Covergirl Clean Matte vs. Ready Set Gorgeous


Good Afternoon Makeup Lovers! We all have makeup brands that we love so much that we decided to have every single one of their products. My favorite drugstore brand is Covergirl. I love the brand so much. I decided that I would look at two of their foundations that are very similar. I have had mixed reviews about both and love each one in a different way. They are both matte foundations, but each provide different coverage. Continue reading to find out more about these Covergirl foundations!

Covergirl Clean Matte-I was sent this foundation with the matching powder to try out. I made an entire post about the products HERE. The Clean Matte Collection is their most up to date foundation. They are actually getting ready to release a new collection, however, The Clean Matte is the newest. I was hesitant at first about trying the product. Everything about the foundation reminded me about the Ready Set Gorgeous Line. When I first tried this product, I used a dap beauty blender. There was no coverage what so ever and I felt like nothing was on my face. However, I switched to my buffing brush from real techniques and could instantly tell a difference. I am so surprised about how much I love this!! It gives me enough coverage and looks so natural. There is 7 colors to choose from and I am in the color Medium/Deep. The color is a little bit light on me but not too much. After I do a full face you can hardly tell that it is too light. I’m in love with this foundation and consider it to be among the best matte drugstore products.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous-I did a blog post on this foundation a while ago. It was actually one of my first blog post ever. You can find it HERE. When this hit the market, it was a huge deal. I heard more about this product than I heard about the Clean Matte. It took me forever to find this product because it was always gone everywhere I went. When I did eventually get it, I was so disappointed. When swatched on my hand it seems very light, however, my face is way lighter than my hand. Covergirl promises the foundation is oil free, won’t clog pores, last all day, is suitable for sensitive skin, and provides medium coverage. I agree that the foundation does seem to be oil free, which is always good in a foundation. However, the coverage is definitely light not medium. Which is a little sad because I was hoping for this to either be medium or full coverage. Years later, I have recently bought the foundation back into my routine. I hate wasting money & product so I decided to find a way for it to work. Since the foundation was a little too light, I decided to mix it with the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. I get a perfect color with mixing the too. The coverage is very nice and I love this product!

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Pamper Day Products

Lush Bath Bombs-I love the whole concept of bath bombs. I have come a long way from using bubbles to now using bath bombs. There are so many different kinds and I love how each is uniquely different. Watching the bath bomb being dropped into the bath is so amazing to watch. Besides the show that bath bombs provide, once they have dissolved and the water has changed colors, the bomb begins to work. The feel and the scents of the bath bomb can really get you into a relaxing mood.

Body Scrub-Body scrubs are used by many. I have used body scrubs before but not constantly. A body scrub exfoliates the skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. There are many types of body scrubs to chose from that do many different things. There’s some where you use in the shower or some you can use after. Definitely find a good one that works for your needs.

Lip Scrub-During the winter months, it is so easy for your lips to get dry and you never notice. Normally I do good with keeping my lips moisturized. However, these past couple of months I have found my lips getting dry more often. Lip scrubs help to rid of dry skin while helping to moisturize your lips. Using lip scrubs too often could in return dry your lips out too. Make sure you use lip scrubs just a couple of times a week and not every day.

Candles- Candles have become my obsession recently. I have never went through and bought so many candles all at once. I have found using candles to really set me and put me in the mood. I light a candle in the bathroom while I’m using my bath bomb and in my room, so when I get out, I can remain in the mood.

Facial Mask-I love love love face masks! I try and do a mask a few times a week since the chemicals are way harsher than products you use everyday. There are so many different uses that face mask can offer. I love wearing one while in the bath or while I’m just relaxing while blogging!

Body Lotion-Whenever I use lotion I try to use unscented. However, when I’m having a pamper day I love to use scented lotions. My favorite smells are vanilla, lavender, and cherry blossom. Lathering yourself in lotion after using a bath bomb is the best!

Snacks-All this pampering can make a girl hungry! After I pamper myself, I’ll climb into my bed, write a blog post, then eat my snack. My favorite snacks to eat are pretzels, fruit snacks, chips, popcorn, and of course chocolate!

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7 Beauty Hacks


Make your lips stand out- Add a highlight to the center of your lips to make them stand out. I saw a youtube guru do this and ever since I’ve added this step to my routine. Try adding a shiny highlight that has a little sparkle to it. Apply the highlight after you have applied your lip products. You can also add the highlight onto your nose for extra shine.

Use old mascara wands- Don’t throw away old mascara wands. Instead clean them and use them as eyebrow spoolies. Plus each wand is different than another so you could also use them for different mascaras.

White eyeshadow- I normally don’t use the white eyeshadow that comes in many palettes. However, these shadows can be use as a primer. I love using eyeshadow primer, however, sometimes I forget. I’ll just use the white eyeshadow and it works just as well. Apply the white shadow before apply your other shadows to the base of the eye and the outer lid.

Ice ice baby– Rub an ice cube all over your face before you apply your makeup. This helps close the pores and reduce redness. It also helps your makeup last longer.


Makeup Wipes– Keep makeup wipes by your bed so whenever you get home late or feel lazy so you can still remove your makeup. They do say not removing your makeup, makes you age. We don’t want that!

Q-TIPS- I love this hack. Out of all the hacks, I use this one the most. Q-TIPS are my makeup best friend. Whenever mascara gets some place besides my lashes, I’ll grab a Q-TIP, wipe it off, and the problem is solved. Q-TIPS are the cleanup tool you must have.

Tissue- Throughout the day my face gets oily and shiny. Instead of using blotting papers, I’ll grab a tissue and pat my face. Blotting papers are overpriced when tissue does the exact same thing.


Updated Skincare Routine


Almost a year ago I shared my skincare routine. All of the products in that post truly helped my skin and helped to clear my acne. However, I used those products so much that I ran out and decided to try out some new skincare products. This was my first time trying any products from Burt’s Bees Skincare line. I love their lip products & lotions. Many people do not know that the brand has a wide range of products. My new routine consist of Burt’s Bees products. Continue reading to see how I feel about them!

Burt’s Bees Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser– Burt’s Bee’s has an array of cleansers to chose from, including: sensitive, instant hydration, acne, and renewal refining. I choose to go with the brightening cleanser. This cleanser claims too: create a brighter, more luminous complexion , removes dirt, oil, and makeup, helps visibly even skin tone and is dermatologist tested. I can honestly say that all of these claims work for me. At times, whenever I think I have removed all of my makeup, I use these cleanser and to my surprises it removes the makeup that I thought I had previously removed. Although I have acne prone skin, I decided that I would try a cleanser with different claims. My other skincare products that I use help with my acne. Sometimes having too much products that are for one cause, can stop you from receiving components from another cause.


Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizer-Now this product is perfect for my acne concerns. For one, it is best for oily skin, which is amazing for my skin, since I have really oily prone skin and it is designed specifically for acne. The bottle is very unique and the product is in a glass bottle. I love this concept and feel that this product is very fancy and seems expensive. When you look at the reviews online about this product, you will see people say great things expect for its glass bottle. There are a lot of mixed reviews on the packaging. As long as the product works well then I could care less about the design of the bottle. The moisturizer does have salicylic acid, which many acne products do. I love how natural the moisturizer feels on my face and how easy it is to rub in, even though it may seem heavy.

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Pore Refining Scrub-This scrub is similar to the moisturizer, in which both are from Burt’s Bees skincare line concerning acne. This scrub is formulated to for oily skin, helps to reduce acne, and it exfoliates dead skin. This scrub has the little beads within. At times whenever I was the scrub off, I still find some of the little beads still stuck on my face. I really like this mask and I love the smell of it. The smell reminds me of cucumbers, which are my favorite!

I use the Burt’s Bees Makeup Wipes in Cucumber & Sage. These wipes smell so good also. I love Burt’s Bees makeup wipes because they have a wide variety to choose from and each serves a purpose. These wipes remove my makeup without me having to scrub my face. The wipes also are formulated to help your skin while serving its purpose.

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