morocco out of all the countries on the African continent. I would honestly go to any!

Canada- If there is one country where I believe everything is perfect and the people are so nice, the country would have to be Canada. Living in the US, I have seen displays of the Canadian culture. I would love to switch and live there. Everyone seems peaceful and thats what I love most. Plus the government is ran nicely and their prime minster seems very nice, friendly, and down to earth.

Mongolia-I love the winter months and by far winter is my favorite holiday. I would love to travel to a country where basically everyday is winter.  I have no past history or know anything about Mongolia. It would interesting to travel to a place where I can learn as I am there. However, I’m not sure if Mongolia is a very touristy place to travel to, that would be my only concern.



2 thoughts on “Travel Bucketlist

  1. I agreeee! India and Brazil sound like amazing places to visit! I’m from Canada and I totally agree with you. Everyone is so nice here and it’s very peaceful. I love living in Canada and I would so recommend it! A place that’s at the top of my bucket list is Greece! I want to visit it so badly, it just seems so lovely and beautiful.

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