Fall Clothing Wishlist

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love all the clothing pieces that I can wear in the fall. Plus the fall colors are especially one of the best trends that are guaranteed during these months. Keep reading to see the staple clothing items I want in my closet this fall.

Oversized Sweaters-Last fall I bought a couple of shirts that were oversize and I fell in love. This fall I want my entire collection to be oversized sweaters. I love how cozy the sweaters are. I can throw on the top with ripped jeans, a skirt, and even leggings. Burgundy, brown, black, and blue are perfect colors to wear this fall.

Oversized Cardigan- Another staple piece I want in my fall collection, is oversized cardigans. The oversized cardigans are different than the oversized sweaters. I can pair a basic shirt with and oversized cardigan. I love how you can dress the outfit up by adding a cute necklace or a scarf. Or I can wear a cardigan, a shirt, and pair it with leggings.

Patagonia Vest-This has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. I want something from Patagonia so badly. Only thing stopping me from buying something from the brand is the price. I can not see myself spending the prices for certain items of clothing. However, the brand is such nice quality and the items I want are essential and staple pieces. I love their vest and how they are furry, plus have pockets.

Leggings- A pair of thick leggings that are perfect for the cool weather is one of my top essentials this fall. Many mornings I have early classes and don’t want to take time to find an outfit. Throwing on leggings and shirt is the perfect go to outfit.

Leather Jacket-I have a leather jacket that I wear often, however, the quality of the jacket could be better. There are some items that spending more for it is actually worth it. I hope to invest in a nicer quality black leather jacket. I do not mind spending $100+ of this  item, just because I know that I would actually wear it, I want it, and it is a staple to my collection.

Black Ripped Jeans-I have been wanting a pair of black ripped jeans for the longest. I have yet to find a pair anywhere. Jeans are probably the number one bottom I wear. My favorite style of jeans is blue ripped jeans. I can’t wait to own a black pair.



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