ELF Baked Highlighter


Highlighting has become the new makeup obsession. It definitely has taken over the makeup world by storm. I personally only have used a highlighter once when I went to MAC to get my makeup done for an event. After that I become in love with them. However, finding one that is affordable is hard. I don’t mind spending some money on makeup but I know I wasn’t going to wear a highlighter everyday. Therefore I wanted a drugstore affordable one. I recently went to my local target and wasn’t expecting to buy anything but my friend saw this and insisted I try it out. Continue reading to see what I thought about the ELF Baked Highlighter.


Colors: This highlighter comes in 3 shades: Blush Gems (a darker color), Moonlight Pearls (a light color), and Pink Diamonds (a pink shade). The color choice is overall beautiful. The color I picked up was Moonlight Pearls. Blush Gems was beautiful to me put I didn’t want the color to be similar to my bronzer color. Moonlight pearl is a beautiful color!

Pigmentation: I was super excited to dig in this because the color was absolutely stunning. I swatched the product and it was nice. However, I had to constantly rub the product over and over again just to get pigment. When I tried doing this with my brush it took forever and then I applied it on my face but could not see any product. I tried over and over to like this product but could not fall in love with it. I’m so disappointed in this highlighter.


Price: The cost of the highlighter is $3 and you can find it at your local drugstore. ELF is known as a very affordable brand. Some products from the brand are really good for the price but some are not. This has to be one that is not worth it. I would spend my money on a high end highlighter.

Recommend: I do not recommend this product at all. However, if you have tried this product before and have found to love it then please let me know

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