Mini Haul


I know this isn’t a typical kind of haul I do, but I decided to share with you guys a few products I recently picked up. If you have ever tried these products and have different results than me, I would love to know. Or if you have tried different products similar to these, please recommend down below.

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Santa Fe Soap Ranch– I’ve recently have been struggling with back acne. I did my research for products that rid of it. I knew I didn’t want a cleanser or a scrub. I decided that a soap would work. The soap I need had to contain oatmeal in it. I quickly began my search for an oatmeal soap. I ran across the Santa Fe Soap Ranch and decided to try it. When I first tried the soap, the first thing I noticed was the smell of the soap. The smell is amazing!!! It seems so delicious. The ingredients contain: oatmeal, milk, & honey. The smell is exactly that. I love it so much ❤ Only con I have about the soap is its lasting time. I used the soap everyday and it only lasted 2 weeks, whereas the soap I normally used lasted way longer than that. Overall the soap did help to clear some of my acne. It did not clear all of it but if I were to use it and buy more of it then maybe it would help to rid all of it.


Moroccan Argan Body Oil– Recently I have been trying to take better care of skin. Since summertime is coming I want to make sure my body looks great. Doing my research I came across that vitamin e oil helps to strengthen the skin. This body oil stuck out to me because it contains vitamin e and it also was a body oil. This product has lasted way longer than the soap. However, I’m not seeing as fast of results as I was with the soap. There are some results but vaguely. Hopefully the more I use the body oil I will see more results.


ALEAIA’S Chocolate Chip Cookies-I am a chocolate chip cookie lover!!! I love cookies, especially chocolate chip. I have never tried gluten free products before and I was very interested in trying something new. I knew when I tried the cookies that they wouldn’t taste the exact same as regular chocolate chip cookies. These gluten free cookies were actually good. Better than I expected. Only con is that they were a little hard. I eventually got use to the taste, but I would’ve preferred softer cookies!

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Morphe Brushes Haul


My Morphe products finally came in the mail!!! It has taken forever but I’m super excited! I just got the palette and brushes and I immediately wanted to do a blog post to share with you guys about my new purchase. This is my first ever Morphe purchase. I know I’m super late, but better late than never! I ordered the 35K Palette, M439 Buffing brush, and M300 Blending crease brush. I have mixed reviews with my products but overall I’m obsessed! Continue reading to see what I think..,


Name: Morphe names their palettes based on the colors in the palette. The palette I own is called 35K due to majority of the  colors being koffee colored. There is also 35p(purple themed), 35T (Taupe themed), 35W(warm themed), and many others. I personally love the naming of the palettes. It helps to differentiate between the different styles and colors you want. The Morphe 35O is Morphe’s best seller. It is in high demand and constantly goes out of stock. I unlike many people am not a huge fan of the 35O. I honestly love the 35K more than any other Morphe palette.

First Impressions: When I first saw this palette I knew  I had to buy. The colors are beautiful and very pigmented! The texture of the shadows are smooth and very blend-able. There are a lot of colors that can be applied in the crease. I love how the palette has different variations of textures such as: mattes, shimmery, and neutrals. The picture does the palette no justice. The colors are amazing and beautiful. This palette is also great for smokey eyes! Every color in the palette can be incorporated into a smokey eye.


Cost: The 35 count palettes cost $22.95, however, Morphe is very good at discounting them and they normally have good sales throughout the year. Morphe also sells individual shadows for $2.29. If you multiple that by 35 you get $80.15. It is much cheaper to just by the palette than 35 individual shadows.

Overall: I love love love this palette. I would recommend it to anyone! Its amazing and you can create many different styles with it. I would recommend wearing the shadows with a primer but they do just find without one. If you are looking for warm colors then this palette is definitely for you!



First Impression: I knew I wanted more eyeshadow brushes and I’ve heard Morphe had incredible brushes for the price. I  researched and watch so many youtube videos. The M439 was a brush EVERYONE had. LITERALLY! From Jaclyn Hill, Patrick Starr, and Bretman Rock all include M439 as one of their favorites. I got the brush and honestly I was not overall amazed. Maybe I was too excited for the brush. The brush is nice quality and I do love it. However it only seems to work when I have a very runny or liquidy foundation. When I use my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation with the m439 I have to use a lot of foundation unlike when I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush I only need a little. Also the m439 does not give me that full coverage effect as the real techniques buffing brush does. I am going to try getting the m439 a little wet and see if that works. I also got the m4330, an eyeshadow brush. The brush’s bristles are very long but the brush is very soft and fluffy. It wasn’t the brush that I really wanted but its an overall good brush! I love how when I apply the eyeshadow with this brush that the brush puts all the product onto my lid and nothing remains left on the brush.

Cost: The m439 Buffing Brush retails for $13.99. Thats a reasonable price compared to Mac or Sigma brush. The m330 Blending Crease retails for $5.99. The quality of the brushes are wonderful. They are one of the softest brushes I own.

Overall: I honestly love these brushes. I wish I could’ve gotten the ones I really wanted but overall these will work. Hopefully in the future I will be able to order the ones I want. I highly recommend these brushes. The price is unbeatable for the quality. So worth it!!

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REVLON Bold Lacquer Mascara

I am a mascara freak. I absolutely love mascara and it is my #1 makeup essential. I wear mascara more than any other makeup product. It’s not necessarily that I have to wear it; my eyelashes are normal length. I just like mascara! I think I love it so much because it was my first actual real makeup product that I owned. I’m not talking about the kiddie makeup or some chapstick. I’m talking about a real wear everyday and not just for fun product. I love trying different types of brands to figure out which ones I love and which ones I hate. I first tried the REVLON Bold Lacquer Mascara in a beauty box (beautybox5). At the time the beauty box had a deal where you paid for the current month’s box and got last month’s box free. I quickly signed up and received 2 boxes. Both boxes included a REVLON Bold Lacquer Mascara. When I first tried it I honestly had no opinion and didn’t really like it. Since I had two, I was going to give one to my mom but she didn’t need anymore mascara, so I kept it for myself. Over time I eventually started to like the mascara but when I got more mascara I found that this product was pushed to the back. Recently I have grown to like the mascara again and actually purchases a new tube. So if I have 3 tubes of the same product, I think I like it!
Package: The mascara comes in a 0.24 FL Oz. tube which is a very nice size. The overall color of the tube is a safari theme with colors of blue, green, & sliver all around. The package has a metallic effect to it. The brush is very thick with a lot of bristles close together.
Price: The mascara retails for $4.50 which is honestly a good price for a drugstore mascara. It’s an unbeatable price if you are looking to try and if you don’t like it won’t be a huge wast of money.
Wear Time: I normally wear my makeup for an 8 hour period and the mascara does seem to last that long. Although it can be a little messy to apply, it never flakes or comes off my eyelashes throughout the day.
Does it work: The volume this mascara gives is amazing. I wish it wasn’t so messy when applying. If it wasn’t then it would be one of the best mascaras. I really like this brand compared to others due to its volume. For me the mascara does supply what I need therefore I do think it works.
Overall: I’ve underestimated this mascara a few times but somehow I keep coming back. I’m on my 3rd tube and maybe that number will change one day. I love the volume it gives to my lashes, I just wish it wasn’t so messy. Overall one of the best drugstore mascaras.
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