Product Empties


I haven’t done a product empties post in forever!! The reason being is that I normally use all of the product up before I consider it empty. I also use many other products so it takes a while to finish one. Meaning I have many mascaras I use, so I alternate between all of them. Below is my most recent product empties, my opinion on the products, and would I repurchase them.


Benefit POREfessional Primer-Love this face primer so much. Although its main usage is to help with pores, I use it because it is an oil free primer that keeps my makeup on all day. A lot goes a long way with this primer. Repurchase:  Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- This use to be my 2nd to best favorite mascara. I always preferred the Benefit They’re Real Mascara over this one. Now I love this mascara even more. I finally brought the full sized version of this and I absolutely love it. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Sexy Hair Body Wash-I really have no idea where I got this body wash from. I love body washes and use them all the time. This body wash worked well, however, the smell was terrible. Body wash typically is known to always smell good. I have never came across one that didn’t, expect this one. Repurchase: NO WAY

Avon Body Wash-Now this body wash I love. I have been through 3 of the Avon Body Wash products so far this year. I absoutlely love the way these smell and they work amazingly. The body wash leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion-My favorite all time lotion from Bath & Body Works! I have bought this lotion so many times and every time I run out I get very sad. The perfume with this scent is just as good! I go thru lotion so fast but this bottle can last me a while. Repurchase: YES!

Vaseline Lotion-I love using unscented lotion or lotion with a mild scent for my entire body. Vaseline is already a great brand, but out of all their products this lotion is the best. Whenever I go and buy any of their products I immediately go to the yellow bottles! Repurchase: Yes

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Dare Lotion-Another lotion, I know. I really do go through lotion very fast. I’ve noticed Victoria’s Secret lotion last me for a while. One thing I love about their lotions, is that their not always adding new scents. The keep the scents and update them. This scent has been out for a while now and I love that I can always find it. Repurchase: Yes



Claire’a Ear Care Solution-Not much to say about this product. I recently got my ears pierced from Claire’s. Whenever you get a piercing, they give you ear care solution to use for your ears. They have recently changed the formula & the bottle from the picture above. I like this one more. Repurchase: If it was still available, then yes




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