Milani Liquid Eye


I never wear eyeliner. This year alone, I have worn it twice and its almost half way through the year. I know its so crazy. There’s no particular reason that I do not wear eyeliner. Now I’m not the best at applying it, but I’m also not terrible. When I do wear it, I’ll do a simple line & wing. Nothing special or fancy. Lately, I’ve had a desire to want to wear it more. I decided that I would start and venture out to try new things. I ran to my local store and looked through the aisles of the store to find the perfect one. Normally before I buy makeup, I always do my research on the product. This time, I did no prior research and decided to go in blind. I picked up the Milani Liquid Eye Liner. Continue reading to see my thoughts on this liner.



I only use black liner. I feel it works best for my eyes. I like to use both gel liner and a pencil liner. Although this liner is pencil, it has a gel like formula. It glides onto the lid easily and smoothly. It looks like a liquid liner and you could never tell its a pencil. Sometimes when you apply with a pencil, it can easily be uneven. The Milani Liquid eye does not leave uneven patches. Besides the black, there is an array of liquid pencils to choose from including: brown, blue, gold, and purple. The black is very dark. When I use other brands, I always wish the color was darker. I did not find myself saying this when I used the Milani liner. This liner could definitely been worn for a long amount of time. No touch ups are necessary with this long lasting eye liner.


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