Date Night Lipsticks


The other day I went through my lipstick collection and I noticed how all I have is pink and red lip products. Literally pink, pink, red, pink, red, and more pink. I rarely wear red products because of my young age I don’t want to be preveiced as older. I normally wear red lips with black or grey clothing. Pink is a more neutral color and easier to wear so I look my age. There’s so many different shades of pink but my favorite are either a bubble gum pink or light pink. Watching many youtube videos and seeing my friends collections, I’ve noticed how many females similar to myself own a lot of pink and red lip products. Below is my favorite pink and red products to wear for a date night or night on the town. I chose these certain products because of their formulas, color, and weariness time.


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in CruellaMy favorite red lip product. I loveeeee this lip pencil. The pigmentation is incredible! The formula is also amazing and slides right on leaving my lips with a matte finish. I only have to apply this once and it can last the entire day.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in RikugienThis color is a beautiful baby pink. This shade of pink is very different than your normal pink. That is exactly why I love it. The softness of the formula softs your lips and gives a satin finish.


NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Plush RedI use to enjoy this product. I haven’t worn it in a while but its very nice. The formula is very glossy and can be messy but its worth it because it leaves your lips very bold!


City Color Creamy Lip Stain in FlirtiniThis is a lip gloss that has a matte finish. Many lip glosses that are matte do not look as though they have a matte formula. This lip stain has that look to make it seem like its matte. And it is. I think this is my only “lipgloss” that is matte and I love it.


NYX Sparkle Lipstick in Plum | I love the sparkle this lipstick brings. Imagine red mixed with sparkle and that is this product. The formula is also nice but you will have to apply often.


BareMinerals Lipstick in Speak Your Mind I will say the actual color looks very different when applied. I was hoping for the color to be as is. However, when I applied the product to my lips the color was very lighter. Since I don’t own a color that is similar to the lipstick, I was really hoping for it to turn out the same.


Maybelline Lipgloss in Fuchsia FlourishThe boldest pink color I own. I love the pigment that the products brings. A pink that makes your lips look bold! Absolutely a beautiful color and would look great on anyone!


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Covergirl Outlast Primer

IMG_8184Good Afternoon Loves! Today’s post is all about my everyday face primer. I’ve had this primer for a while now and it has taken me a while to finally get this product reviewed.  This was my first primer ever and I received it in a Target Beauty Box. I was so excited to get this product because it was my first primer. Besides this primer I only have one other face primer, Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer. The two are nothing alike in formulas. The Bare Minerals Prime Time has a very thin light weight formula whereas the Covergirl Outlast has a thick light weight formula. I prefer the Covergirl Outlast All Day Primer.


Package: The tube is a very nice size. The primer has a squeezable tube.A full size bottle which cost less than many travel sized bottles. There is 30mL or 1 FL OZ product. The colors match the other products in the “Covergirl Outlast” line. The product first hit shelves in the summer time of 2015.
Cost: The primer retails for $9.79 which is a little much for a drugstore product but honestly its worth it. I use the primer a couple of times throughout the week and I’ve had it for 8 months and still have a full tube left. You use so little to prime your face.
Formula: The Product claims to be OIL FREE! Personally I don’t think it is. I use this primer and a oil free foundation. Somehow my face still gets oily and the products are not preventing it. The formula is very thick but when you apply it it smooths onto your skin feeling as if there is nothing there.


Wear Time: I normally wear my makeup for an 8 hour period. My makeup does seem to always last that long and maybe even longer. I do think wearing the primer does help to make my foundation last longer.
Does it work: Overall I only own 2 face primers and I like this one way more than the other. Some days I skip wearing a primer and I feel as though my makeup holds the same and last for the same amount.
Recommend: Yes I would recommend it. The price is unbeatable

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume


Good Afternoon Loves! Just like every girl, I too love perfume! I have been eyeing the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume for a couple of months. The Daisy Collection comes in different scents and I knew I either wanted the EAU SO FRESH or the EAU DE TOILETTE. I wasn’t really familiar with the scent but I knew I wanted it. If you get Sephora emails then you know that around Christmas time they had the best deals. I came across the mini bottles of the two scents I wanted. At the same time I was looking at this product my aunt was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I emailed her the link asap!! I was so excited when I opened her gift on Christmas and the perfume was inside. I decided that the mini set was best to start off with so I could choose which scent I wanted. After a few wears I would make my decision on which scent I would get the full size of. Below is my review on the perfumes and at the end I will reveal which scent I chose.


Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE | This perfume has a very strong scent to it. A little can be applied and you have a strong smell. I am so amazed how little you need in order to have that strong smell. I feel so fancy and sophisticated while wearing the perfume. Only con is that I wished it lasted longer. I would say this scent may not be for everyone due to it being strong. I rather have a strong scent rather than a fruity one. This is definitely not fruity.


Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU SO FRESH | If you are thinking about either one of these and you like fruity rather than strong then this one is for you. It is not really fruity but it is fruiter than the Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE. Since the bottle is pink I really like to wear this scent whenever I am wearing pink clothing items.

Overall Impressions: I really enjoyed both scents. These were nice sample products for the priced paid. I’m glad I got both in order to determine which to purchase. I really wished the bottles were designed differently and had a pump in order to spray out the product.

Repurchase: Yes and I would definitely get a bigger size. Whenever I run out of the two then I will repurchase from Sephora.

Favorite: My favorite out of the two is Daisy Marc Jacobs EAU DE TOILETTE, which is the one I will repurchase.

*This was a limited edition set from Sephora and was available during Christmas time. The set is no longer available at this time but you can still buy the perfume.