Guilty Pleasures, Makeup Edition

We all have some guilty pleasures in our life. From indulging in food, drinks, or activities, there are some things we just really love. When it comes to makeup, I find myself indulging in certain products that I have to have. Below are just a few of my makeup guilty pleasures.


A good nice full coverage concealer-If you want to avoid wearing some much foundation or a foundation in general, try a full coverage concealer. I love concealers so much, especially if they provide the coverage I need. After I apply this full coverage concealer, I’ll go over with just the tiniest amount of foundation. I get this flawless effect and I love it! Full coverage concealers are my favorite makeup products!


Foundation baby-You can never go wrong with a foundation! There are so many to choose from and there is a variety of things that foundations can do. From providing coverage, to helping with scaring, and for a flawless effect, foundations are in every girls makeup routine. I suggest finding a good brand you love and make sure your foundation matches your skin color.


Volumized Mascara-If it does not provide volume, I don’t wear it. I love for my eyelashes to have a little or a lot of volume to them. Since my eyelashes look find with mascara, when I do wear it, I want my lashes to have an effect. Above is some of the best mascaras that provide excellent volume. Now the thing I have found from volumized mascara, is that they can be very messy. The end result is so worth is!


Nice scented perfume-It is so important to always smell good. When you smell good, you look good. I love perfumes that last throughout the day. It is very hard to find a good scent that will last. At times I do like the fruity scents, however, I’ve noticed the neutral scents last longer.




Covergirl Clean Matte


Good Evening Makeup Lovers! I wanted to share some recent goodies I was sent. I love reviewing products and proving feedback to companies in order to help make the product(s) better. I have overall had a great experience with covergirl products. Their products are constantly included in my post and I have stated that, “covergirl is my go to drugstore brand.” If I cannot find a product in a different brand I know I can count on covergirl to have it for me.

Covergirl recently introduced a new line, “The Covergirl Clean Collection.” Now this collection is not new but covergirl redid the collection and added new formulas. Their most recent lines included: the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous and the Katy Kat line. The Covergirl Clean Collection is ran by Disney star Zendaya. I think her as a spokesperson is great for the brand and redoing the line was also a great move. From the “Clean Collection” I was sent the Clean Matte BB Cream & Clean Matte Pressed Powder. Now matte is something that can be a hit or miss with me. So many matte products have failed me but some have been really good. At first I was hesitant about these matte products but my opinion quickly changed.

Clean Matte BB Cream-BB cream was one of my very first face products I used. I used BB Cream instead of foundation, just because I was young. Today I have upgraded from BB Cream to foundation. I really do not remember the last time I used a BB Cream. However, I really do love the purpose of BB Cream and have always had a great experience. I have only used the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, so I was super excited to try out another brand. When I first tried the Covergirl BB Cream, I used a dap beauty blender. There was no coverage what so ever and I felt like nothing was on my face. However, I switched to my buffing brush from real techniques and could instantly tell a difference. I am so surprised about how much I love this BB Cream. It gives me enough coverage and looks so natural. There is 7 colors to choose from and I am in the color Medium/Deep. The color is a little bit light on me but not too much.

Clean Matte Pressed Powder-By now I’m sure many of you know how oily my skin is. This is my #1 problem I have with my skin. In my makeup routine I only use oil free products. I am so excited that this pressed powder is oil free. I always have to wear a powder to help minimize my oily skin and since using this, it works just as great as my MAC Studio Fix Powder! I’m sure this powder is for every skin type, just not oily skin. However, if you do have oily skin, then this will help minimize.


Covergirl Oh Sugar Lip Balm in Spice– In addition to the face products, I was sent a beautiful lip balm from their ‘Oh Sugar Line.’ This is a vitamin infused lip balm with a variety of natural ingredients that is suppose to leave your lips soft. I have a few covergirl lip products and I love how pigmented they are. From the ‘Oh Sugar’ Line, there is 10 colors to choose from! I love the formula for these and would suggest getting because they not only help your lips but also the colors are beautiful!

I am so happy I was sent products that I not only enjoy but are always helping my skin. I would recommend the Covergirl Clean Collection to everyone! If you have tried any of these products or are hoping to try then please let me know. I would love to hear your opinion about these great products!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

ikatehouse haul


Good Afternoon Loves!! Today’s post is a mini haul from one of my favorite websites to get makeup from. Ikatehouse sells affordable everyday makeup from brands including: NYX,ELF,Milani,Covergirl, Maybelline, and much more. I have always had good experience with the site and would definitely recommend.



NYX Concealer- This product has been in so many of my blog post! By now you know how much I absolutely love this concealer. It’s not only my fave concealer but one of my all time favorite makeup products. I have been having a hard time locating this product in store. I know ikatehouse has this product and is my go to place to get the concealer. I only buy this concealer at ikatehouse. They have so many products and available shades!


Beauty Blender- I haven’t used a beauty blender in forever. However, I can’t put my finger on what made me what to try using one again but somehow I had an urge to buy this. I was super excited to receive the beauty blender but became disappointed once I started to use. This beauty blender is so hard and not as soft as previous ones I have used. Overall works great but I would prefer a softer sponge.


LA Girl Pro Concealer- As you can tell I love concealers!  My fave makeup products to use. I’ve been wanting to try and learn how to color correct my face. From my research the LA Girl Pro Concealer is one of the best concealers to use for color correcting. I decided to go with the orange color and so far it has really helped since it is also close to my skin color. I got the dark brown concealer for contouring and deeping my crease. The lightest shade I use for under eye and for coverage. La Girl Pro Concealers are very hard to find since they are not sold in most drugstores. Ikatehouse once again has hard to find products at affordable prices.

Make sure to check out ikatehouse. There is always a sale and there are amazing products for affordable prices!!


Beauty Hack: Eyeshadow as a Highlighter


I love makeup! That is not an understatement. I literally love makeup. Highlighters have taken over the makeup world. Everyone’s new obsession is a highlighter. I’ll admit, at first I was not a huge fan. Of course I thought highlighters were nice, but I wasn’t sure that it would look right on me. Fast forward 4 months later and I am proud to announce that I am obsessed with using a highlighter.

I bought a drugstore highlighter a few months ago and was very disappointed in the product. (check out my review here) I came across the idea of using an eyeshadow as a highlighter on youtube. After I watched the video I never ventured out to actually try. One day I was looking thru my makeup and came across this beautiful very pigmented eyeshadow that at first I thought was a highlighter. I instantly remember the video I watched and decided to give it a try. The eyeshadow that I use as a highlighter is the BareMinerals

Pigmentation: When finding an eyeshadow to use, you want a shadow that has a color similar to a highlighter. Also finding a shadow with a little sparkle also helps to add to the look because many highlighters have sparkle to them. I like to spray my setting spray directly onto the brush then apply the eyeshadow. This process is very similar if you were to apply an eyeshadow primer before applying the shadow.


Long Lasting: Having makeup that last for a good 8 hours is essential to me. I am at school for 8 hours and have no time to retouch or reapply throughout the day. I have noticed that throughout the day, my highlight may start to fade or disappear. This only happens if I do not apply the setting spray directly onto the brush.


Brush: There are so many ways to apply a highlighter. With a brush & by hand are the top two ways I see highlighters applied. Many people use a fan brush to apply their highlighter. I could definitely see why one might do this. I do not own a fan brush. Instead I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This brush works very well and is easy to apply the highlight with. It remains me of a bronzer or blush brush .

If you have been wanting to try a highlighter but maybe the cost was too much or you haven’t found the right one, I suggest that you try using an eyeshadow! I am so happy I tried this beauty hack and I can honestly not see myself wanting to buy a highlighter in the future.

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5 Products I Can’t Live Without


Lately I have seen so many post done with holy grail products and products that people can not live without. I love seeing these post because the products the person chooses have to be pretty amazing for them to say they can’t live without it. I decided to share my products that I have come to enjoy and fall in love with. I honestly love every single product and each has in some way helped my skin so much. I will continue to use these products for forever.


NYX Concealer– By far my all time most repurchased product. I have repurchased this concealer 7 times! Honestly I have a problem. Besides this product, I have only repurchased a hand full of products at least 2 times. The reason I can not live without this concealer is that I can see a difference when I apply this concealer in comparison to other concealers. I like products that are very heavy, most of my products are. The nyx concealer is heavy while also being lite. The color choice is also great. The line has a variety of colors to choose from.


Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask-I have done so many blog post on these products. Neutrogena products truly helped to clear my skin and I cannot live without their products. I love how gentle they are on my skin and how the actually help instead of harm my skin. The Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask is my all time favorite mask. The next morning after I apply it, I can instantly tell a difference.


Mac Lipstick-I cannot explain how much I love Mac Lipsticks. The formula of the lipstick is amazing. It glides onto the lips very easily and gives a nice finish. Only con I have is that whenever I eat or accidentally wipe my hand over my lips, the product comes off. I wish it would not come off so easily. However, I love the lipstick so much that I don’t mind reapplying it.

Mac Studio Fix Powder– Another Mac product that I can not live without. My skin type is very oily. Throughout the day I go thru phrases of oily pilling onto my skin. This Mac powder helps to control this. I notice if I go without wearing the powder than my skin can be very oily. At times while wearing the powder, I still get oily but its not as bad as if I do not wear it.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara– When I first tried this mascara, I’ll admit, I hated it. It is super messy and takes forever to clean. However, the more and more that I used it I noticed that I truly loved this mascara. It is so hyped about and the hype is really worth it! The volume it gives is so amazing.

Let me know some of your favorite products that you can not live without! I hope you enjoyed mine and maybe will want to try.

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Makeup Purchase Regrets


I hate doing this but…”I just didn’t like it.” My current situation. Today’s post is all about makeup products that I regret purchasing. Now normally I do countless research on a product before I buy in hopes that I will actually like it and not return it. However, some products I just could not get myself to like.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation-I was super excited about trying this product out. I watched many youtube videos and read many reviews on this foundation. Every review was positive. I decided to try and bought at my local drugstore the next day. When I first tried the foundation, I’ll admit, I liked it.However, the more and more that I used it, I noticed it was a very matte foundation and it made me look very dry. At that point I haven’t worn it since.

ELF Conditioning Lip Balm-When I got this lip balm I actually thought it was a lipstick. So that was disappointing. Also the color on the website looked very pigmented and when I tried it, it was not pigmented at all. I honestly hate this product. I’m not sure of its concept but I would never recommend.

NARS Sheer Lipstick– I have always raved about NARS products. I believe they are amazing products and I am so obsessed with them. I have two NARS lip pencils and I decided to venture out and try their lipsticks. I saw the color Dolce Vita and instantly fell in love with the color. It was a very beautiful nude pink. I ordered and swatch it immediately. The swatch on my hand was real nice. However, when I put it on my lips I could not tell that there was any product on. My lips looked the exact same as if I didnt apply the lipstick. When I bought this product I did not know that it was a sheer lipstick, if I wouldve known then I would have never bought.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer– Another product that I looked up reviews on. I saw so many positive reviews that I knew I had to try. I had high hopes for this concealer but was disappointed on the first use. The color was way too light on me, but thats my own fault, since I bought online. In addition to the color, the formula was terrible. I looked very ashy and cakey. I was hoping for this concealer to cover dark spots and acne scaring but I later realized that the concealer was for undereye use and not for coverage.


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