Bareminerals Bareskin Foundation


I recently bought a new foundation!! This is crazy. I normally only use my everyday foundation (the Tarte Amazonian Clay) however, I decided to go out and invest in a new one. I went to ULTA to get my makeup done one day, and the makeup artist used this foundation on me and recommended that I buy. I decided why not, since it looked and felt really nice on. Keep reading to see a detailed review on the Bareminerals Bearskin Foundation.  


Formula: The formula is a little more liquidy than what I’m use to. Typical matte foundations that I use are normally dry, this one however, is not at all. Whenever I squirt the product onto my hand, it starts to run off if I’m not fast enough when ready to apply it. The finish of the Bareminerals foundation is very dewy. I think a dewy look is perfect for the summer. Being too matte in the summer can make you look very dry.

Color/Shade: The shade perfecernce is amazing for this foundation. There are 20 shades to choose from!! The lightest shade is really light and the darkest shade is amazing for darker skin tones. I would definitely recommend the foundation to ever skin color, because they will most likely have your shade. I am in the shade Bare Maple, which is shade 17 out of 20. I believe this color it too dark for me, even though I had it matched. I will return to get the shade Bare Honey or Bare Almond.

Coverage: The foundation claims to be a medium coverage foundation. However, it does claim to be able to build up the coverage you desire. I would have to agree that the foundation can be light to full coverage depending on how much you apply. I definitely apply the foundation to be full coverage.  The foundation does oxidizes like crazy. If you do not want this in a foundation, it may not be for you. But those who do, it is perfect. If I knew the foundation oxidizes before I bought it, I would’ve went a shade lighter. Just because after a while, my natural oils and this foundation can make me look a shade or two darker.


How I apply the foundation: The thing I love most about this foundation, is that its not too dry nor too liquidy. You can apply the foundation with a brush or even a beauty blender. I currently apply with the Real techniques Buffing Brush then I use my beauty blender to dap off the excess product. This foundation is unique in which, it has its own brush that is recommend. I currently order the brush, but it has not arrived yet. Be on the look out for a review once it arrives!

Price: The price for the foundation is very affordable compared to other “high end” foundations. It cost $29.50 while my current foundation, the Tarte Amazonian Clay is $39.00 .

Overall Rating: I really like the foundation much more than I anticipated. There are some things I wish could be improved, such as the shade of the foundation and the consistency of it. However, I will be able to deal with these problems because the foundation is great overall. I would recommend this foundation to any sign color and sign type.                                                                                                                                            8.5/10


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