Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner


One of my favorite things to do is, try out new products! Now I know I always say ‘that I research every product I get before buying’. However, there are some products I see and instantly just get. The packing of this product, attracted me most.  The glass frosted bottle was something I rarely seen in a beauty product. I instantly felt this product is meant to work and better my skin all through the packing.

The Trilogy Mist is infused with rose, geranium, and lavender. When I read these ingredients I knew that the mist had to smell really good. In fact, I was right! The smell is really nice but is also not too overpowering. Since the mist is to be sprayed directly onto your face, you want to make sure with this product or any product, that the smell is not too controlling. A strong smell can lead to headaches and irritations.  Also it is very important to look at EACH ingredients that the product contains.

Each of the 3 ingredients, each have a certain claim. The rose is meant for toning the skin while maintaining a pH balance. The geranium refreshes and helps relieve stress. Lastly, the lavender balances and calms. I love how each ingredient has a certain purpose. I truly need all 3. Out of all 3, I would say the “refreshes and helps relieve stress” applies most to me.

To apply this Mist Toner, you hold the bottle 30cm away from your face and spray. You can use this mist daily. I use the mist in the morning right after I have cleansed and moisturized my face. Overall, I am glad I gave this product a try. Even though I didn’t need this product, it was nice to incorporate it into my routine.




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