Makeup Christmas Wishlist


Naked Ultimate Basics– I never been a big fan of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I loved the color choices and how pigmented they were. However, I could never see myself spending $54 on eyeshadow. I love how the brand releases them frequently but not too often. I didn’t even know they were coming out with a new palette. But once I saw the colors, I fell in love. The color choice is amazing. In most palettes I only use a couple of shades, however, I would definitely see myself using every color.

Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set– I have featured this product in so many wishlist. Honestly I have no idea why I have yet to purchase. I have heard nothing but great things about these lipsticks. The color selection is huge and I could never figure out which one I wanted. I’m so happy she released a set, and the price is super affordable.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume– Last Christmas I received a mini set of Marc Jacobs perfume. I was obesssed with the scenes. They smelled so good. I love wearing the perfume when I’m going somewhere fancy or just dressing up. I would like the full sized perfume, so I can wear it more often.

MAC Makeup Brushes– I only have a handful of high end makeup brushes. I never found the need to buy the really expensive ones, since my drugstore brushes worked very well. I’ve been eyeing MAC Makeup brushes for a while, especially the eye and face brushes. The material that the brushes are made from are very soft and smooth. The thing stopping me from getting them is the price. I could never see myself spending $40 for a brush, however, I would love to receive one as a gift!

NARS Bronzer– I have been in love with this bronzer for forever! The color is beautiful and such a deep color. I currently use a drugstore bronzer, however, I think this is the perfect time to get a new one. I use bronzer year round and especially love adding it in fall/winter months to outline my face and add some glitter.

Philosophy Christmas Set– A few days ago I tried a sample of a philosophy product. Prior I had never tried the brand before. I’ve always seen their products but never thought about trying them. After trying the sample, I want to get my hands on some full sized products from the brand. I’ve seen that they had a Christmas set and it seems so good!!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush– Here and there I’ll add a Blush to my makeup rountie. I have found that I prefer a bronzer and highlighter over a blush. At times I’ll put on some blush, but rarely. I think the problem is that since I already make my face tan by adding on so much product, adding the blush is too much. However, I think that if I try different colors of blush then I can make it work. I have heard so many great things about Tarte blushes. I am dying to get my hands on one of these to swatch.

Mini Colourpop Haul


Good Evening Makeup lovers! A couple of weeks ago I did a huge Colourpop haul. In the haul I got 8 lip products from the brand. Since then, I have been using those lip products non-stop! I really enjoy the colors and the formulas. Right after I did that haul, Colourpop introduced their fall colors. I was so disappointed because I had just bought the products when they introduced new products. A few weeks passed by and I got two colors from their new fall line.



Calypso-This pretty pink is an ultra statin lip product. I’ve been into matte products lately, but decided to try something new. I was a little hesitant that the color may be a little too light. However, Calypso is even better than what I expected. The color definitely has some brown undertone to it. This helps to make the color not look too pink. I wear Calypso with a brown lip pencil. However, brown or even pink lip pencil would also look fine. This color surprised me and I hope to wear it more often!

Baracuda-I’m obsessed with the name even more than the color! Such a unique and different color name. I normally wear nude or brown colored lip products as everyday lip products. However, this rose toned color is my number one most worn! I was nervous the color would be too redish pinkish. This is totally not the case. I have been looking for a color like this. Imagine pink, red, and brown combined into one. That is how I would describe the color. It’s a really nice everyday color!

These items go out of stock fast, so check daily for when their back in stock!

New Skincare Products


Good Afternoon Loves! I have been a little absent with my post. I have been active on the site, I just haven’t been able to post. Right now life is very busy, but I am so glad I am able to start back posting regularly! Today’s post is a mini haul of some recent skincare products I picked up. If you have seen my post before, you know that before I buy a product, I like to do extensive research. Doing research before I buy a product has really helped me save a lot of money, and I notice that I do not return those items that I research because I love the products. My current skin care products (post about them here) has lasted me for a while, but now I’m running out of product and wanted to try something entirely new.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap-I wanted a skincare product that would do many things in one. First it had to help with my acne. My acne is not terrible but its not good either. Next I wanted the product to minimize my oily skin. From my research I found that the soap could dry out your face. Last I wanted something not too heavy on the skin. I thought I would pick up a facial cleanser but instead I got a facial bar. I really like everything about the african black soap. Within the first week and a half, I have noticed my acne clearing up. As for oil control, I feel as though I am oily than ever. However, I just ran out of makeup primer and makeup setting spray so this could also have an impact on my oil as well. When I got the soap I wasn’t really sure on how I would apply it onto my face. I had to find the right beauty tool.

Conair Facial Scrub Brush-I never was into the hype for this product. I honestly have no problem applying products with my hands. I know many studies have found that your hands contain many germs, however, make sure to always wash your hands before applying anything on the skin. I thought that maybe the way I was applying the products could be altered. That is why I decided to try out this tool. At first the bristles hurt but over time you can get use to them. The only con I have about this brush is that sometimes you apply the face product onto your hand then brush and other times directly on the brush. It really depends on the formula of the face product.

Throughout the past weeks from using these two products, I have noticed a difference with my skin. I hope that when I use it more and get into a routine, my skin will improve more.