Yes the title of this post is real! Yes I really did receive a free pair of jeans! Yes I am very happy! I rarely do post that are not about makeup or beauty. Those 2 topics interest me the most and I love to blog about each. I have done many blog post featuring Influenster. The brand sends out products for consumers to try. Plus it is a great site to look up reviews on products. Some of the items I have received from Influenster are: Covergirl Products, Influenster Ivy VoxBox, and the Influenster Twinkle VoxBox. This is my first time receiving clothes from Influenster.




I was very nervous about getting a perfect pair of jeans that didn’t fit. I am at the stage where at times I can wear one size but then the next day fit another size. I actually have jeans from Hollister and they are one of my favorite jean brands. The size I was sent was actually a size bigger then the size of jeans I currently wear now. I am actually happy that the jeans are a size bigger. They do fit a little bit big on me but I know in a couple of months they will actually fit perfect on.



The style of the jeans I received are Low Rise Super Skinny. I previously said these were a little big on me. I know if these jeans were High Rise Super Skinny then they would be perfect. But I am not complaining! The reason I say this, is because I am a little short. Since these are already low and super skinny they are long on me. If they were high rise, then it would balance out. My favorite thing about these jeans are the bottom. I wish they weren’t as big so you could see the bottom detailing.

Besides the sizing of these jeans (which I can totally ignore because I am obsessed with them) is the material. With any jeans I own, I hate the polyester material. I hate the way polyester feels on my skin. Maybe I have sensitive skin but polyester itches me so much. The material of the jeans are 79% cotton, 18% polyester,  2% viscose, and 1% elastane. I would totally trade the polyester for more cotton.


Now let’s talk about the price with these jeans. Let’s say I did not get the jeans for free. How much would they cost me? The tag on the jeans says the jeans retail for US$59.95 & CAN$64.95. Call me cheap but I would never spend that much on these jeans. Maybe if they did fit right & were the material I like. However, Hollister, the brand of the jeans, ALWAYS offers their jeans for $25!! Now that is more like it. I could see myself spending $25 for these jeans.

I am so happy I was sent these jeans to test out and enjoy. I am glad that this is a product that I can actually use and love!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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