7 Summer Must Haves For Your Closet


The beauty of the summer is that we can wear certain clothes that we are not able to wear in other months. I look forward to summer mainly because of the fashion. Below are 7 essentials I believe you may need this summer. Every item on this list I have needed this summer and have worn. If you have a summer must have that is not featured on my list, comment below. I love buying new items and would love to add to my closet.

Basic Tees-A must for summertime! Well anytime. I love basic tees. Honestly I haven’t worn anything else this summer besides basic tees. The thing I love about basic tees is that you can do so much with them. Adding a necklace, colorful pants, shorts, or skirt, a cute pair of shoes, different hairstyles are just some of the things that look great with a basic tee. I suggest at least having a white, black, and gray tee in your closet.

Bralettes-Bralettes have to be the #1 summer must have for 2016. I have recently became a fan of them and I love them. They are also great paired with a basic tee. I normally get mine from Target, American Eagle, and VS Pink. Prices for barrettes can range from $12-$30. They are great alternatives when you don’t want to wear a padded bra!

Sunglasses-You can never go wrong with a cute pair of sunglasses to spic up your outfit. I recently invested in a really nice pair of sunglasses and can I say ‘that was a good decision’. They match with every outfit and are so cute! However, my $5 ones work great also.

Black/Brown Sandals-If you have noticed I have constantly pointed out that neutral colors are the best! I mean black, brown, and gray go with every outfit! Having a pair of black and brown sandals this summer has been amazing! I literally don’t have to worry about finding shoes to go with my outfit because I have a pair that can go with any outfit. Target has some cute affordable sandals.


Shorts-Denim shorts will never go out of style. Definitely a must have! I love pairing denim shorts with a basic tee and bralette, my go to outfit this summer. I mean there’s not much to say about shorts. Maybe have one good light colored pair and one dark colored pair.

Neutral Swimsuit Top/Bottom- I absouelty love prints and colorful bathing suits. However I have found that if I pair a printed top/bottom with a neutral top/bottom it makes me look even better. Also having a good neutral colored top allows you to buy more printed colorful bottoms. And Vice Versa.

Romper-The thing that I love most about rompers, is that there are so many uses for them. Wearing them as they are is one way, wearing it as a coverup over a bathing suit, and wearing a romper and adding a shirt over it.

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Makeup Bag Essentials





Lip Balm-Yes this is such an important essential. I feel as though I apply lip balm more than any other lip product. The benefits of lip balm out number any other lip product. Lip balms look great with a full face or even a natural look. Currently I am using the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in grapefruit. This product is the best ever and also a lifesaver.


Neutral Lipstick-You never know when you may forget a lip product or even run out. Having a neutral color at all times, is essential because they can be paired with any outfit. Also not overdoing your makeup look is great doing the summertime. Show off your tan and pair it with a pink or nude lipstick color!


Mascara-Have your eyes stand out this summer. Apply mascara to make it seem as if you’re wearing fake lashes! A cute summer makeup idea to add to your summer look. The mascaras in the picture are great products to help achieve the ‘false lash’ look.


Single Eyeshadow-I love to do over the top eyeshadow looks. However, wearing less in the summertime is something I love doing. Applying just a single color onto my lids allows me to not overdue my look. Having a natural look this summer is a new outlook that I love.


Eyeliner-This essential is something that I use to use. However, I find myself not using it as often. Eyeliner is still a good essential to have in your makeup bag.


Brow Pencil-If you’re crazy obsessed about brows, make sure you have an extra pencil. Also I never realize when my pencil runs out. Make sure you have an extra and one in your makeup bag. You’ll never know when you need to touch up. I noticed if I go to the pool and go out after that having a brow pencil is crucial because the water probably washed away your brows.


Primer- Primer is a must have for me in my makeup bag, especially during the summer. My skin is super oily and if I want to control the shine while being out this summer, then I must apply a primer. An oil free primer is great during the summer months.


Concealer- Foundations have to go during the summer. Most of my foundations are heavy coverage and are just not a great mix with the hot summer weather. I mainly wear foundation for the coverage. Switching from a foundation to a concealer this summer was an amazing idea! Full coverage concealers conceal what I need while also being lightweight on the skin.


Bronzer-I have recently became obsessed with bronzers! I love to use a bronzer to outline my face or contour it. I also love the little sparkle & shine a bronzer can add to my makeup look. All of my bronzers are from the drugstore and work very well. I like to keep one in my makeup bag during the summer to use when I feel as if my face looks a little lighter.


Makeup Brush-How are you going to apply all the makeup you have in your bag? Well of course, you’re going to use a makeup brush. There has been so many times where I have had all my makeup but nothing to apply it with. Honestly the worst thing. Make sure you don’t forget one of the most important items for your makeup bag.


 BASICS:  Even if you don’t wear that much makeup, there are a few essential items that any girl should have on hand, just in case.



Makeup Wipes-I can’t recall how many times I wish I had a makeup wipe but had to result with tissue. Makeup wipes are so much better. You never known  when you will have to retouch or remove all of your makeup. If you have a bad day and you’re not wearing waterproof mascara, makeup wipes will save the day and not allow you to look like a raccoon.


Tweezers-Now I don’t use tweezers to much. However, its better to be prepared than not. You never know when you’ll have to remove a splinter, a stray hair, or even pluck something off.

Mirror-Not much explanation is needed on the importance of this one. If you invest in a small, compact mirror, you’ll be prepared for any emergencies…like spinach stuck in tooth type emergencies! Makeup wise – you’ll always be able to find out what you need to touch up on, and you’ll be able to admire the masterpiece you’ve created! A cheap one will do just find, or a makeup tools set with a pretty print more on the expensive side will do too.

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8 Makeup Must-Haves for When You’re In a Rush


Lately time has not been in my favor. I constantly find myself in a rush and always having to hurry. Below are my essentials and favorite products to use when I’m in a rush. These products are easy to apply and don’t take much effort.


Mascara-Eyes are visible to everyone. When you are engaging in conversation with someone, most of the time you are looking into one another’s eyes. Adding mascara brings out your eyes and gives them volume. Now don’t go all out and have extreme lashes or applying false lashes. Keep it simple!


Red Lipstick-Red is known as a risky color. However, red lipstick usually makes someone look like they put a lot of effort into their look, even if the only other thing they have on is mascara. A statement, red lipstick will brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake.  It can take you from ‘just rolled out of bed’ to ‘glam time’.


Blush-If you rarely wear a blush like myself, then adding it into your routine while in a rush adds some spice to your makeup. If people notice that you are wearing something that you usually don’t wear, then they are less aware than you totally just woke up late. Also blush brightens your face and makes you seem more awake and happy.


Neutral Eyeshadow-I know so many females who take hours to try new eyeshadow looks. They go through so many palettes, eyeshadows, and brushes. However, when you are in a rush there is no time to pick a color from all of your eyeshadow palettes. Always have one good single neutral eyeshadow color that you can just grab and go.


BB Cream/ Tinted Moisturizer -I love to do a full face whenever I leave the house. I apply concealer, foundation, and a powder onto my face. When you are in a hurry, there is no time to apply all of that makeup. BB Creams & Tinted Moisturizers are not only great for summertime, but easy to apply and very lightweight.


Concealer– In addition to your BB Cream & Tinted Moisturizer, if you’re like me and don’t find enough coverage in those two then quickly add a concealer. These products together will still have that lightweight feel compared to a heavy thick foundation.


Makeup Bag-A to go makeup bag or even a backup makeup bag will save you a lot of time. Even if the products in that bag aren’t your everyday products, the time you will save is so worth it. It is better to be prepared and have a makeup bag so you can do your makeup at work, before class, or while stuck in traffic.


Glasses-If you don’t have time to enhance, it’s time to distract. Glasses! I only wear glasses when I can’t see far away or while I’m driving. As I stated earlier, your eyes are something someone will notice instantly. Trying adding a pair of glasses, even if they’re fake. Also adding glasses will allow you to not have to do so much eye makeup. Sunglasses are great to!

Hopefully these tips helped and you use them whenever you are running late. These tips have personally saved me some time and allowed me to look more awake than I normally would be. Let me know if you have other tips similar to these.

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The 10 Best Beauty Brands For Any Budget

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.12.55 PM.png

Every go out and buy something, then 10 minutes wonder if it was really worth it? I know I do this a lot! A LOT!! I’m always hoping I get the best deal for my money and that the product will also last me a while. I have found throughout my makeup journey that some brands I don’t even have to question if it was worth it. Below are my favorite brands that I believe are worth the money while also not breaking the bank.

NYX NYX is a brand that I picture has the same quality products as high end products. There are so many products that the brand offers and I also love how there are different shades with their products. My favorite from the brand include their lip glosses and concealer sticks.

BareMinerals I continue to hear a lot of people say that this was their first makeup brand that they tried and that the continue to use. Now it wasn’t mine, but I wish it was. The brand offers so many products while also having ingredients that will help not harm my skin. Overall BareMinerals is known as a higher end brand. However, their prices are insanely good and not over priced. Make sure you sign up for their email, I promise you they send the best coupons! I never buy anything full priced from there, because the coupons are so good!

ELF-This brand has definitely reinvented themselves. They offer so much more than ever before. Instead of the normal lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation; in addition elf now offers highlighters, baking powders, and contour palettes. If you previously had a problem with their makeup products, don’t give up, try them again. The price does not even compare to how good the products have become. Also sign up for their emails, they send great coupons, free codes, and free shipping. If I’m buying online, I never pay full price thanks to their coupons.

Neutrogena By far the best drugstore skincare! I give them full credit to helping me clear my acne that was once uncontrollable. Neutrogena is a multi use beauty brand. The brand does not just focus on one category of beauty but has many options. This is a reason why I love the brand. Once I find a couple of goods products from a brand, I then am able to trust them. I love Neutrogena’s skincare products & also their makeup products as well.


Sephora/Ulta These beauty stores not only sell many brands, but they also have they’re own brand of products as well. This is great because the stores know what is selling and also what people like. They are able to use this benefit and create their own products. Sephora/Ulta brand sells so many products that other beauty brands sell as well. However, the prices of the Sephora/Ulta brand are more affordable even though they are considered higher ended products. I have been obsessed with the Ulta Eyebrow Gel for years now and recently have been in love with the Sephora Mascara.

Covergirl-I love how Covergirl appeals to all ages and nationalities. This is very important for those who can not typically find our shades in many brands. Covergirl is known for their spokeswomen and I absolutely believe that they help promote the brand in a positive way. I have always used covergirl and will continue to use. Covergirl is also my fall back drugstore brand. Whenever I can not find the perfect product from another drugstore brand, I immediately go over to the Covergirl section because I know they will have the product & my shade.

Maybelline- Another drugstore brand that I absoustely adore! Maybelline has continued to impress me with their products. I love how the brand always has a new product or even a better/improved version of a past product. I have grown to love Maybelline and I trust their products on my skin 100%. They’re lip products are my favorite.

Tarte- In my opinion, Tarte has the best safe and gentle products ever! At times I may be hesitant to try something new on my skin. However, I will try any Tarte product on my skin immediately because I trust the brand. Tarte is well known for having new and exciting collections. These collections include many different makeup products with a common theme. I love Tarte and I wish I had more of their products.

Aveeno- Aveeno is an all around trusted brand. The brand is trusted and highly praised because it not only helps your skin but also can repair or revive certain skin problems. My favorite from the brand includes their skincare products & also their lotions. Jennifer Aniston is the spokeswoman for the brand and I mean look at her. Her skin is flawless.

Victoria’s Secret I have always loved VS clothes, bras, and panties. Their beauty line in my opinion is underrated. I knew VS had great beauty products but never really had faith in them. I know a lot of people might turn their heads when clothing stores decide to venture out into the beauty world. (When Forever21 did this, people blasted the company.) Victoria’s Secret in my opinion is a great brand that has both clothing and beauty. My favorite from the brand include their lip glosses & perfumes.

What are some of your top trusted makeup brands that you love? Please let me know. I am always opened to trying out new brands.

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Summer Beauty Wishlist

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.49.54 PM.png

Today’s post is a little different than my other post. I’m constantly doing hauls or reviews, but today I wanted to share with you all things I hope to get this summer. I would definitely love everything on this list, however, I do plan on getting most of the things, just not all. At least not right now. All the items on the list I feel are summer related and are definitely summer essentials!

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit-I honestly never pictured myself getting into this hyped about product. Yes I’m a fan, but I never thought I would actually see myself buying one. Now this list has no order, but the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is probably my #1 item I want this summer. I’ve been in search of a pink lipstick, and the colors she offers are beautiful and exactly what I am looking for. Only thing that has stopped me from actually buying the kit is the shipping cost. $8.95 is just a little pricey in my opinion, but I might have to!!

Sephora Mask-I have become obsessed with face mask recently. I absolutely love relaxing & pampering. I have tried 3 out of 11 Sephora Sleeping Mask. I love them and they last forever. Sephora also offers hand mask, eye mask, and face mask which I at least what to try 1 of each. If you have tried any other facial mask brand, please let me know. I’m so open to trying new brands.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz– Another product that I never saw myself wanting. I’m the type to not feed into hyped products. I feel as though there are so many other products that can do the same thing or better and are also cheaper. Recently I have started to do my brows everyday now. The brow pencil I own is nice but I’m opened to trying something else. I constantly hear amazing things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Its cheaper than I expected and might just do the job.


Sigma Brushes– I have a couple of makeup brushes that I love. I’m content and satisfied  with the bushes I own. However, I have been eyeing the Sigma Brushes since forever. The cost is the only things stopping me. The two Sigma brushes I am dying to have are: E40 & F80. These brushes will be an investment compared to my other brushes, but hopefully they will be worth it.


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation-On a regular basis I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and I honestly love it. I haven’t ventured off to get another foundation because the Tarte Foundation works well for me. However, I do want to try something new and after doing my research I think that the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is the product I want to try. I’m looking for a full coverage foundation while also long lasting and this foundation seems to be what I am looking for.


Mac Lipsticks-I bought a mac lipstick in February and have become obsessed with it. They honestly last forever and I love how the lipstick glides smoothly onto my skin. By far, mac lipsticks are my favorite. I would love to add to my collection a neutral with pink undertone lipstick.

Lush Products-During Christmas time I was loaded with so many lush products that were given to me as gifts. Recently I have ran and am in need of some more. I want to try some more bath bombs, body lotions, and shower gels. I don’t have a favorite scent but I love anything with vanilla in it.


Hola Bronzer-I was honestly so close to buying this product last month, but then I realized I have 3 bronzers that I’m still using and a 4th would be too many.  However, I have heard so many good things about this product so hopefully soon I will be able to get. Honestly I love bronzers for summertime! Def an essential!


Kat Von D Lipstick-I know I have so many lip products on this list but out of all of them, this one I have been eyeing for the longest. The shade I want is Lolita. Its a beautiful chestnut rose color and looks absolutely gorgeous! If I were to get any of the lip products mention on this wishlist, I would probably get this one first; just because I’ve been eyeing it for so long.

Hopeully I will be able to get all of these products during this amazing summer. If you have any of the products and are obsessed with them, then please let me know. I love reading reviews and hearing others opinion on certain products.

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