6 TV Shows to Watch on Netflix during the Summer


BINGE WATCG! BINGE WATCH! BINGE WATCH! This is the best thing to do during the summer in order to catch up on all your shows. I am currently watching 4 shows at once and I’m just trying to finish them. Over the previous years I have notice that when summer comes, I’m on Netflix all the time. I wanted to share my favorite shows that you should watch during the summer on Netflix. After all, it is the best time to do so! If you have any suggestions on shows I should watch, please let me know!!

Grey’s Anatomy-If someone were to ask what was my all time favorite show, I would probably say every show on this list. However, if I were forced to choose one, Grey’s Anatomy might top the list. In fact, the show helped me decide what I want my future career to be. Before I started watching the show, I would always hear people talking about it, and in my head I thought it was overrated and not that good. I WAS WRONG! This show is so good. I watched this show nonstop. At times I thought I was the characters myself and at other times, I thought I was performing the surgeries as well. The earlier seasons were the best!!! The newer episodes don’t even compare. If you’re deciding on watching or not, make sure you enjoy the first 5 seasons! After that, it gets real crazy.

The Walking Dead-Love love love this show!! Words cannot explain my love for this show. Out of all the shows on the list, I definitely binge watched this show like crazy. I got attached to the characters so fast! I never cried so hard but I never wanted to save the world so hard before either. The Walking Dead is the bomb! However, the earlier seasons were more enjoyable than the newer seasons!! The show does leave you wanting to know what happens next and who survives!

Gossip Girl-A staple show everyone should watch! Especially girls. This show contains every teenage dream and reality. You get so attached to the characters and their lifestyles that you start to want to live their lifestyle. This show has friendship, relationships, drama, and school life. Gossip Girl is probably one show I know that people continue to re-watch over and over again. XOXO Gossip Girl (watch the show to understand!)

Shameless- I love this show so much!!! This is one of the current shows I am watching. This show has no plot whatsoever. Each episode is different than the rest, which at first seems like it would turn you away, but it doesn’t! This show might go down as one my all time favorite shows. Theres 10 main characters that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Those Gallaghers are one for the books! Definitely one of my favorite tv families.

Orange is the new black– This show out of all the shows on  the list, is definitely the best to watch during the summer. Reason being, is because new episodes get released every June! Unlike the other shows, where new episodes come back in the fall, you can watch previous seasons of Orange is the new Black then catch up on the new season. I love this show because it is very unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen next. Plus is it a light mood show with a little bit of comedy.

American Horror Story-This is definitely a show I could never see myself watching! For one, each season is different from one another and contains different characters. However, the show is so good that having different plots does not turn you off. I love how each season is centered around a certain location and the plot goes with that location. One thing I have noticed about this hyped about show is that it only seems to get hype and attention when it comes on tv. This is a popular show but definitely underrated at the same time. Heads up this show might be a little bit more scarier than the other shows.


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