What’s in my Purse


I love purses!! I have used a purse since I was a little girl. Previously I invested in a really nice purse that transitioned me from a teen to a young adult. I have found that I use purses more often than I did before. Below are things that you can find in my purse. Let me know if you have similar things in your purse or totally different items.

Wallet- When I bought the purse they also had a matching wallet to go along. I decided to get the set, which also came with an umbrella. At times I don’t carry my purse with me, but will just grab my wallet. The wallet is so nice and classy that it can be used as a smaller version of the purse. I have had two coach wallets before and the quality is amazing. The last for a while and can fit so much inside. In my wallet I carry cash, my card, id, and coupons.

Notebook-I always think of the best ideas in the spur of the moment. Having a notebook near by, I am able to write these ideas down so I don’t forget them later. I also use my notebook for planning, reminders, and list. I’ve noticed when I write things down, I get them done faster and its easier to remember.

Phone- While I am out, I like to keep my phone in my purse. I’m the type of person who likes to grab things while shopping and since I do this, I am scared I may leave my phone somewhere. In an attempt to prevent this, I place my phone in my purse.


Keys- I always have my keys. Even if I’m not the one driving, I always have the,. Right now my key is a little basic, but I want to add more to accessorize it. The keychain I have on their now is from target. It is super cute and stylish!


Sunglasses-Investing in a really nice pair of sunglasses is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I use to have so many of the cheap sunglasses that I would just buy from anywhere. I had so many that I noticed they all were broken. I decided to invest in a more pricier pair so I could stop spending money on sunglasses & be ensured that they wouldn’t break so easily. I would defiantly recommend this. Sunglasses are an essential that you will always use, so why not invest in a pair that you can use forever.


Lotion- I love lotions and I make sure I always have one near by. During this past winter, my hands were dry so I invested in a nice brand to ensure my hands would stay moisturizer. I have been in love ever since. The lotions smell amazing and they give me the moisture I am looking for.

Lipstick-I always have a chapstick or lip balm with me. However, I am noticing more that I also have a lipstick or lipgloss with me also. There have been times when I am out and unable to go back home and put on makeup. Adding a lipstick or lipgloss adds to my look when I am in a hurry. I try to put lip products that don’t need to be applied with a lip liner in my purse.



Chapstick- This is an essential that you must have at all times. I have so many chapsticks that I use regularly. I am currently using a Burt’s Bees lip balm. I love how the lip balm moisturizes my lips while also giving it a tint of pink.





Just the Basics: Gum, Hair Ties, Pen, Pencil, or Marker

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11 thoughts on “What’s in my Purse

  1. This is really cool! I usually see these types of posts as youtube videos but they are actually really fun to read! I have the same things except for the sunglasses. I don’t wear any lol. And I also carry around bandaids and medicine because I trip all the time and injure myself often lol.

    This was fun to read ❤😍❤😍❤😍

    Liked by 1 person

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