Fall Beauty Wishlist


I cannot believe fall is here!! Fall & Winter are my favorite two months. So many holidays and events take place during these months. Especially my birthday!! Fall makeup is my favorite. I love the colors and shade range that comes out. I tend to buy more makeup in the fall than any other season. Keep reading to see the beauty products that I’m wishing to get this fall.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes– In September, Too Faced launched more products to their ‘Peaches & Cream Collection’. Most of my eyeshadow palettes contain both mattes & shimmery eyeshadow. I do not own an eyeshadow palette with just mattes. I am very interested to see how you can create an entire eye look with just mattes. The colors in the palette are beautiful and look very pigmented. I love the oranges and browns the palette contains. Perfect for fall.

fall-2017_fenty-beauty_011_promo.jpgFenty Beauty Gloss Bomb-Rihanna’s beauty collection was a hit, right when it came out. There is such a diversity in shades that everyone is going to find their color. Out of everything in her collection, the gloss stood out to me. The shade would look great on all skin tones and is a color that I could see myself wearing this fall. I definitely think this will become a staple in my collection.



Chanel Gabrielle Eau de Parfum-I’m not to quick to put perfume on my list, just because I have a lot of perfumes. However, I haven’t bought a nice perfume in about two years. I love treating myself and lately I’ve been wanting to try a new high end perfume.The last high end perfume I bought was from Marc Jacobs. I fell in love with the scent, plus it lasted me a long time. I have never owned a Chanel Perfume and have been wanting to try one for the longest. This scent is perfect for the fall/winter months. This fall I have a lot of professional meetings and I can’t wait for that to be a reason to wear this scent.


O.P.I Nail Polish– I love having my nails done. I go to the nail salon every 3-4 weeks. However, being a college student, this is an expensive habit to keep up with. I have decided that I will start doing my own nails to save some money. OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands. The quality is amazing and the polish last for a long time. The color I want to try is ‘Turn On The Northern Lights’. This shimmery blue, purple is perfect for the fall/winter. I love how there is sparkles in the polish. I don’t tend to polish my nails dark colors, however, I love this shade so much.


Colourpop Clear Brow Gel– I love brow gel! I normally don’t fill in my eyebrows so I need something to keep my brows tamed & in place throughout the day. I normally use the Ulta Brow Gel. However, I have been through 4 of these gels and want to try something new. I love how Colourpop is very affordable. Every product I have from the brand is amazing. I hope the brow gel is just as good.




7 thoughts on “Fall Beauty Wishlist

  1. I never thought to add a perfume to my wishlist either but i haven’t bought any in a long time because my bf doesn’t like perfume because it makes his head hurt but let me know how the scent works for you if you get it. PS: You should try the Colourpop No Filter Concealers.

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