Fall Makeup Dupes

I am so happy fall is finally here. I complained all summer how I wanted it to be fall so badly! Honestly I love fall so much and the activites it brings along. Fall makeup is my favorite. There are so many high end makeup products that I have been dying to try this fall but I do not want to break the bank.Instead I have found some dupes that are so similar to the high end products. Below are some fall makeup dupes!

Kat Von D Contour Palette vs. NYX Contour Palette– One remarkable difference about these two palettes is that the NYX palette comes with more shades than the Kat Von D. The NYX palette has the exact same colors plus two additional ones! A very good steal. If you look very closely to the Kat Von D palette the darkest shade is darker than the NYX palette. A solution to this is, spray your brush with water or a setting spray before you apply the NYX palette. This will make the color stand out more. Kat Von D $46 & NYX $25. Total savings of $21. 

Urban Decay Smokey vs. ELF Everyday Smokey– Smokey eyes are great during the fall/winter months. Dark neutral colors help add to a look. This dupe is spot on! Only thing when using the ELF Palette is to make sure you use an eyeshadow primer. This will make sure the shadow is very pigmented. Urban Decay $54 & ELF $10. Total savings of $44.

Kylie Jenner Kourt K vs. NYX Transylvania– Another spot on dupe. Kourt K is a very deep purple color that is very unique. Many drugstore products mainly carry neutral, pink, and red colors. The NYX dupe is very similar to the Kylie Jenner. Both are also mattes. I love NYX products, especially their lip products. I can eat and drink and the product will still be on my lips. Kylie Jenner $29 & NYX $6. Total savings of $23.

Urban Decay Setting Spray vs. NYX– Setting your makeup in the fall/winter months is crucial! You want to make sure your look last all day and that the it does not brush off from keeping warm. I personally love the Urban Decay Setting spray, it is my everyday spray that I use. However, the setting spray is very expensive and I really believe there are dupes that will do the exact same thing. NYX is such a great brand for makeup dupes! Urban Decay $30 & NYX $8. Total savings of $22.

NARS Bronzer vs. NYX Bronzer– I never realized how much I love bronzers. Bronzers have to be one of my favorite makeup products. I use a bronzer to outline my face and define it. I also love bronzers that have some sparkle to them. The NARS bronzer is a beautiful golden brown color, the NYX bronzer looks the exact same. Both are beautiful dark browns. NARS $39 & NYX $9. Total savings of $30.

The Balm Highlighter vs. ELF Highlighter– If you have never tried a highlighter, I suggest you do! I never imagined that I would be like everyone else and actually like them. Highlighters, are really nice and add to your makeup look. Make sure to swatch the color because some can look to light on the face and some too dark. The Balm $28 & Elf $3. Total savings of $25.

MAC Foundation vs. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation– Foundation is an essential in the makeup routine. Finding a good foundation that you love is very important. I have found that foundations can be the most expensive makeup products. Find a good alternative to your everyday fountain that is affordable. The Mac Foundation $28 & The Fit Me $6. Total savings of $22.

Colourpop Haul

IMG_9087.JPGI am super excited for this post!! I have finally got my hands on some colourpop products. I know I am late, but better late than never! Colourpop is one of the most hyped about products of the year and of course I had to try them out myself. The brand is known for having great quality products at an affordable price. I have no idea why it took me so long to get my hands on these, but I finally have them. In the past month along, the brand has had 2 big sales, their summer sale (getting rid of summer colors) & introducing their fall line (buy products, get some free). I shopped the summer sale, but only ended up picking 1 summer color. Plus you can get free shipping over orders of $35, honestly that was pretty easy to do, picking out what products you wanted was the hard part.


My haul includes 1 lip pencil, 1 hippie stick, and 6 ultra matte lips. After I bought the products I realized how much they all look the same. I wish I picked up some pink and more brighter colors, but overall I am happy with my selection. The hype for these products are so worth it!! The only thing about colourpop products is that you must wear them with a lip pencil/liner. These products are very pigmented and can be messy and you really must know how to apply them properly. I am currently trying to figure that out myself.

Hollywood BLVD– I am honestly surprised how dark this color was. I really thought it was a really light brown. However, I think it is prettier than what I had expected. The color seems to be a true brown. It really does look like the truest brown lip product I have ever seen. Hollywood BLVD can be paired with any outfit and is an everyday color. Definitely would look great with any skin color. Overall I love this lippie stick so much!!!

Kae Lip Pencil– This is the only lip pencil I bought and honestly it goes great with every color. I think having a natural lip pencil helps because it matches the darker colors but also adds to the effect for lighter colors.

Teeny Tiny-Do not let the packaging fool you. Even the swatch may be a little off. The true color is a little darker than the swatch. Close to a purple pink color. This color however, is one of my favorites. Teeny Tiny is a color that can be paired with a lot of outfits. This could easily be an everyday color.

Chilly Chill- This by far is my favorite color. I love how perfect this shade goes with all my outfits. Definitely an everyday color. Chilly Chill is a nice brown shade that is not too dark or too light. The color in the picture looks brown with red undertones, however, when I apply to my lips I have no red undertone present. I think this shade really depends on the person because I see some people where the red undertone is shown, but others, like myself, Chilly Chill is a nice brown color. I would recommend anyway, because its such a beautiful color!

Scrooge-Another color where you can not let the packing fool you. The packing & the swatch look like two different colors. I would definitely say the color is a mixture between the two. I was expecting Scrooge to be red with pink undertone, however, the color looks like a true red with just a little pink undertone. For a while I was a little unsure about this color, but after I wore it one day, I knew I could do a lot with the shade. When wearing this lip color, make sure you also wear a lip liner. If you do not, you can tell a difference.

Tulle-I was a little disappointed in this color. I really don’t know what color I was expecting the shade to be, but I wasn’t expecting this color.

Kae– I have heard so much about this color and just had to try. At one point I really wanted the color but changed my mind once I saw some swatches because I felt like it would be too dark on me. It is a bit dark with red undertones. I’m going to have to wait until later in the fall, since this color is so dark, it is not time to wear this color.

Limbo-This is the darkest brown that I believe colourpop has in there collection. Limbo is a fan favorite and looks great with all skin colors. Another color I will wait to wear later in fall. I think this color has potential to be an everyday color, as long as the lipliner is a little lighter.


Overall I am very satisfied with my Colourpop haul, I will have to continue to learn how to apply the lip colors. After I bought all the colors, I hadn’t realized how so many of them are alike. I really wish I would’ve gotten some lighter colors too add to my collection, but for my next haul I will have to.