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I recently discovered this site through YouTube videos. I did some research to make sure the site was legit and I’m obsessed! This site has different makeup brands that I alway hear on YouTube but can never find in store. The sites sells brands like: NYX, ELF, LA Girl, Jordana, and many other brands.Although I only got 5 products; because I wanted to make sure the products were legit, next time I shop on the site I will definitely be getting more. Plus shipping was under a week! I will do detailed haul for each product I bought in a later post. I am really happy about the products I bought! (Ikatehouse.com)IMG_5518
LA Colors Foundation: |$1.99| By far my favorite foundation ever. I had this foundation and decided to restock on it. It is super cheap but works so good! I was so surprised that because it was inexpensive that it would become my favorite.
LA Girl “Nudes Eyeshadow Palette”: |$6.99| I have read reviews on this palette and many people compared it to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I would have to say this is the best dupe for the Naked Palette. I’m so happy and they shadows are beautiful!
NYX Waterproof Concealer Stick: |$4.99|  Another product that I own and decided to restock on. This is my favorite all around coverage concealer. There are so many shades to choose from and it gives excellent coverage. The only con about this concealer is that it breaks easily. While using it, the stick has broken more than once. Definitely worth it though.
LA Girl Pro Concealer: |$2.49| YouTube has bought to buy this item. I forever see beauty gurus raving about this product. It took me forever to finally buy but I did and it works! The price for this concealer is wonderful compared to all the magic it works. I see many using it to highlight their face however I use it for highlighting and as a coverage concealer.

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5 Fall Must Haves


Wow! To think about summer almost being over makes me sad. I defiantly enjoyed my summer and I’m all ready looking foward to next summer. During the season I bought so many clothes that I have fallen in love with. Shopping is literally my life. I am not a person who only buys clothes according to the season. During summer I bought clothes that could be worn for both summer and fall months. However, there are some things that you can only wear for the fall. Below are my fall essentials that I have to have!

Boots: Sandals are by far my favorite thing to buy, but I love me a good pair of boots. During other seasons you have many options of shoes to wear. During winter and fall months I literally only wear boots. I feel so comfortable when I wear boots. I have no idea why but they just make me feel good!


Scarfs: I love throwing on a basic top and pairing it with a pattern scarf. Scarfs are by fair my #1 accessory during fall and winter months. I love how you can pair different color tops with just one scarf, so basically I can wear the same scarf more than once just with a different top!


Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin Spice is the fall scent, only offered during fall months. I love running errands and stooping by the local coffee shop to get me a pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin spice bread. Defiantly cant wait!


Hoodies/ Jackets/Vest: Outerwear is a defiant must. It gets so cold where I leave and I’m super busy during fall. Grabbing a hoodie or a jacket is the easiest outfit out there. I love how there is varieties to choose from. If i’m just running errands I will grab a basic hoodie but if I’m going out to dinner I’ll wear a basic top and pair it with a vest or a jacket.


Dark Makeup Colors: Burgundy, Red, Black, Purple, Olive, Nude are my favorite colors to experiment on during fall. I feel like matte makeup products would look so good during cold months. I hope to get more dark colored makeup this fall.

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Favorite Fall Nail Polish

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Summer is beginning to come to an end (how did it go by so fast?),I am looking forward to all those little things that come with fall. Fall has beautiful vibrant colors and fall months are defiantly my favorites! I love painting my nails according to the season. Below is some of my favorite colors this fall.

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