Favorite Drugstore & High End Products


I have been a Covergirl fan since forever. The brand was one of the first makeup brands I started using. I love how their color selection has a wide range to choose from. Their products don’t hurt my skin or don’t make me break out. I have been loving the Covergirl Clean Matte line. This foundation is perfect and prevents me from getting oily throughout the day. My favorite all time foundation is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. This foundation is lightweight while also providing full coverage. Although this is a little pricer, I would definitely invest in it.


In addition to the Covergirl Clean Matte Foundation, the Clean Matte Powder is my favorite drugstore powder. The color I have is a little lighter than my skin tone, however, it blends into the skin nicely.  Compared to my favorite powder, Mac Studio Fix Powder, the Clean Matte Powder works just as well. The coverage the Mac Studio Fix Powder provides is amazing. It is designed to be a powder foundation, however, I find it to work better as just a powder. Also the color I have is spot on.


Another Covergirl favorite of mine is their So Lashy Mascara. The wand for this mascara is unlike any other I have tried. It is formulated to get into the inner lash and give much volume. It took  me forever to buy the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. This mascara is amazing. I love how the brush is thin but also gives a lot of volume.

Lip Product:

Although you cannot buy this at the drugstore, Colourpop prices are unbeatable! I absolutely love the formulas. The mattes are my favorite and they slide on perfectly. Out of any lipstick I have ever tried, Colourpop lip products last the longest. Literally will last the entire day! My all time favorite lipstick is from Mac. This color goes with anything and thats what I love about it. Only con I have, is it gets on my teeth, which is really annoying.

Setting Spray:

I hated the ELF Setting Spray for the longest. However, after forcing myself to use it (so I didn’t waste my money) I realized I loved it! This spray is a little watery, however, it dries pretty fast. Compared to the Urban Decay Setting Spray, they both make my makeup last for about the same time. The Urban Decay Setting will always be my favorite because I feel as though it is formulated better than any other spray.



Bath & Body Works Haul


I have never done a Bath & Body Works Haul before. Well thats because I haven’t shopped there in years. Literally years. Roughly around 4 years, I have been without the addicting scented products. The reason I have gone so long without shopping there is not because I don’t like the products or the brand. It’s actually the opposite, I was obsessed! And that is not an understatement. I shopped at Bath & Body Works too much. One shopping trip could last me for 2 years. At some point, 4 years ago, I made the decision to remove myself from the brand. 4 years later, I’m back and have been really loving the brand like I once have!

Cinnamon Spice Vanilla Candle– OMG!!! The packaging of this candle is so beautiful. The marble is so fancy and adds spice to my room. In addition to the beautiful marble package, the scent smells so good. Cinnamon & vanilla are my top 2 scents and having a candle that has both, you know I had to get!! When lit, it is beautifully warm looking and has a gold trimming along the top. Honestly, this might go down as my favorite candle ever. It smells that good.

Copper Coconut Candle– When I spotted another candle that had the marble design on it, I had to get as well. This marble has gold undertones to it. Coconut can be a hit or miss scent. I love this coconut scent! It reminds me of a warm coconut that is sweet and creamy, and not too strong. I rarely purchase coconut, but this candle smells amazing.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion– Another vanilla scented product. As you can see, it is my favorite! This lotion is the best thing ever!!! A pure vanilla scented lotion. I would definitely use this all over my body. I hate fruity scents. Many fruits are high in sugar and when I saw that this lotion had sugar in it, I didn’t expect to like it. However, this is my favorite lotion ever! This product has been around before, however it has a new packaging. So you may have smelt this scent before.

Blue Skies & Blooms Foam Soap – Normally I tend to stay away from nature scents or anything with blue in it. The first thing you notice about the soap, is that the design has flowers and trees on it. I do not normally like scents that portray nature. I have no idea why but I do not like the smell. This soap is very strong, however, it does not give me that nature scent. The scent is very foral. I only get foam soaps from Bath & Body Works, so I was very excited to find a nature scent that I actually enjoy.


Vanilla Bean Car Fragrance – I really haven’t been to Bath & Body Works in years. When I saw that they had car scents now, I had to try. The scent I got is no other than vanilla. It really is hard to smell the scent because you can not open the product. I will have my room smelling like vanilla, my body, and now my car!

Car Air Freshener Vent Clip-To hold the car freshener, I bought a car clip. I really love the design on the clip. It will make my car look fancy while adding a nice scent. I’m not sure where I’ll place the clip, however, I probably will place it in a vent. The clip is reusable, so all I have to do is replace the car fragrance refill.

Urban Decay Makeup Haul


There are some makeup products that a makeup lover continues to buy. For me it is the, Urban Decay Setting Spray. During Black Friday, Urban Decay had 20% off the entire website. Normally I would purchase the setting spray from Sephora, however, I had a birthday gift for urban decay that could only be redeemed at UD. I decided to grab the setting spray, eyeshadow, and I received a free sample!


I love this setting spray so much!! A couple of squirts onto my face and my makeup last all day. I normally wear makeup for an 8 hour period. This setting spray helps to ensure that my makeup will stay in place throughout the 8 hour period. I know a lot of people who touch up their makeup throughout the day. I simply do not have time to constantly touch up. If using this spray, you could go without touches up.

I have never tried Urban Decay shadows before. I have always been obsessed with their Naked Palettes and how beautiful those colors were. I finally got my hands on one of their single shadows. Shopping online for eyeshadow is very hard, because you can’t not get the real effect of the color. I looked at a lot of swatches and decided to get “Buck”. I really wanted to get this color because it looks like a really pigmented crease color. Crease colors are my favorite and this color would go well with any look. Buck can also be found  in Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.

Another single shadow color I picked up was, Sideline. This color is absolutely pigmented. It looks more pigment than Buck. I like this color for the lid. I can add a little for a shallow effect or add a lot for more of a dramatic effect. Sideline is also great to use as a highlighter. Using eyeshadows as a highlight, is my favorite way to add sparkle and shine to my routine. Sideline may seem to look gold, however, it is more of a yellowish gold color.


I also picked up the Urban Decay Vice Lip Sampler as a free sample. This sample is one of my favorites. There are 24 lip colors to try out. My favorite colors come from the last page. Nudes and pinks are becoming my favorite colors to wear on the lip.

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