6 TV Shows to Watch on Netflix during the Summer


BINGE WATCG! BINGE WATCH! BINGE WATCH! This is the best thing to do during the summer in order to catch up on all your shows. I am currently watching 4 shows at once and I’m just trying to finish them. Over the previous years I have notice that when summer comes, I’m on Netflix all the time. I wanted to share my favorite shows that you should watch during the summer on Netflix. After all, it is the best time to do so! If you have any suggestions on shows I should watch, please let me know!!

Grey’s Anatomy-If someone were to ask what was my all time favorite show, I would probably say every show on this list. However, if I were forced to choose one, Grey’s Anatomy might top the list. In fact, the show helped me decide what I want my future career to be. Before I started watching the show, I would always hear people talking about it, and in my head I thought it was overrated and not that good. I WAS WRONG! This show is so good. I watched this show nonstop. At times I thought I was the characters myself and at other times, I thought I was performing the surgeries as well. The earlier seasons were the best!!! The newer episodes don’t even compare. If you’re deciding on watching or not, make sure you enjoy the first 5 seasons! After that, it gets real crazy.

The Walking Dead-Love love love this show!! Words cannot explain my love for this show. Out of all the shows on the list, I definitely binge watched this show like crazy. I got attached to the characters so fast! I never cried so hard but I never wanted to save the world so hard before either. The Walking Dead is the bomb! However, the earlier seasons were more enjoyable than the newer seasons!! The show does leave you wanting to know what happens next and who survives!

Gossip Girl-A staple show everyone should watch! Especially girls. This show contains every teenage dream and reality. You get so attached to the characters and their lifestyles that you start to want to live their lifestyle. This show has friendship, relationships, drama, and school life. Gossip Girl is probably one show I know that people continue to re-watch over and over again. XOXO Gossip Girl (watch the show to understand!)

Shameless- I love this show so much!!! This is one of the current shows I am watching. This show has no plot whatsoever. Each episode is different than the rest, which at first seems like it would turn you away, but it doesn’t! This show might go down as one my all time favorite shows. Theres 10 main characters that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Those Gallaghers are one for the books! Definitely one of my favorite tv families.

Orange is the new black– This show out of all the shows on  the list, is definitely the best to watch during the summer. Reason being, is because new episodes get released every June! Unlike the other shows, where new episodes come back in the fall, you can watch previous seasons of Orange is the new Black then catch up on the new season. I love this show because it is very unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen next. Plus is it a light mood show with a little bit of comedy.

American Horror Story-This is definitely a show I could never see myself watching! For one, each season is different from one another and contains different characters. However, the show is so good that having different plots does not turn you off. I love how each season is centered around a certain location and the plot goes with that location. One thing I have noticed about this hyped about show is that it only seems to get hype and attention when it comes on tv. This is a popular show but definitely underrated at the same time. Heads up this show might be a little bit more scarier than the other shows.

Sigma Beauty Haul


I am so very excited about this haul!! I have been wanting to get my hands on Sigma Brushes for the longest. Literally I have wanted them for years!! I could never bring myself to spend the money on brushes, when I had a good brushes that worked very well for a decent price. I still use those brushes but I wanted to finally venture out and give Sigma a try. I am a little upset that I waited this long because this has been one of my all time favorite makeup purchases. I am absolutely obsessed with Sigma!

IMG_0604To start off the packing itself was very nice. I love the design of the box and how the products were nicely packed inside. It so happens that black & pink are my two favorite colors! I instantly fell in love with the packing. Although I did not have any delicate items, I know that if I were to purchase frail items from Sigma, they would not be damage and would arrive in perfect condition. I was absolutely blown away by the packing itself and was very excited to see the products, since the packing itself was a treat.


The one brush I knew I wanted and had to have from Sigma was their F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. I’ve seen this brush all over youtube and have heard nothing but good things.I currently use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and love it so much! These two are both similar and very different. Be on the look out for a post where I will be comparing the two. The brush comes in two different colors and retails for $25. It made the Allure 2016 ‘Best of Beauty’ list. Overall this is a real nice brush to invest in.


First off this brush is the softest brush I have ever touched. It is very dense but somehow very soft at the same time. I love how it is smooth on the skin and not too harsh. I like to apply this brush with my Bareminerals Foundation. The foundation is a very dewy and liquidy foundation. I tried my all time favorite foundation, the Tarte Amazonian Clay, with this brush and it was terrible. The difference between the two foundations is that the Barminerals had a liquidy texture whereas the Tarte foundation is very matte. This brush is best paired with a foundation that is dewy and liquidy. I hope to find a way to apply my Tarte foundation with this brush.


Sigma is definitely known for their amazing eyeshadow brushes as well. One makeup goal I want to accomplish is to try new eyeshadow looks anytime I wear a full face. What better way to accomplish my goal then to get new eyeshadow brushes. The last time I order eyeshadow brushes, I picked up a Moprhe Blending Brush. I decided I would get eyeshadow lid brushes from Sigma since I already have blending brushes.


Sigma E55-This brush is dense as well with rounded edges. The brush is very soft and I love how it is not to big but covers the lid at the same time. The purpose the brush serves is that it is used to apply the base color onto the lid. It’s such a nice size that it spreads the shadow color evenly throughout the entire lid. The brush itself comes in a variety of colors and ranges for $14.

Sigma E60– The next brush is a step above the previous brush and is similar and different than the E55. For one, the E60 is much bigger than the E55. The larger shadow brush can be used to apply eye shadow base or cream eye shadow for quick and even coverage. The brush is best for shadows that are heavier and thicker to apply. I first used this brush as a concealer brush and it worked perfectly. I definitely see this brush being a multi-use makeup tool. The brush comes in different color and retails for $16.

Lip Vex in Tint– Sigma had a promo going on where deepening on how much you spent, you were able to choose 2 free gifts. The first gift I received was a lip product. I never even knew they had makeup products, so I am excited to give this a try. The color is a pink that I can wear with any outfit. It glides onto the lips and is very smooth. The free gifts were full sized products. The lip product is very small and reminds me of a sample size. I probably would never purchase this myself, since it is very small for $14. Colourpop lip products are way bigger and half the price!

Eyeshadow in Midori– I have never worn green eyeshadow before, however, this was the only eyeshadow color to choose from. I am not sure how I will wear this color, but I am very opened to giving this a try. The color does contain a little bit of sparkle, so I would definitely put this on the lid. The single eyeshadow is priced at $11.  Since I would normally not wear this color, I would have not purchased this for myself. I would stick to an Urban Decay single eyeshadow or even a MAC single.


How to relax after a long day

I don’t know about you guys but I have been coming home exhausted. I am so happy that it is summer time and I am finally out of school! Recently, I have been extremely busy and so stressed. Every other night I try and have some time to myself to relax. I wanted to share my favorite things I do and enjoy to relax after a long day. Let me know if you have some other ideas that you do to relax.

Change into Comfy clothes– The first thing I do whenever I get home is change my clothes. Especially after a long day at work, it feels really nice to come home and be in clothes that are comfortable. I think this should be the first step in your relaxation time. Being in the same clothes that you went to work and school in my remind you of the long stressful day.


Catch up on a tv show-Whenever I get hooked on a show, the only time I can watch it is when I am doing absolutely nothing else. This would be a perfect time to catch up on an old show and finish a series you are watching. I am currently trying to finish Gossip Girl, Shameless, and Prison Break. Let me know in the comments some other good shows to watch on Netflix.

Light Candles– Recently I have been obsessed with lighting candles. I have always heard people say that lighting candles helps one get into a relaxing mood. I never believed them until I’ve tried to for myself. I like to get scents that are neutral such as: vanilla, lavender, or cinnamon.

Take a bubble bath– After a long stressful day, relaxing in and taking a bubble bath is the best way to end your night. Since my job requires for me to stand the entire time, sitting in bubbles is exactly the thing I want to do when I get home.


Listen to relaxing music-I listen to all of my music on Apple Music. I love how they have different radio stations to choose from. I recently found this station that plays chill relaxing music. I’ll pay the music from  phone or my computer while I’m doing something or simply just relaxing.


Read a book-One thing I want to do this summer is read more. I really enjoy reading and since I am out of school for the summer I will be able to do more of it. I have a list of books I want to purchase this summer and can not wait to read them. I will do a different on the books I am going to read this summer, so be on the lookout for it!


When does your makeup expire


Recently I came across an article where research was done to see when our everyday makeup products expire. I found this article interesting and fascinating because I was able to learn when products expire and see why they expire as well. From reading other articles similar I have researched when certain products expire and wanted to share. Now I know it depends on each individual, and quite frankly I keep some of my products way longer than its expiration date.

2-3 Months


  • Mascara- This product should definitely be replaced more often than any other makeup product. Mascara captures and traps bacteria especially when it comes in contact with your eye. Make sure to remember to replace this product and also remember when you got it so you know when it is time to get rid of it.

Face Mask &  Loofahs 

6 months-1 year


  • Eyeliner- Liner just like mascara captures and builds up bacteria. However, eyeliner is made up of different products than mascara and does not come in direct contact with your eye, therefor, it can last a couple of months longer than mascara.  But it is always good to replace this sooner than later.


Concealer & Face Wash

1-1.5 years


  • Foundation– Now as for foundation I believe it depends on the products that are in it that determine its expiration. Some foundations are made up of cheap materials and cheap paste. These foundations should only be used for 2-3 months. However, the foundations that are made up of ingredients that are right for your skin can be used up to a year. I have found that my high end foundations can last up longer than a year.

Lip Gloss & Eyebrow Gel

2 years

Lip Sticks & Lip Pencils


  • Eyeshadow– Solid products can last way longer than liquid products especially since they are not prone to bacteria as easy. You can notice solid makeup products getting old and expiring once they start to harden and start changing colors.



Powders & Blushes