The battle of the buffing brush vs. kabuki brush


My favorite three makeup brushes that I use to apply my foundations and powders are: the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, and the Morphe m439 Brush. These brushes are very similar but have few differences. Overall each can be used to apply liquid foundations,powder foundations, and powders.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush-This is probably my most used makeup brush ever. Out of all the brushes I own, I use this one the most. This buffing brush is great for foundations. Instead of gliding your foundation on or striking it, the brush buffs the foundation onto your skin. Using this brush leaves your face with a natural look. This is what I like most about this brush. I like for my makeup to look good but natural looking at the same time. I have washed this brush a lot of times and it still remains in good quality. You can find this brush and other Real Techniques brushes at Target, Ulta, and Walmart.

Morphe m439 Brush-When I first used this brush I was hoping it would be used for my foundations. I quickly did not like the way it made my foundations look. Every youtuber has this brush and they all love it for their foundations. Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy it. I knew that this was a really good brush. It was very soft and the bristles were good quality. Plus I paid a lot of this brush so I didn’t want it to go to waste. I decided to try this brush out with my MAC Studio Fix Powder. I instantly fell in love with how it applied. This brush is very similar to the buffing brush in which it buffs the powder onto my skin without looking patchy. It also gives a natural look.

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush-This is my most recent/newest brush. Although its the newest, I have been using this brush so much. I first tried to use this brush with my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, but that was a quick no. Then I used the brush with my Bareminerals foundation and it works perfectly. It works well with this foundation instead of the Tarte foundation, because it is a liquidy formula, whereas the Tarte has a thick formula. Sigma brushes are the softest brushes I have ever come in contact with. I love the way they feel on my skin. If you have sensitive skin, try using a Sigma Brush.

Buffing Brush- Best for thick foundations, matte foundations, powders, mineral or loose products.

Kabuki Brush- Best for liquid and dewy foundations, blushes, bronzers


Product Empties


I haven’t done a product empties post in forever!! The reason being is that I normally use all of the product up before I consider it empty. I also use many other products so it takes a while to finish one. Meaning I have many mascaras I use, so I alternate between all of them. Below is my most recent product empties, my opinion on the products, and would I repurchase them.


Benefit POREfessional Primer-Love this face primer so much. Although its main usage is to help with pores, I use it because it is an oil free primer that keeps my makeup on all day. A lot goes a long way with this primer. Repurchase:  Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- This use to be my 2nd to best favorite mascara. I always preferred the Benefit They’re Real Mascara over this one. Now I love this mascara even more. I finally brought the full sized version of this and I absolutely love it. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Sexy Hair Body Wash-I really have no idea where I got this body wash from. I love body washes and use them all the time. This body wash worked well, however, the smell was terrible. Body wash typically is known to always smell good. I have never came across one that didn’t, expect this one. Repurchase: NO WAY

Avon Body Wash-Now this body wash I love. I have been through 3 of the Avon Body Wash products so far this year. I absoutlely love the way these smell and they work amazingly. The body wash leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards. Repurchase: Yes I will repurchase & Yes I have repurchased


Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion-My favorite all time lotion from Bath & Body Works! I have bought this lotion so many times and every time I run out I get very sad. The perfume with this scent is just as good! I go thru lotion so fast but this bottle can last me a while. Repurchase: YES!

Vaseline Lotion-I love using unscented lotion or lotion with a mild scent for my entire body. Vaseline is already a great brand, but out of all their products this lotion is the best. Whenever I go and buy any of their products I immediately go to the yellow bottles! Repurchase: Yes

Victoria’s Secret Midnight Dare Lotion-Another lotion, I know. I really do go through lotion very fast. I’ve noticed Victoria’s Secret lotion last me for a while. One thing I love about their lotions, is that their not always adding new scents. The keep the scents and update them. This scent has been out for a while now and I love that I can always find it. Repurchase: Yes



Claire’a Ear Care Solution-Not much to say about this product. I recently got my ears pierced from Claire’s. Whenever you get a piercing, they give you ear care solution to use for your ears. They have recently changed the formula & the bottle from the picture above. I like this one more. Repurchase: If it was still available, then yes



Beauty Wishlist


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette– I am obsessed with this palette. I have never seen a palette from Urban Decay where I know I would use every single color. This palette is great for the summer months but will have even better looks for the fall & winter months. I can definitely see myself spending $54 on this palette.

Born this way foundation.png

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation-I have previously had this foundation on a previous Beauty Wishlist. I was going to get the foundation but ended up getting another foundation instead. I still very much want this foundation. Plus Too Faced recently added more shades to the line.

Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette-I love Jaclyn Hill. She’s a great youtuber. I’m not her biggest fan but I do enjoy her. I love my Morphe 35k eyeshadow palette and have been wanting another Morphe palette. The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette has an array of colors and this stuck out to me the most. There are a lot of different eyeshadow looks that can be achieved from this palette.

BeautyBlender– I have been wanting the original beauty blender for the longest. I could never see myself spending that much for a beauty blender when there are so many affordable options out. However, I know that the original beauty blender is like no other, it works very well and is overall amazing. If I can spend $20+ on makeup brushes then I should be able to spend that on a beauty blender.web_hangoverspray_open_10x10_2


Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray– I am very skeptical about this product. I use both a primer and a setting spray. Now there is a product that combines the two. I’m not exactly sure how you apply this, if you apply it before your makeup or after you apply your makeup. The price is similar to buying a primer and a setting spray so instead of having to buy both, you would only need to buy one and save money.


MAC Lip Duos– MAC has finally decided to pair their lipsticks with their lip liners so you can buy them together. I do not own any MAC lip liners but I do own a couple of lipsticks. I would love to try the matching lip liner to the lipsticks. At first MAC only offered a couple of duos to choose from, they have added more and will continue to add more. I hope to try some of the darker duos that they have.



Mario Badescu Facial Spray-The first thing that stood out to me with this facial spray was the ingredients. It contains Aloe, Cucumbers, and Green Tea. I fell in love instantly just by seeing that these 3 ingredients were combined in this spray. Mario Badescu products are known to contain natural ingredients that help your skin, not harm them. I want to try because this is perfect for helping your face feel refresh.



YES TO Tomatoes Charcoal Mask– I have seen these YES TO mask everywhere. Face mask are one of my favorite skincare products. I use a lot of mask that contains charcoal in the ingredients. I want to see if this mask will become one of my favorite charcoal mask. I hope to try once I’m done using my current face mask.

Drugstore Skincare Haul


Hello beauties!! I have been enjoying this nice warm weather and have been relaxing a little bit. A couple of months ago I brought new skincare products that were mostly Burt’s Bees products. I enjoyed those products and have recently ran out. I decided to embark on some new skincare products. Before I buy any skincare or makeup products I always do my research to see which products will work for me. I am very happy with each of skincare products I purchased! Keep reading to see my thoughts on them.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water– I recently did a post about products that were fan favorite products that actually work. This product should have been included. It’s so crazy how many times I have seen this product on social media & even in stores. For the longest I had no idea what this product was. All I can remember was that it had ‘Water’ in the title so it must be a pointless product. However, after doing my research I came to the conclusion that this micellar water is the bomb! I decided to go ahead and try. First thing first, this product is great! It removes the leftover makeup and dirt that you may have thought you already removed. I love how there is no smell with this product. It is perfect because you put it all over the face and having a strong scent can be a turn-off. Also whenever I apply the product around the eye area, it does not irate my eye or cause redness. There is a couple of micellar cleansing waters from the brand to choose from, so do you research to see which is best for you!

Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Scrub– I have never tried anything from Garnier before, expect their shampoo & conditer. So I am very surprised that I not only got one item from the brand, but two. One of my favorite youtubers suggested this scrub. Of course I did my research and decided that this would be a great scrub for me to try. My favorite thing about the scrub is that it is designed for oily skin while also meeting concerns for blackheads. The scrub is black with little white beads. The only con I have about this scrub is those little white beads. I love the mask so much. However, when I go and remove the mask off, the little white beads are still left on my face and they are very hard to remove. This is a “SCRUB” so I guess it is expected to have them. This mask works wonders and I truly feel it working. It also leaves the face very smooth and soft afterwards. I use this mask regularly and have noticed that I don’t even get blackheads that often anymore. The brand also has a pore eliminating scrub similar to this one that I hope to try out soon.

Pixi Glow Tonic– I am very indifferent on this product. It has AMAZING reviews and I really want to love it, however, I’m not sure on how I truly feel. First thing first, this product is very expensive for a “drugstore product .” Plus its small as well. This is suppose to be a holy grail product that works wonders and is suppose to cure any skin concerns. The thing about this product is that it is not specially only for one skin concern. You can use it a lot of different ways for a lot of different problems. All of this sounds amazing, so why can’t I feel any of this. Besides the price, what else sucks? The smell. This product smells terrible, absolutely terrible. I normally do not complain about smells, because I don’t really mind them, but this is bad. I can not even describe the smell. This product is designed to be a toner and for all skin types. I have very oily skin, very oily. I find that the toner makes my skin even oily then it is. So I tried only using the product when I am not going out and only at home. Still no difference, I am still very oily. I will continue to try and find a use for this product to work. If you have any suggestions, please please please leave a comment.

Target Basic Cotton Rounds– In addition to these new products, I needed a new way to apply these products. Before, I would use a cotton ball/ swab to apply. After doing research I found that those really do not work well for your skin and that cotton rounds are design for these purposes. I am really happy that I switched over and started using cotton rounds. These are not too harsh and feel perfect on my skin.