Fall Makeup Wishlist

I can not believe fall is approaching. I have been waiting for this season since the beginning of the year. I absolutely love cold weather and all the events that fall brings along. Fall makeup & clothing is by far my favorite! There are some makeup products that are specifically made for the fall. Colors like red, burgundy, brown, black, and mostly all dark colors correlate with fall. Below are makeup products that I hope to get this upcoming fall.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits-This item was also included in my Summer Wishlist . I had hoped to already have these lip products but every time I go to buy, I always talk myself out of buying. Hopefully I am able to get some of Kylie’s lip products this fall because her colors are so stunning and beautiful.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation-I have been using the same foundation for forever. I love my current foundation a lot but recently I would like to try a new one that is similar to my current one. I have watched a ton of youtube videos that reviewed this foundation and I believe this foundation is perfect for me.

Colourpop Lip Products-As you can tell, I have been obsessed with lip products! I really would love to try Colourpop lip products. They’re super affordable and are great quality. I have found a lot of nude and brown colors that stand out to me. When I get these products I will do a review right away!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette-I came across this palette the other day and instantly fell in love. The color assortment is beautiful! The colors look very pigmented and seem to blend well. I can definitely pick out some fall looks from this palette.

MAC Highlighter– I have recently became obsessed with highlighters!! I honestly never imaged myself to be one of those girls who are obsessed with highlight. However, I am! They are so beautiful once applied and they really do add to your look. I recommend trying because you may have felt like me but once you try, you’re opinion will change. I used a MAC highlighter once and it was to die for. I would def try it again! Plus they have so many to choose from.


NARS Matte Lip Pencil-I currently have a NARS lip pencil and I am so obsessed with it. The formula is amazing and the product last so long. The color I have is red but I would love to venture out and try new colors. There are a lot of colors to choose from which is amazing. I would for sure recommend NARS lip pencils.

Let me know some makeup products that you hope to try out this fall.

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Olay Oil Minimizing Toner


Good Afternoon! I recently have found a new skincare product that I have fallen in love with. I started using a toner back in December and ever since a toner has been in my skincare routine . I love using a toner in my routine and I have noticed a difference in how oily my face gets.


Formula: The toner comes in a liquid, which most toners do. The liquid feel is not to harsh and does not burn or hurt my skin. For some people, with any new product, they break out before the product starts to work. When I first started using this toner it was around my time of the month, when I start breaking out. Overall I’m not sure if it was because it was my time of the month or if it was because I started using a new product, but I eventually broke out.

Makeup Remover: I normally use the toner at the end of the day. I have found that I believe I had removed all my makeup (from makeup wipes and a facial cleanser) but I haven’t. When I apply the toner onto a cotton swap or cotton ball and then onto my face, the toner picks up so much left overs that I though I had previously removed. This toner is an amazing makeup remover in addition to being a toner.


Oil Minimizing: My whole goal for my makeup and skincare routine is to use all oil free or oil minimizing products. That is a main reason why I tried out this toner. It claims to minimize oil and that is what I need. Throughout my time using this product I have noticed a difference. Overall my skin is super oily. The toner along with other products has helped me to minimize my oil. I still find I get oily throughout the day but its not as bas as before.

Recommend: I would recommend this product! I am honestly glad I chose this toner over the hundreds of toners at the drugstore. This will become a holy grail product for me and I hope it continues to help my skin.

Let me know if a toner is currently in your skincare routine and if you have a favorite toner that you love.

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Beauty Blender & Makeup Brush


Makeup tools are essential when applying makeup. Many people are not fully aware that there are certain makeup tools that should be used when applying your look. Personally I am not one to go by a handbook. I like to do my own and do a lot of experimenting. A beauty blender & a makeup brush are two tools used when applying products onto the face. Both are essentially used for applying concealer, foundation, and powder, however, each tool serves a certain purpose. Below are some tips and tricks for using a beauty blender and a makeup brush.


Liquid Foundation:

Beauty Blender: If your foundation is very liquidy & runy then a beauty blender is best for you. The beauty blender helps to absorb the product while proving the coverage you are looking for. Try dabbing instead of rubbing the foundation onto the face. This will allow for an even texture instead of an uneven one.

Makeup Brush: Any type of foundation works great with makeup brushes. A plus for using a brush when applying foundation is that you only need half of that amount, since you don’t have to compensate for product melting into your face + fingers. Trust me: your brush is made for picking up that small amount and dispersing it evenly wherever you sweep it.

Pale Foundations2


Beauty Blender: I personally have never tried to use a beauty blender for powder. I’m sure this wouldn’t be a good idea. It seems very messy and I’m not sure if the product will actually stay on. If you are baking your face, then a beauty blender may be ideal for that.Once again, dab the product, do not rub!

Makeup Brush: Definitely want to use a brush for applying powder. The bristles are design to pickup the powder and for applying it onto your face. The size of the brush is very important. A big brush will deposit way too much and your face will look  cakey. A little brush may not deposit enough and in result you will have to keep reapplying powder which can lead to a cakey face. Make sure to find the perfect size brush for your face structure!



Beauty Blender: Use the beauty blender for under eye concealers. A weird shaped beauty blender is what you need for concealers. A beauty blender can be molded into different forms and reaching under the eye into corners is a benefit from using the sponge. Make sure to dab the concealer in, instead of rubbing it. You want fine even lines.

Makeup Brush: Concealers that cater to coverage and scaring should be applied with a brush. The bristles of a brush are designed to not hurt or injure any scaring. If using a beauty blender, pressing to hard can cause the scar to hurt even more. Concealer brushes or pointed foundation brushes are great for applying concealer.

Hopefully if you were confused on when to use your beauty blender and makeup brush then I hope this post helped to clarify. If you have found your own tips and tricks that work for you, then continue to use those and please share with me.

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Neutrogena Haul


Recently I was contacted by the brand Neutrogena to be given some products to try out. The products were given to me for my own leisure and I was not asked to write any post or share. I loved the products so much that I decided to share with you all in hopes that you may want to try. A few blog post ago, I shared my skincare routine. In my routine, all the products I used were from the brand Neutrogena. Over the past year, the products in that routine have cleared my acne! I honestly am not sure if the brand Neutrogena saw this post and that is why they contacted me or maybe they didn’t see the post. I have no idea. But below are 3 products I was sent and wanted to share why I continue to love the brand.

Neutrogena and so many skincare brands have so many lines within their brand. The line I use is the “Rapid Clear, Stubborn Acne” line. The name honestly describes my situation. From the line I have the Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser &  Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Spot Gel.  This combination is amazing!! Neutrogena sent me the Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask. When I bough the cleanser & spot gel, I was not aware of the Daily Leave-On Mask. The Mask is a new product within the line.


Rapid Clear, Daily Leave On Mask– The claims of the mask include: “clears stubborn breakouts fast” & “treats and controls acne.” The formula of the mask is very similar to the cleanser & the spot gel .When applying the light weight formula onto the skin, it vanishes into the skin. The mask is suppose to be used up to 3 times a day. At the moment I use maybe once or twice, but will eventually move up to three times. I have been using the mask for about a good week now and I can honestly tell a difference with my skin. Since this particular product is in the same brand as the rest of my skincare products; the products all have similar ingredients within. Overall, I know the products are all working together to help clear my skin. I recommend this product along with the rest of the line.

Skin Clearing Complexion Prefector– I haven’t used a Neutrogena makeup product in a while. I was very excited that I not only got sent two products but that they were both in my skin complexion range! The claims of this product includes: “fights acne”, “minimize appearance of pores” and has a “matte finish.” All these claims sound pretty good for my situation. Overall the perfecter helps to minimize my pores while also helping to reduce my acne. Only con about the product is that I love full coverage products and this has very little coverage. If the coverage was more then I would definitely be obsessed.

I was so happy to receive these products from a brand that I love and use everyday! I am constantly finding ways to better my skin and these products will be a great addition.

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Product Empties




NYX Concealer(3)- My all time favorite concealer!! I absolutely love this concealer so much. I use the concealer to cover up any acne scaring. This does the job for me. The coverage is really great. I have high end concealers and nothing provides more coverage than the NYX Concealer Sticker. A con I have about this concealer is that it breaks really easily. Also I think the product is getting discontinued because I rarely can find it. Repurchase: I have already repurchased this concealer and I will continue to! 


Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara(2)- I really enjoyed this mascara. Volume is a must have when I pick a mascara. This mascara provided excellent volume. Only con I have about the mascara is that it can be super messy and thick. The formula of the mascara is super thick and sometimes hard to use. It can get messy at times, but overall works good.      Repurchase: I have repurchase this mascara and would only repurchase again if I don’t find another great volumed mascara. 


Wet N Wild MegaPlump Mascara-I’ll admit, when I first saw the brush of the mascara, I was a little hesitant. The brush has very tiny bristles and I’m use to very large bristles. However, the more and more that I used the mascara, I realized that I love it!! This is my all time favorite drugstore mascara. Wet N Wild MegaPlump Mascara has so many uses to it: using as a mascara, getting into the inner lash, a clumping fixer, and for volume. I highly recommend!                                                                                                                          Repurchase: I have not yet repurchased but I 100% will. 


EQUATE(Walmart) Makeup Wipes(2)-I am not a big makeup wipe user. I normally wash my face and do my skincare routine when I take off my makeup. At time I do use makeup wipes. Since I am not a big user, I grabbed store brand make wipes. Overall these makeup wipes were pretty great and super affordable. All of my makeup came right off.   Repurchase: Honestly these wipes lasted me forever! I would repurchase


ULTA Eyebrow Gel-Overall this product served its purpose. The purpose of keeping my eyebrows in place all day basically. I started out with a sample sized bottle of the product and loved it so much that I bought the full sized. I used the eyebrow gel when I wasn’t filling in my eyebrows. Since I have started filling my brows in I do not use the gel often. However, I love this product and definitely recommend.                                                   Repurchase: I have rephrased this product and would repurchase again. 



Neutrogena Rapid Clear Gel-I love this gel so much. I use it in my skincare routine daily. The formula is gentle on the skin and not too harsh. I like how the texture is very thin and lightweight making it easy when applying.                                                                             Repurchase: I have yet to repurchase this product, only because I have another acne gel that I want to use up. When that gel is gone, then I may repurchase this gel. 


Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Gel-This is another gel from the Neutrogena brand that I use. I use this particular acne gel for my night skincare routine. The formula is similar to that of a lotion. Whenever you apply it onto the skin and rub it in, there is no product left behind.                                                                                                                                                                  Repurchase: I repurchased this gel and learned that Neutrogena changed the entire formula of it. I definitely prefer the new formula!! Its so much better.


Lucky SuperSoft Body Wash-Body wash takes me forever to use up. I try using it everyday, but somehow I still get stuck with the same bottle for months. This bottle has lasted me for forever. My favorite thing about this body wash, was the smell. The smell was amazing and honestly one of my favorite body washes.                                                                       Repurchase: I will not be repurchasing any time soon, due to the tons of other body washes I have and I need to get rid of them.


Spa Sydell Revitalizing BHA Toner-This toner is from the same brand of the spa I go to. I was a little pressured into buying. It was my first toner ever and I really loved it. The bottle lasted around 5 months! When I ran out, I decided to go to the drugstore and pick up a drugstore toner. I honestly prefer my drugstore toner over this high end toner any day! Repurchase: I have not or will not repurchase 


Dove Deodorant-I love dove deodorant. I have been using for years. Some time last year I decided to venture out and try a different brand of deodorant. Big mistake. I quickly went back to Dove. Something I look for in my deodorant is for it to not have a smell. I love how Dove has so many options to choose from.                                                                               Repurchase: I will continue to repurchase for the rest of my life. 

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Sephora Haul


Good Afternoon Loves! Today’s post I’m sharing my recent beauty products that I purchased from Sephora. I have had these products for a couple of weeks now. I decided to wait to do a post on the products so I could give an honest review on these products. Throughout the past weeks I have been able to test these products out and now I can share with you all my opinion on the products.


Sephora Macara-I was a little hesitant about this product because the first time I used the mascara, it was very messy. However, I gave this mascara a few more tries and realized that I loved it! It continues to be very messy, but gives me the volume that I’m looking for. I have two tubes of this mascara and I will continue to repurchase.


Benefit POREfessional Primer-This primer is amazing. The names says it all. It truly helps to reduce pores. While also reduce pores, its an oil free product. My goal for my makeup routine is to try and use all oil free products on my skin. This is a great addition to helping me reduce and control my oil.


Urban Decay Setting Spray-This setting spray is the best for controlling your oil and shine while also keeping your makeup on all day. This was my first Urban Decay product and I’m absolutely obsessed. Now I want to try all of Urban Decay’s products.


Sephora Mask-These hyped about face mask are amazing. Sephora has so many different types of mask. I have only tried the face mask and now I want the other mask Sephora has. There is so much product in the mask that you are able to use them more than once. The price for the face mask were super affordable plus you can get more than one use out of them. Each mask has different benefits. I suggest getting the mask that has the benefits you are looking for.


Clinique Foundation & Concealer-This is an interesting product. Instead of using two products(one concealer & one foundation) you only use one. I use both a concealer and foundation. This product instantly stood out to me. After trying I think its a solid product. I’m sure the color matched me however, I feel as though its a little to light. I’m fine with my concealer being a little light however I want my foundation to be my exact color. Hopefully I can find a solution to my problem. At the moment I only use this as a concealer.


Bare Minerals Set-I love how this set came with 3 different products. Although they are mini sized, you get a lot of product with it. My favorite is the mini kabuki brush. This brush is super soft and packs on the product. The powder is also good. I use it to set my face. Although the color may seem a little light, it doesn’t show light on my face. With the brush, the powder blends smoothly onto my face. As for the foundation, I hate it. The color seemed like it would match perfectly. However, it is about 5 shades way to light. I had high hopes for this to work and I’m very disappointed. I would not recommend at all.


Nars Lipstick-I have 2 NARS lip products and I love them!! This was my first NARS Lipstick. I like the formula of the lipstick. However, the shade is not what I excepted. I was hoping it would be a pinkish nude color but when I apply it, there is no color. Since I’m obsessed with my other 2 NARS lip products, this lipstick will not change my opinion about the brand.

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Mac Haul


Good Afternoon Loves! A while back I did a MAC Haul blog post. In that post I shared that I would do another blog post once my other MAC products had arrived. Well they arrived and I finally got the chance to use these products for about a month and now it’s time for my review! I



MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation– Having oily skin is something that I have had to learn to control and mange. Finding products that actually help while not hurting my skin are hard to find. I love this powder so much! I use it to set my face and also to add a little bit of coverage. The powder is actually designed to do both. I love how the powder does not make my face looks cakey. This has always been something that is very important to me when buying powders. The finish is incredible. I highly recommend this powder!


MAC Pro Longwear Concealer– I am a person who has to have a full coverage face. The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer helps me achieve a full face. Although this is a concealer, sometimes I use it as a foundation because of the amazing coverage it provides. Also the bottle may seem small, but there is so much product inside. This definitely will last for a while.


MAC Prep & Prime/ Mac False Lashes-With my purchase I was able to choose 2 samples. The samples I chose are the Mac Prep & Prime & MAC False Lash. The prep and prime is essentially a gel lotion that evens out skin redness and tone while adding radiance. However, I use it to prime my face. The texture and formula of the primer is similar to a lotion feel. I do not prefer this on my face. It remains me too much of a moisturizer. I do not find that much of a use for this product, only because I don’t not suffer from redness. As for the MAC False Lashes Mascara is another great MAC product. Only con is that I wish it give more volume.

Hope you all enjoyed this mini haul. If you have a MAC COSMETIC Favorite Product, let me know!

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