Favorites of 2016


I am so happy to do this post and even happier to see other’s post as well. I love yearly favorites because you are able to see which products you used most and have actually enjoyed. This year I have found products that I actually enjoy and don’t harm my skin. Most of these products I use daily and can honestly give my opinion on it. Check out my favorites from the year and please share your post as well!

Benefit POREfessional Primer-I have to use primers in my makeup routine. My face gets oily throughout the day. Finding a primer that controls my oil is really hard. However, the Benefit POREfessional primer does exactly the job. The formula feels thick, however when you apply it to the skin, it is very lightweight. At times when I apply the primer, it feels as though its making my skin oily. However, once I apply my makeup, I don’t feel that way.


Urban Decay Setting Spray-I never realized the importance of setting sprays until this year. I didn’t really believe this makeup product would work. I was so wrong. I can not go a day without setting my face. Wearing makeup for an 8 hour period, I need my face to stay since I do not have time for touch ups during the day. The Urban Decay setting spray is not too runny, which I have found in other sprays.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara-I have tried so many mascara’s throughout my makeup journey. I have only a hand full of mascaras that I truly love. The most important thing I look for in mascara is volume. I have to have volume!! This mascara, gives me amazing volume while making my eyelashes look natural!

Colourpop Lip Products-By far the best lip products for the price. Colourpop is super affordable and the quality is worth way more! I love that they have many different lip products to choose from. The quality is amazing. I can eat and drink and the color is still there.

Anastasia Bevelery Hills Brow Definer-This hyped about product never interested me. My drugstore brow pencil worked just fine and I haven’t felt the need to venture out and get another brow product. However, recently my drugstore brow pencil ran out and I had to get a new pencil. I decided to give this product a try and see what all the hype was about. This product is amazing and works wonders. I like the shape of the brow definer. It is not like your usually pencil shape, but instead the pencil is shaped at an angle.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation-I have been using this foundation for over a year now and it is the only foundation I have used. I love this foundation so much! The coverage is amazing and the formula is not too thick or heavy. Also I love how my color matches the foundation perfectly. It is an oil free foundation, however, I wish it also controlled my oil throughout the day.

Tarte Tarteist Mascara-I love Tarte Products! This is not an understatement. The formulas of their products are just amazing. The Tarteist Mascara is one mascara that I love to use on a daily. The volume this mascara gives is amazing! The only con I have about the mascara, is that it is super messy. I have never used a mascara as messy as this one. However, because it works so well, I will continue to use.


Morphe 439 Brush– Makeup brushes are items that I do not typically purchase. I currently have a good set and I really only like to use those brushes. However, when I purchased the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, I knew I also wanted to get a new brush to use for it. After doing my research I found that the Morphe 439 brush would be the best. I can honestly say this brush is amazing. It is a multi use brush that can be used for different task. I normally use the brush to apply foundation or powder.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation-I have always enjoyed MAC’s Studio Fix line. However, MAC has changed the formula’s so much that its hard to really enjoy one while it last. I remember a couple of years ago I was obsessed with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation. However, MAC changed the formula and I no longer used it. I really wanted to give this foundation another chance. I love love love this foundation. The coverage is amazing and helps to control my oil through the day. I find this product goes well with other MAC products and also non-mac products as well.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara-The one thing that really stood out to me about this mascara was the packaging. The pink champagne tube is beautiful! It really took me a while to like this mascara. For a while I didn’t think the mascara was giving me the volume I wanted. Now I love this mascara! I can go weeks with only using this mascara and no other ones. This is my mom’s favorite mascara and now I can see why!

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Mini Sephora Haul


This year for Black Friday, I didn’t do as much shopping as I normally do.However, I saw something on Sephora’s website that I had been dying to try. The Smashbox primer & setting spray was on sale for $12. Now the website said that the kit was a sample size, however, the products were super tiny. I also have been wanting to try the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Definer. Check out the rest of the post to see my opinions on these two makeup products!

Smashbox Primer & Setting Spray- In my makeup routine, it is essential that I apply a primer and setting spray every day. I have oily skin, and a way for me to prevent that, is to apply a primer before my makeup, then set it off with a setting spray. The smashbox primer is  gel like. Not too heavy and not too thin. When you apply it to your face, it is vey light weight. I would definitely use this product every day in my routine. The setting spray was surprisingly not what I expected. The spray was very watery and ran down my face. Although the spray was watery, it dried really fast, so the formula was not dripping for too long. Overall, my face did not get oily as it normally does. I will continue to use and buy these products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer-The packing is so cute! I’m so in love with it, very classy and glamours. I never was really into the hype for Anastasia brow products. I constantly heard great reviews, however, I really enjoyed my drugstore brow pencil. I am so happy with this brow pencil. It is for sure worth the hype. I really love how easy it is to just twist the pencil instead of having to sharpen it. This pencil really defines by brows because with the pencil, I am able to outline and shade in to get the perfect shape. The shade I bought was Dark Brown.


Christmas Makeup Gift Guide

Hello Makeup Lovers! I have a very exciting post today that I have been dying to share. I know the holidays are coming up and getting gifts is on everyone’s mind. This is my favorite time of the year since it’s my birthday and also Christmas! Talking with my friends, we complied a list of makeup items we would love to receive. Some of these products I have tried myself and absolutely love and want to share, so hopefully you’ll get it for someone to love. Feel free to grab products and make your own gift!

Morphe Brushes & Palettes- I took out my fall/winter eyeshadow palette and pulled out my favorite one, the Morphe 35k. The shadows are so pigmented and the colors are beautiful. I love Morphe palettes because there is wide range to choose from and the palettes have so many colors within them. Also you can’t beat the prices. In-addition to the eyeshadow, Morphe has amazing brushes. Their brushes are super soft and provide so much coverage. The prices are affordable, I definitely recommend.

Beauty Blender-I honestly have never been a huge fan of beauty blenders. I really didn’t feel the need to spend $20 on a sponge, when I loved my brushes so much. However, this product is so raved about that I really want to try it. This would make a perfect gift for someone, who didn’t want to buy it themselves, like me. Also girls who have the off brands, would enjoy the original version as well.

Colourpop- OMG!! Every girl needs colourpop in their life. Highly recommended. Their lip products are amazing and last all day. The brand offers so many colors and the formulas are amazing. Also you can’t beat the prices!!

Mask-Treating myself to a pamper night is the best! Every girl loves to do this. Relaxation is highly needed. Whenever I do this, it is an essential to have a face mask. There are so many different mask to choose from. My favorite include mask for acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, and sleep mask.

Sephora Favorites- Sephora has makeup sets which include different sample size products at affordable prices. I love getting these sets to try out different products to see which ones I like without having to buy the full sized product. These sets are worth the try, especially if you’re unsure on the product to get. With the sets you get many different products to try out.

Highlighter- I have been obsessed with highlighters!! I love them so much and can say I want this makeup product more than any other makeup product. There are honestly so many different brands to choose from when selecting which highlighter you want. My favorites include: Mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Becca, and Colourpop.