Colourpop Haul


I am so excited for this haul! There are some brands where I constantly re-order from all the time. Colourpop has to be one of those brands. I love how the brand is constantly adding new products to their line. Colourpop will soon have an array of different types of makeup products to choose from. I have never had a bad experience with the brand and will continue to support. Continue reading to check out some of the brand new, newly launched products from Colourpop I recently got.


I first want to start off with the concealers. Colourpop has an array of products to choose from and I love how they are expanding and adding more makeup products. Rumor has it that the brand will soon release foundations and that they released the concealers to see how people would react. If this is true then I am very excited to see a foundation. The shade range for the concealers is nice for the first go round. Hopefully they will add more shades to the line. I bought 4 concealers because looking online I could not determine which shade would be best for me. In fact I was right. I got 4 colors that coordinate with each and are the same shade range. There is no concealer that matches me perfect, so I have to mix these concealers. This sucks, but I knew that this would be the case. That is why I got four. The colors I got are: Tan 50, Deep Tan 55, Deep Golden 60, and Rich Tan 65.


When I switched the concealers on my arm, I was really hopeful that these would be perfect shades. My initial thought was that the middle 2 shades would best match my skin color. In actuality, if I mix the first shade (the lighter shade) & the last shade (the darker shade) then that matches my skin color better than the 2 middle shades. The colors look very pigmented and seem to dry fast.  My favorite thing about these concealers is the brush. The brush is like no other brush I’ve seen or used. It is similar to any concealer brush, small in size. But instead of being hard, the brush is soft and very flexible. The concealers do have a smell to them, but they just smell like any other makeup product.


Okay so now lets talk about the coverage of these concealers. Colourpop claims that these concealers are full coverage. A lot of youtubers  took this claim and tried to use the concealers as a foundation instead of just a concealer. Seeing many youtubers do this prompted me to buy the concealers and use them as a foundation. I am probably the only person that does not like these concealers as foundation. I was really excited and hopeful that these would be great as a foundation. I did not like this product as a foundation because the finish was very matte. I use many matte products, however the concealers made my face look very dry. Since there was no color that matched my shade perfectly, my face either looked to light or too dark. I decided to use the concealers as concealers instead of foundation.  This turned out to work really well for me. The concealer is definitely a full coverage concealer. I do not see using these product as a foundation, but definitely worked well as a concealer. I would recommend this concealer to anyone looking for a full coverage concealer.


Colourpop Medium Shader Brush– I wanted to get a new brush to use pair with the concealers. At the time Colourpop only had eyeshadow brushes so I decided to get the shader brush. The brush is similar to my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush that I use to apply concealer. I first tried to use the brush to apply the concealer, however, the brush did not work well and was very streaky.  I then tried to use the brush as its main use to apply eyeshadow.  The brush is terrible. The brush sucks. I have never used a brush this bad before. I had high hopes for a Colourpop brush. I plan on buying more brushes, but once I saw the quality of the brush I decided to change my mind. Another con about the brush is its design. The brush is very dual and boring, plus the name of the brush (medium-shader) is not on the actual brush.



Colourpop High Five Highlighter-I have been wanting to try a Coloupop highlighter for the longest. I have other highlighters from other brands that I love and have never seen the need to get another highlighter. Even though I’ve wanted to try this product for the longest, every time I ordered from Colourpop I always skipped right over the highlighters. However, I have finally gotten my hands on one. I really love the individuality of Colourpop highlighters. I like how they are not sold in palettes but sold individually. Also s the hihglight seems to come with a lot of product within. I normally wear highlighters that have brownish,goldish tones to them. I rarely wear a highlight with pink to it. When I first tried the highlight, I did not realize how pink it is. This instantly turned me off. I also am not a fan of highlighters that are very sparkly and have a lot of sparkles. Of course, this highlighter does. I am very disappointed in this highlighter. However, I am open to trying another Colourpop highlighter that has gold undertones and is not very sparkly.


Colourpop Fab Five Lippie Stick- This was a limited edition lippie stick. I was very excited to get this lip product. The color will be perfect for the upcoming fall/winter months. I only have 1 other Colourpop lippie stick compared to 10 liquid lipsticks. I have been wanting another one for the longest. I honestly prefer the lippie sticks over the liquid lipsticks. I love this maroon/burgundy lip color. This lip color would look good on some many skin tones. This is one reason that I love Colourpop. They cater to all skin tones, not just a few. I would definitely recommend trying out this color for the upcoming season change.


The picture shows swatches of the products I got! I am in love with these colors. I am excited that all of these items will fit in my Fall/Winter Makeup Routine. The lip color, especially is great for the fall months. Even though the highlighter was my least favorite, I can pair it with the lip color to add  a settle, natural look.


6 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul

  1. I love Colourpop products! There are not many other products that have quite the same quality and effects. Just thinking about those highlighters makes my mouth go dry XD
    By the way, I think you have really beautiful skin! ❤

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