Beach Essentials


There are some products that you already know what to take with you to the beach. You know you may need a bathing suit, a towel, sunscreen, and shoes. However, this list contains essentials you may have not thought to bring or simply forgot all about. I just came back from the beach and used every product on this list. Feel free to add some essentials that you take to the beach in the comments!

A Hat-The beach is really windy despite the hot humid weather. I love wearing my hair down but it always seems to blow all over the place. Having a hat helps to keep and block the sun off your face. A hat is a must, especially for cute pics! Some people love beach hats but I love to wear just a plain black or white baseball hat.

A Camera– Recently I got a polaroid camera. I haven’t used it much because I haven’t had an occasion to use it. However, I am definitely bringing it to the beach. The scenery is perfect and plus it’s a great time to capture the memories with family & friends!

Sunglasses– This is something you can not forget!! It is always sunny at the beach. When you want to sit back and relax, throw your sunglasses on! Even if you forget these, there is probably a shop nearby where you can get a cute cheap pair. I would not recommend bringing your most expensive pair. The waves can be pretty strong or you don’t want to accidentally leave them at the beach.

Books/ Magazines– Normally when you go to the beach, you make it a day event or at least half of the day. You don’t have to be in the water the entire time. Bring a book or a magazine to occupy your time. Plus its a great way to catch up on some new reads. If you have a hard time focusing while reading, you’ll have the sound of the waves in the background or play some music.

Portable Charger-Out of all the essentials on the list, this may be the most important. A portable charger is need and necessary in the 21st century. You will be at the pool all day and it would suck if your phone died. Now I know, you shouldn’t be on your phone the entire time, but having the portable charger is something to invest in. You never know when an emergency can happen and no one’s phone is working. Plus if you’re playing music or reading a book on your phone, it drains the battery.

Speaker– Now don’t worry, the entire beach won’t hear your music. On pervious trips to the beach I always wanted to play my music out loud so my entire family could hear and enjoy. This trip, we brought a small portable bluetooth speaker. We were nervous it would be too loud and other people would hear. Infant we were wrong. We were able to control the volume. And you have to remember, no one is really paying attention to you, they’re enjoying themselves as well.


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